Young Buck - Skit Lyrics

Goddamn, man, stay on the goddamn road, Cap
I'm tryin', nigga, fuck you talkin' 'bout?
This nigga got that mulah hot, hot mulah
I done dropped all my Percs on the floor, shit
Get them goddamn Percs off the goddamn floor, fool
Shit, nigga, Jon... Jon, wake your motherfuckin' ass up, fool
These niggas crazy, fool
Give me the Swishers, nigga, I'm finna roll up
Wake your motherfuckin' ass up, man
Cap, where the Swishers at, nigga?
Shit, check the...
Y'all niggas crazy than a motherfucker
Under your seat, man, it's under your seat, man
Get that fuckin' Perc, man
Nigga keep droppin' shit in his goddamn car, fool
Ayy, I can't see, man
Pass me that spider right there
Ayy, there they, ayy, ayy, there they go right there
Ayy, get up, get up, get up, get up, fool
Y'all niggas get up, get up

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