Young Buck - Proud Of You Lyrics

Yeah, woop woop!
Its about 60 blunts on the table
Bunch of locs in the studio
It's 4 in the morning nigga
I'm proud of y'all niggas cuh'

[Hook x2:]
The way niggas been running through these bricks
Boy, I'm proud of ya
The way niggas been loading up these clips
Just know I'm proud of ya
The way shawty been stacking up on chips
Bitch, I'm proud of ya
I'm getting money, I ain't stunting on none of this shit
We so proud of ya

Hold up, I ain't through yet
Bitch, I'm walking around like a new chick
Got a closet full of brand new shit
Real street nigga, you knew this
Y'all niggas make me come do this
Live a whole world like who this
I got a 100 in, lets move this
That done talked about me like Jesus
They don't like to ball out our leaders
We got powder stuffed in our Pumas
Acid all in Adidas
I got Xanax bars in my pocket
She got molly pills in her purse
If you pull a nigga better pop it
It's about who shoot first
I done fell in love with the money
Got a preacher saying you cursed
I'm telling him just keep praying
That the money come do you worse
Bars sounding like I got Biggie lungs
Walking like I got Pac feet
Talking like I got Malcolm's tongue
Martin Luther with the King speech
Looking like I'm fresh off the slum
Hungry nigga I come to eat
And I'm bringing the bullet for anybody
That ever did anything to me
I do all my dirt by lonely
I don't need nobody need to come and hang with me
This is for all of my homies that not did not change on me
That's that real shit

[Hook x2]

Hold up, lemme roll up
Yo money my pockets swelled up
Whole paints getting towed up
Real niggas just showed up
And the whole block get sowed up
Better let us see you know it
Where that check at? You owe us
You a fuck nigga, we soldiers
(You a fuck nigga, we don't fuck with you)
You a fuck nigga, we soldiers
(You a fuck nigga, we don't fuck with you)
Ain't getting money, you broke as fuck
And fucking with ya', I'm focused
I ain't never running out of dope
I'm consistent though if you don't know this
I remember what the plug told us
When they put the weight on my shoulders
And the young niggas I roll with
Gotta pass it down to the oldest
Can't stop now, keep going
Getting locked, down no holding
Get shot down start shooting
Get robbed nigga, start looting
These bitches gon' start choosing
These niggas gon' start losing
My nigga booing Death Row right now 'bout to die by execution
I'm going crazy with the money
I need a mental institution
Or a minute with my partner before they gas and seduce 'em
Just to tell 'em, boy, I'm proud of ya

[Hook x2]

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Young Buck Proud Of You Comments
  1. Al Johnson


  2. Tyler Jonsson

    One of my favorite out of all the tapes he’s put out 🔥🔥🔥

  3. dirty duke nukem

    #bighawk #biglight #stayofexacution #🤳🏾🤳🏻🙏🏿🙏🏼

  4. Prince of Florida

    i absolutely love this album! amazing

  5. :Gabriel-Saxon: Wainright

    Goin crazy wit the money i need a mental institution/
    Or a minute wit my partna befor that gas shit seduce him just to tell him just to tell em'
    boi im proud of ya....😔

    Real rap real shit

  6. Olechka

    on replay

  7. Slicke Jooks

    One of the best songs buck ever recorded.. 💯

    Prince of Florida

    Slicke Jooks definitely

  8. Taylor Grimsdottir-Jackson

    I wish I could hack my phone's volume limit to listen to this song louder.

  9. truth hurts

    these young dudes dont know what real hip hop is all they know is this atl flamboyant gibberish i was chilling with some 18 year old dudes and they don't even know what da drought 3 let alone 50 and gunit im keeping my young days alive man

  10. Bryson Suttles

    This shit needs a Millie worth of views since 8 months ago

  11. Edward Perez

    Bars sounding like I got Biggie lungs
    Walking like I got Pac feet
    Talking like I got Malcolm's tongue
    Martin Luther with the King speech! damn

  12. Cameron Sosa


  13. james mcc

    yoo this sound exactly like kevin gates.....BUTT is that cuz buck created the style and then left the fuckin lane open by staying underground?? gates eating off this flow right here forreal like it or not

    Salvatore AMG

    Gates eating off it

  14. Coz

    Get Buck Bitch!

  15. TreeTvRadio

    Buck you need to rap in this style more often fam, it was dope. Salute to you a kid for making a hit.

  16. J M

    should be a video for this and one night


    Wya Fif



  19. Angelic Sin

    I needa find this instrumental ASAP

  20. Carl Woods

    Reminds me of pac! Imagine if dre mixes their next g unit album

  21. foot tv


  22. Charles Burford

    I thought 10 Bullets was hard,10 Bricks is super super hard.Buck the coldest hands down!!!!

  23. Cap E

    man this song goez in!!! Its the G-Unit takeover! 50 dropped that Get Low too. Start of the SKI campaign

  24. D Rex

    Yea yea yea, this shit Go..... LoL but this nigga and gates could never get on the same track, both of them boys be yellin on the track

  25. AqUaRiAnCE

    Thats BUCK!!

  26. Gregory L. Hunt Jr.

    Buck that dude. This joint to hard.

  27. TracksInTheLab

    This is heat!!!!

  28. whizla

    Buck back on his shit huh? I fuck wid it!

  29. Cmagic7up

    This nigga workin cuz he soundin like he got biggie lungs, walkin like he got Pac feet

  30. feelup foreus

    Buck I'm proud of you
    G unit follow his example

  31. GamsterFails

    Buck is King !

  32. Cacun

    HOT shit!! G-Unit 4 Life

  33. Adrian Cruz

    Buck is one of the last real nigga left

  34. Alex Whi

    Man why isn't 50 on this?
    this is a hit

    Johnny Flash

    @Alex Whi because 50 lost a step or ten

    WicKked WiazZard

    hell naw this shit is SOUTH all the way!

    Johnny Flash

    Damn straight

  35. Tawshye

    spread this shit everywhere buck is gonna blow #G-UNIT SOUTH

  36. afterlifeproducer

    Shit, so good to see a G Unit stamp on a Buck project.

  37. ExtraDomus

    WHOOOOOAAAAA Buck always delivers...

  38. WS10

    Buck is a fuking BEAST

  39. mario fierro

    The hardest southern cat fo sho

  40. Mike lopez

    GGGGGGG G-unit

  41. foot tv


  42. foot tv


  43. Siyyan Johnson

    this is str8 heat

  44. Catatau Bruh

    Brasil is proud of you. from real favela.

  45. Sarah Morann

    Buck definitely been bringin it lately!!

  46. Dana Cooks

    If he keep this up, he can be what biggie and pac was, legend

  47. 12gage42000

    Hard work pays off buck!!!

  48. yaboyboy_Q

    He GASIIIIIIIN though!!!

  49. Kevin Adams

    Flame On!

  50. Lux King

    Ok this ish is dope Buck is definitely the most consistent in the Unit this nigga stay workin can't wait til "10 Bricks" drop on Wednesday #TheUnit #10Bricks

  51. The King