Young Buck - Do It Myself Lyrics

[50 Cent:] Man I've been tellin niggas over and over
[Young Buck:] Ayo what up niggas?
[50 Cent:] Not to play with this nigga man
[Young Buck:] Ayo man? there be alot of niggas out here
Talkin about they got beef with G-Unit..
[50 Cent:] Shoot, stab, kill nigga
[Young Buck:] You know?
And I be seein' these niggas
I be by myself and shit niggas be like a hundred deep and shit..
I be like "Whats up nigga?"
[50 Cent:] Don't say I ain't tell you, I warned you
[Young Buck:] Niggas be like "Nah man it aint like that"

[Verse 1: Young Buck]
Look up its a full moon the sound of the winds blowin'
And you don't know you about to get killed but I been knowin'
The nights still young I might as well come around midnight
Just me all by my lonely my homies gon' sit tight,
I'm working with a Glock and just a little bit of gas money
But bet I come back with what them niggas done snatch from me?
My crip and blood thugs want to get with ya
They mad at me cause i'm tellin' them "Its personal nigga"
I want to see
If this motherfucker want it with me
So on three
I'm a hop up out this SUV
If you around with 'em
I'm a feel like you down with 'em
So soon as this round hit 'em
You'll lay in the ground with 'em
Awakened by Satan but being carried by the Lord
What your life cost Bill Gates couldn't even afford
Ain't nothin' that can stop reprecussions if I die
This ain't got nothin' to do with Dr. Dre motherfucker, its you and I

[Chorus: Young Buck]
I dont need 10 niggas with me,
I don't run and go get the police
(I will do it myself)
You know me
I'm a motherfuckin' G
If its beef bitch nigga we'll see
(I will do it myself)
Let 'em hate homie you know where I be
You done seen me get down on TV
(I will do it myself)
And I brought the whole Unit with me
But they already know how I be
(I will do it myself)

[Verse 2: Young Buck]
In the beggining I was humble
Just thankful for makin' it out the jungle
I've never ever said nothin' on this mic I didn't want to
I'm a soldier so soon as 50 give me a mission
I'm on my enemie's territory then play my position
And homie know me even that nigga thats wearin' ya chain
See we both from the south but homie we ain't the same
And I remain in the same fuckin' project buildings
I got guns everywhere bullet holes in the ceiling
My adrenaline pumpin'
Got this 12 Gauge dumpin'
Out the back of this Cutless
If I get hit up then fuck it (yeaaaah)
The Reaper comin' so don't look back just keep runnin'
Tell 50 for this hit I don't need nothin' "You owe me one"
Now show me son
And where he be at
Thats all I need to know, you can go i'm a be back
Any other time I probably would've asked Banks to ride
But this ain't got nothin' to do with G Unit nigga... just you and I

[Chorus: Young Buck]
I dont need 10 niggas with me,
I don't run and go get the police
(I will do it myself)
You know me
I'm a motherfuckin' G
If its beef bitch nigga we'll see
(I will do it myself)
Let 'em hate homie you know where I be
You done seen me get down on TV
(I will do it myself)
And I brought the whole Unit with me
But they already know how I be
(I will do it myself)

[50 Cent:]
Ya'll niggas know what it is man
G Unit South
Young Buck
I've been holdin..
I've been savin' ya'll niggas man
I swear to god
I've been savin' ya'll niggas
Over and over
I've been tellin' him "Fall back Buck"
"Dont cut these niggas, don't suit these niggas"
"Fall back, its not good for business"
Right?, but now i'm a let up off...
They got a green light man
Fuck these niggas man
Get right man
You know what it is man
Its The Unit nigga
Fuck, I pull through I see niggas...
Fix your motherfuckin' face nigga
Look at these fuckin' chimpanzees
Bunch of fuckin' monkies
Huh?, You burgers, you fuckin' meat heads
Go shoot yourself motherfucker

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Young Buck Do It Myself Comments
  1. Logic Sir

    Love this song ! Buck will always be part of the unit to me . I hope they squash It .

  2. MrBittergurke

    Unresolved - Gangsta brought me here

  3. UnKiLL JuJu

    jesus loves u all

  4. Bub Bras

    Still gassss 2020🔥🔥💪🏿💪🏿

  5. Walt Jones

    This is when G-Unit went to war with EVERYBODY!!

  6. Royalty Da Ruler

    Buck was the realist out of G Unit

  7. Ignacio Li

    nahhh mangg it aint like that

  8. David Lewis

    That willie Hutch hook give me some of that good old love sounds sick in tha background

  9. Christopher Rascoe

    I used to rewind the part where 50 start snapping at the end all the time when this came out lol

  10. isaiah long

    Super hero music

  11. jjbiggs21

    50 makes it even better with all the shit talkin at the end

  12. iRate News

    Young buck best song

  13. King K.O.D.S

    I loved this song and 50 talking shit afterwards. Does anyone know who Buck was talking about?

    Charles Carter

    I knew at the time lol. I think it's Game tho.

  14. youngnorth23

    He was low key talking to game back then

  15. Ian Wilson

    One of my favorite songs by the boss buck

  16. Lad and Dad TV

    this song was and still is da bomb. 2018 and it's still banging. why hasn't​ this got more views

  17. Versace Gaming

    Damn boy some good ass memories

  18. Thijs van Abs

    I seriously wish Buck would go back to this style of rapping. The trap Buck we have had on way too many mixtapes now just isn't interesting at all. Weird flows, annoying adlibs we usually only get from the bullshit new school "rappers", he doesn't need any of that. Hope he goes back to the actual dope Buck on his third new album called Unexpected. But I'm not holding my breath.

    sep myfor

    Thijs van Abs fax bruh the old school buck is my #1 rapper all time but this trap buck i aint even listen to

    Darth Troller

    I like the trap Buck too, but the original Buck is a classic, I laugh tho cuz his pow pow pow are too over the top but he still kills his verses, he never runs out of bars

  19. Giovanni Iorio

    I would love to read the text of this masterpiece...can anybody write the text please

  20. Martavian James

    he was the realist he ain t scared of murder inc

  21. Elbert deGuzman

    Still rocking this. “I will do it myself” hip hop quotable.

  22. Roger Paul

    10 years ago i heard thys Track...only heard it once until now..dam str8t Trealll

  23. Justin Smith

    true statement

  24. Jet Red

    I play this when I masturbate. I do it myself

  25. Jujuforeverloves Yall

    Nah man it ain't like that.

  26. Jujuforeverloves Yall

    Let'em hate y'all know who I be!

  27. vicdmonejr

    This guy doesn't get the shine he deserves.... He should be on the same status as Jeezy and Gucci as far as the south goes...

    Weitko RealEyez TV

    He is tho.. he just dedicated himself to the unit so much he didn't take advantage of all the south djs

    B Dup

    Buck is underrated, Jeezy and Gucci are wack lol

  28. Geoffrey Mines


  29. will bradford

    epic song....

  30. g origi

    boys run men stand all by myself

    Mike Mo

    Id rather run and still keep it 💯

  31. Brad Renner

    what's up bitch!!!!! nah man it ain't like that!!!

  32. shay Turner

    still go hard! has da whole CD 🔥🔥🔥

  33. Christopher Melendez

    ...anyone here because of Gangsta by Unresolved?

    pits n pistols

    WTF is that ? I'm here cuz at the age of 27 I remember all thru high school buck was my fav rapper and this song was my fan from 17-19

    James Whitehead

    pits n pistols wtf is that am 28 to this shit was our shot back than young buck all the up here in philly

  34. ihateblackbitches


  35. Brian Evraets

    This song is off his Chronic 2006 mixtape.  Great talent but this song isn't new. Still straight fire tho.

    Pits n Pistols

    it's from like 07 around there but never got old for me

    Brian Evraets

    Yeah something like that. Never got old to me either. Too bad 50 black balled him

    Mike Mo

    Thanks Brian....We really needed that from you.........

    GOAT GANG 5002-0

    No shit shirlock

  36. Eric Whitfield

    I'm G-Unit

  37. Thijs van Abs

    Love this track. Who produced this? Sad to say that we haven't heard Buck this good for a long ass time. Don't get me wrong, i dig it that the Unit is back together, but for some reason Buck on these new Unit songs is not like THIS buck right here, damn.


    @Thijs van Abs J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League made the beat...

    ReJay YT

    He stay makin classics his last few mixtapes were right up there with straight outta cashville


    Juicy J used this sample in his mixtape

    Bobby Hicks

    Thijs van Abs vL mike did it first buck just redid it with his on words

    Teddy watt

    U right

  38. Mart G

    2014... year of the YOUNG BUCK 

  39. Kevinho

    that beatmaker is a Genius.. and Buck always on point !

  40. Scania 124

    2014   Young Buck 

  41. Ole P

    Classic Buck love this record #vibemusic

  42. AMVato

    Buck's the illest nigga... He was the G in G-unit..

    Mr Omnipotent

    Him n 50 was

  43. villainmp

    One of my favorites by Buck.

  44. NINERZUBeeZy

    We Krazy As Fuk Out HErE InDA BAY YaLL NewYork NiuGGUH HellA Wack Down South Sound All The Same Young Buck Lili Flip TI Got Da Same Flow YaDDADADAII DIGG
    916 415 510

  45. gallisable

    @HiralShah00 This track ain't lyrically supreme but I used to bump the shit out of it on my system. I gets me all hyped up with a chill down my spine


    Oh my god i’m gonna cry now because some songs ain’t lyrical. Why the fuck every song has to be lyrical fucking fuck

  46. Andy Wolters

    The Best Song buck ever Made!!!!

  47. Marko S

    get them BUCKKK!!!!!!

  48. Ian K.

    It's the Unit !...when they had a fan base. lol

  49. UncleNosebeers

    DMX is nelly to me

  50. Armen Khachatryan

    this song is one of my fave and best song from young buck.

  51. Benny Berg


  52. Jay Wynter

    how do u let this talented cat go ?

  53. hadesx4xlife

    damn buck he is sick ass fuck in this song....My adrenaline pumpin, got this 12 guage dumpin

  54. Morgan M

    @Jatsun95 no shit bro.

  55. vv vn

    good song

  56. loveMeSomehiphop

    L O V E I T !!!

  57. Danne999

    Why is everyone acting black.. Its funny

  58. J VEER


  59. J VEER

    IS BUCK BACK WIT 50?????

  60. Georgia_Since_88'

    I'm kinda coming to the argument 50 should've never took what buck said to heart and kept him in the crew yea 50.banks,and yay the originals but something bout buck everybody could relate

  61. Prince Barpaga


  62. Akin Peter

    Young Buck Best !!!!!! he´s second tupac

  63. Devin

    this shit is fuckin tight
    got luv for both

  64. derektrey88

    u kids talk too much yent even speakin on da song fcked up tho

  65. Alef Bekele Arega

    i love young buck

  66. d kell

    he still on the record label but he aint apart of the g-unit gang