Young Buck - Refill Lyrics

I'm fucking rhyme with the work (whip it)
I'm fucking rhyme with the work (flip it)
I'm fucking rhyme with the work (let's do it)
I'm a be selling my dope around here until nigga's put me in the dirt [repeat]

Naw we don't run out naw we don't run out
Uh huh we don't run out I ain't never ran out
I just real real real breezy real real breezy real real breezy [repeat]

We ain't running low
I'm trained to go
I'm a kick yo door
Make you hit the floor
Hungry nigga I come to get the kilo
My nigga nose running
Got no money would've been good but he stole from me
Every brick I used to give to the nigga he'd blow
I got Mars nigga I'm a lawyer nigga
Been doing this way before you nigga
You a spoiled nigga I'm a street nigga you know
Got old ones got new bitches my day ones no new nigga's
My report card all A's nigga you a hoe (gat gat gat)
I'm vested up VBS up smoke Bob Marley stay blessed up
I'm a pop a ceiling don't worry about what I pour
She really real nigga's refill you won't gas up I bet we will
I spend everything I got right now to get more


I done been down but I ain't never out
I sit down and count you know what I'm about
Go and get to work in the drought (I roll)
Make safety first check paperwork
shit all good but I could make it worse
nigga better not open up his mouth
About what I sold (gat gat gat)
Got bank robbers got boosted bitches got teenagers going to shoot you nigga's
And honestly there's more to me than what I show
I've been counted out while I was counting up
And then they counting on me to holler buck
nigga throw me something
I'm looking at them like no
Now won't you stay calm
Got track marks all in every arm
Won't be satisfied until his heads just overdose
I've been waiting patiently at the gas station two 18 wheelers drag racing
All I want to know is when you close


Ya dig it's going down like that that there we gonna hit you upside the mutha fuckin head with nothing but gangsta music man
A who I want you to hit em upside the hit and lets take off y'all

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Young Buck Refill Comments
  1. George Cushinberry

    Stay locced on 'em Bucc

  2. Johnny James

    Wassup buck I seen u in a minute send me a friend request

  3. Full of that shit

    Jeremiah phillips dances like that lol clean

  4. Brody Wray

    who ever dislike this a bitch