Ying Yang Twins - Wait (The Whisper Song) (Remix) Lyrics

Remix, Free
Remix, Busa Bus
Lil Scrappy lets go

[Lil Scrappy:]
Hey Shorty,
I like the way u ass it up,
Im only whisperin cuz im just tryin to fuck,
Ooh Gohead move that ass,
Give a G a chance and let me clog the gap in ya pants,
I can tell u a freak
By the way that u dance,
Yeah a tripple A man
Ima Grown Man You heard me
You fuckin with a grown man,
Hold your legs up baby
Scream my name like a fan,
Shhh You aint got nutin to say
Hol on Lil Baby its oh kkk,
Ahh Some Say Im Wrong for fuckin a nigga bitch,
The same niggas that do the same shit,
Suck my dick quick,
Getin it rich quick,
Take this good ass thuggin and help the nice dick,
Im icey lik Gouchie,
Im bussin a oussie,
Go On in the pussy I dont fuck wit the booty,
When im in the bed still carrey my tooly
Do the Paris Hilton and make a porno movie
Im groovy, like muthafuckin Austin,
Look at all the D bras and draws as im droppin

This is the wait remix,
This is the wait remix,
Hey Girl,
This is the wait remix,
Cuz u couldn't get enough,
Like Baam, Baam, Baam, Baam, Baam, Baam, Baaam, Baam, Baam, Baam, Baaam, Baam, Baam, Baam, Baam, Baam,
Couldnt Get Enough,
Couldn't Get Enough,
Couldn't Get Enough,
Couldn't Get Enough,
Couldn't Get Enough,
Couldn't Get Enough,
Yo Free

Hey how ya doing little dirty
Let me whisper in ya ear
Tell ya some shyt you might like to hear
Got a nice little pu$$y
And my ass poke out
Automatically, I can ride a dick, no doubt
I'm known for getting all the haters mad
I can go slow but go crazy fast
I give amazing head
Backside a lil softer than a baby's ass
Now that's wild soft
I'll let a rich n!gga hit it on his golf course
I got a young dude open, that was my fault
I let him see me in my bra and my boy shorts
Now for the freaks in here, it's the remix
Puttin' down with the Ying Yang Twins
Last night I fell in love with an O.G.
He crept up on me
And this what he told me
He said

This is the wait remix,
This is the wait remix,
Hey Girl,
This is the wait remix,
Cuz u couldn't get enough,
Like Baam, Baam, Baam, Baam, Baam, Baam, Baaam, Baam, Baam, Baam, Baaam, Baam, Baam, Baam, Baam, Baam,
Couldnt Get Enough,
Couldn't Get Enough,
Couldn't Get Enough,
Couldn't Get Enough,
Couldn't Get Enough,
Couldn't Get Enough,
Bussa Buss Baby
Let me holla at ya Shorty

[Busta Rhymes:]
Before I put my cup on yo ass,
You lookin I could park my truck on yo ass,
Shorty you should go ahead and clap that shit,
With yo big ass makin me wanna slap that shit,
You know what jump in my ride and lets slide,
Ima beat up the puddy and cook it with a fish filet fry,
Now its time to make you open wide,
Like A diamond fuck like you aint got no pride,
I love it hard,
I take you and alana outside,
Fuck u off the edge of the bed landslide, dats right,
The way u freaky I wanna hangglide,
All on ur edge you tryin to give me head in my Roush,
Shhh, Wait, chill, shhh, quiet,
Let me finish tellin u wats goin on, okay,
The way u like to do it we can fuck to the song and Ima beat the pussy up till its time to get gone,
And before I can end, wat I was sayin she was tryin to put me onto to her friend,
I told her bring her,
Im warning you I once that said,
Wait til the both of you see my dick.

This is the wait remix,
This is the wait remix,
Hey Girl,
This is the wait remix,
Cuz u couldn't get enough,
Like Baam, Baam, Baam, Baam, Baam, Baam, Baaam, Baam, Baam, Baam, Baaam, Baam, Baam, Baam, Baam, Baam,
Couldnt Get Enough,
Couldn't Get Enough,
Couldn't Get Enough,
Couldn't Get Enough,
Couldn't Get Enough,
Couldn't Get Enough,

[Missy Elliott:]
When I get up on the track ima talk a lot a shit,
Been a around the world I been seen plenty dicks,
Small ones, medium, grande baby,
One minute, two minute, no way baby,
Eat the nookie up, or eat the cookie,
I put the sugar on his tounge and that a shut em up,
I take my clothes down like its goin down, like a show down,
Show him I can go for 12 rounds on the cold ground,
Hey nigga let me slow it down,
Like a striper on the pole I can role it round,
Now who that there wanna tear da nookie up,
You betta pull out ya cash and put more then 50 up,
Cuz this here chick aint gonna let u beat it up, you betta pull out ya cash and more then 50 up,
Wait till u taste my,
Wait till u taste my,
Wait till u taste my,
Wait till u taste my,
U gonna love this good stuff!

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Ying Yang Twins Wait (The Whisper Song) (Remix) Comments

    Aayyyeee 2019

  2. The Best


  3. D R

    Missy whispered for a lil... then she was like fuck that yall gonna hear me lls

  4. Nikki White

    I love this version above all else #2050

  5. Terry Gyimah

    Love this remix...dirty and freaky

  6. Royal Vee

    July 2019

  7. Loyal Fenner

    Free fine ass killed that shit no doubt

  8. Saughn Edwards

    Idk why Buss verse is funny af to me man 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. SharingIsCaring

    2019 anyone 😜

  10. LaShanda Nicole NIKKI

    "He krept up on me, & this what he told me"......... whoooooooooooo 😘

  11. Angela H

    Anyone here in 2018 November

  12. Lucky’s World

    Woow, Free verse got her fired from 106&Park... I never knew that. But frfr Free could spit some bars

    Joe King

    How? I don't understand the issue with her dropping a verse on a song, and how it could get you in trouble with your job.


    So, apparently this is what got Free fired from 106 & Park?

    Joe King

    Yes, I don't understand why, though. What wasn't explained in the interview was why she got fired, they just said she got fired because she dropped a verse on this song, the reasoning why she got fired was not explained though.

  14. dysperisenjoyinghimself.

    1:31 after missy eliot said “booty up in your spaghetti” i can no longer listen to a sexy track by her without getting extremely uncomfortable.

    Joe King

    That's not Missy Elliott, that's Free, and she didn't say what you said she said.

  15. Marqueal Sandy

    2018 throw back dam free fine ass killed it I wish I was her young boy. Missy a fool lol she was the best back then

  16. Kia Stokes

    Man Missy killed this y'all tripping and Free then Scrappy, shit use to ride and still do

  17. Keith B Jones

    Free with her fine ass

  18. Nikki White

    It bumps

  19. Lennox Alexander Francis Jr

    Where is the clean version?

    Jerry Junior

    Lennox Alexander Francis Jr There is no clean version of the remix, just the original UNLESS if they actually play this remix on the radio as long as they remove all of the profanity and explicit lyrics...

  20. Sheila Allen

    I got a young dude oh but it was my fault, I let him see me in my bra and in my boy shorts... sexiest line of the song

    Lawrence Thomas

    Sheila Allen I wish I could of seen it in would of talking sexy shit

    Crystal Manyak

    Sheila Allen & the next line was the 'realist': "last night I fell in love with an O.G. hr creep up on me & this what he told me . . . THIS IS THE WAIT REMIX CAUSE Y U CLOWN GET ENOUGH!!!" 😂😂😂

  21. writerzblock00

    Yea Free

  22. Andrea Anaquod

    omg I love this song

  23. ChaChaWitYa

    Why Scrappy snapped like that? 😭

    Jerry Junior

    ChaChaWitYa Because He horny asf 😂

  24. chucky

    Busta Rhyme's line opening line was sampled by ANGELZ and I just heard it, makes me so gassed😅

  25. Ollie Nelson

    still my shit

  26. Kristy Realtalkin

    This is better than the original version

  27. Santi Santos

    good song

  28. Baby Shay babydolls

    I love this song


    Let's Missy's Verse Skip

  30. Shelby smith

    This song is so fukin stupid i like the original wait song

  31. Shera Joyner

    Scrappy Verse? Damn he sounded sexy as shit sexy ass! : )

  32. Amanda G

    LOL Missy wasnt even whispering lol

    Dava Adlain

    Not worth a damn! lol

    Hope Thomas

    She didn't know how to use her "inside" voice. LMAO!


    +Amanda G Neither is the part from 2:35, you didn't care until now, did you.

    Kristy Realtalkin

    An she still killed it...#bars


    Yeah, but still fucked up the base of it tho LoL

  33. Giovanna Mendoza

    Love it,is a good song!!!

  34. MatthewJay Slimm

    ooh ooh WEE! WEE!


    kick bass clap ? simple & efficient !!!!!

  36. Kaido ™ troll

    Ohhhhh all that whispering till missy fuckted up

    Joe King

    I agree. I don't understand why she wanted to do that, when she knew that this song was supposed to be whispered.

  37. Swolbraham Lincoln

    i love the busta part

  38. Matthew Haworth

    sick lyrics

  39. Goblin GoodFella

    @mshomax LOL! Ima goblin not a troll at all!

  40. Hope Cayenne

    you're just a troll lol

  41. Mark Kewal

    Nasty girls

  42. Seagull Rectum

    fap fap fap fap fap uhmm ohhh fap fafapfapfpafpafpafpapfapfpafpafpafpapfpafpafapfapfapfapfapfafap

  43. Seagull Rectum

    stfu dickmuscle

  44. FOD Promotions

    i been jam'n dem boyz since i was ah lil nigga ! & Dey still jam'n

  45. MOLE

    @SLYFOX944 'FREE' is on this track shes the verse before BUSSA BUS

  46. MOLE

    bussa bus

  47. Danny Phantom II

    @SLYFOX944 are you deaf or simple minded when clearly they name who was all one the song before it starts & is free fyi & you don't have to be a rapper to be in a rap song plus she has history with music get your facts straight smdh..

  48. Goblin GoodFella

    @tonired28 free is not on this track missy Elliott is,where yall get that from.free aint even a rapper.


    Goblin GoodFella free is on this song. 1:28 yo freeee! That’s her.

  49. Goblin GoodFella

    yall stop being a dumb ass! free aint on this track and at the end is all missy E,Free aint even a rapper!

  50. Teangela TeeTee

    dis shit hilarious!!!!! Busta& Missy funny as hell

  51. Team Tender Luvin

    bing bong bros

  52. misspipkins

    Ahaha these comments are crackn me up!!! Side note....Busta sound good den a beech on this track. Uummph

  53. onThisMarathon

    busta sound sexy than a MF too!!

  54. Woodrow Walker

    lil scrappy sound so sessy

  55. Gekruidgehakt

    this is the wait remix, hey girl,
    cause i couldn't bust a nut.

  56. shie murphy




  58. Toni Redmon

    FREE kilt this shit

  59. Vonjay Maxie

    @AntRuinedYou u silly as hell u right doe

  60. Am33zy

    if free is the first girl rapping then she didnt say anything about sex like at all maybe a line or to but thats it

  61. RomeDaHulk

    i became a free fan after this song. lmao......

  62. Roßßer Ðowney Jr

    I'm still tryna find out if FREE give Amazing Head

    Joe King

    Me too, but what I do know is her first got her fired from hosting 106 & Park, somehow.

  63. Dennis

    i've banged my bitch at this song....
    she was better than anytime ;)
    sorry for bad grammar ;)

  64. wizarmatic

    @AntRuinedYou mystikal cnt whisper either

  65. Kikimarie527

    @AntRuinedYou ok that comment just made day! lmao

  66. snapsondeck16

    Damn Free is that bitch anyone would smash

  67. Tatiana Hardin

    @AntRuinedYou i started laughing loud as hell &&+ woke my sister up lmfao

  68. Lewis Hodge

    all of them go hard

  69. keeta foster



    i love this cd
    go in the pussy dont fuck with the booty
    scrappy is underated

  71. John Bull

    Busta's so funny!!!

  72. shanta walker

    this was my song

  73. angwon360

    to all ya haterz,missy always kills shit...

  74. Im Cursyv

    Where da hell is free now????.. she was so cute..

  75. nylhsoj

    Lol its so funny that missy whisphers in te touch it remix but she talin loud on this song..She fuccin nice tho and free is definitely a BEAST

  76. Christopher Cromartie Jr

    Man i love FREE i will love to meet her ima try and find her and schedule her for a photo shoot wit me ugh i love free thts my gurl wordlyfe FREE promoters get at me asap [email protected] my email

  77. Byos Productions

    @sophisticatedplayboy who missy? lol

  78. nwad ellees

    - y is dhat missy is dha only oo1 dhat ddnt whspr . ?? dey shlda took ha off hell

  79. Lou Skunt

    who ever didnt whisper is a fucking mistake

  80. SuperLandlubber

    @gerPacMan so black

  81. selmalover

    "Softer than a baby's ass" ...Bwahahahahahahaha!

  82. RED Mus

    @sophisticatedplayboy buggin missy ripped it

  83. MsYahnah

    wow!!!!!!!!! fuck yeah this song!!

  84. Tracy Martel

    dnt be mad they got a female to kill it
    on dat verse fuckin hater

  85. mizzygirl6473

    yes free from 106 and park

  86. MsSporty11

    Missy ain't a fat bitch,love missy

  87. JoVanna Quintela

    woooooooooooo god damn free lol

  88. Rashunda Davis

    i love free's part it was da best part!!!!

  89. Pacific Diary

    misssy <3

  90. Shauney Thompson

    @chets8888 what??

  91. Chaitanyah

    @mishaun Ying Yang Twins - Wait Remix Feat Busta Rhymes Missy elliot.

  92. Chaitanyah

    best and dirtiest song ever and awesome song for lap dance

  93. Chaitanyah

    best dirty song ever mannnn awesome song for lapdance ! wooooo

  94. Tracy Martel

    o my jeeze lil scrappy sounds so erotic. super sexxy

  95. Steven Grigoris

    this is the dirtiest song ive ever heard

    B. Ford

    Steven Grigoris any 2 live crew song tops this and this was my shit!

  96. Hala Sebti Kohen

    j aime pas :s