Ying Yang Twins - My Brother's Keeper Lyrics


They dont know how far back that we go (we go)
From riding skates, to riding 24's
From off the block husttlin to rockin shows
we done seen many bumps in the road
But still we remain, still in the game
Never worry , about them haters, that will never change
And i put this on everything babe
I am my brother's keeper.

[Verse : Kain]

Listen D-roc, i know you dont think i care for ya, but at a drop of a dime i'll be there for ya, and anybody want to see us apart we need to get rid of
they ass man and thats from the heart. Pick em apart now that the ying yang twins got some ends, we seem to have plenty of friends. excuse me then friend,
let me borrow a stack and when tomorrow comes don't ask me to borrow it back. If they cant do that they dont contribute to the answer ? ? from the ?
serious as cancer. If i was jojo dancer i would do the same thang, not to let another man spark my flame. D-roc is the ying , Kain is the yang but without
the both of us we aint got a damn thang. Its me and my brother, my brother and me, all that you see on TV


[Verse : D-roc]

United states of Atlanta its still me and my brother we done been through a lot but still kain i love ya. blood, sweat, and tears, good days and bad from
the time you make me laugh you made me mad. I still got cha back but imma take ya way back when we was sufferin just to get a nickle sack, scraping up
change trying to make 2 dollars or 3 to get some 99 cent hamburgers to eat and then ride thorough atlanta in yo raggedy car. back then we was some
underground superstars and these last 5 years we done put work in, now the whole world know of the ying yang twins. Even though we dont spend time at home
together, we hit the road and its like we never left each other. Now thats love. I love you til the day that i leave so its still my brother and me.


[Verse: Kain and D-roc]

People of the world we must change our mind frame and stay away from the con and mind games. Its hard to maintain and stay sane at the same time, steady
working hard but you bareky gettin by trying to make a line between stress and peace and satan always gettin the best of me, my closest of kin, my best
friend, man we all in the struggle but you gotta remember im yo brother.
Listen people you need to start helping yo brother, helping yo sister, mama, daddy, children and all. Dont leave these babies out here all alone they
dont know whats going on. THey dont know right from wrong, so when you see yo brother give him a hug and a shoulder to lean on and dont leave him out here
on his own cause times gettin hard these days. We at war amongest ourselves and we at war overseas brother.


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Ying Yang Twins My Brother's Keeper Comments
  1. An'War El X

    I love this

  2. Reggie Camoufliyge

    I lost my big brother 😭 wen I was 14 years old and grew up playing this song on repeat every night🌃 looking in the sky...so if u still have your big brother tell him u love him so much every day..Rest in paradise my big brother Larry

  3. christopher optimus prime

    I knew a brother once who understood that brother meant more than money a meant more than materialistic wealth littmann not having unless everybody had it meant not smoking unless everybody smoked it meant not starving out another it meant being a brother even though we have different blood you're all fake ass lying thieving stealing son of a bitch has who stole from afar fatherless poor sick needing men who are the brain controlling parasite and that's the truth before the Lord God of Israel and you will answer in the day of your death for what you have done. Fuck off

  4. Jimmy Perales jr.

    Kontrakt 🐝 a G

  5. karaminga colbert

    Ying yang twins yal need to make. Kome bak I miss yal so much fr

  6. Sean Packer

    I'm my brother's care taker he is quadripalegic. I love him with all my heart and soul. I'm my brother's keeper!

  7. Joey Da boss

    Me and my brother my brother and me Eddie lovely aka Kane mason rest in heaven bro I live you sooooooo much shit still get to me man years later I still want answers Souf mocc it's still my brother and me 💯💯💯 live you my brother!!! Save me a spot right next to you...RIGHT RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!! Shit just ain't the same man smfh rest up bro I'll see you when I get there

  8. rose Johnson

    Scraping up change tryna make 2 dollars a piece to get some 99 cent hamburgers to eat that's deep I felt that in my soul 🤞🏿

  9. Kanisha Castillo

    yes i do

  10. bdansard

    My sister's keeper love you Megan Taylor and sierra

  11. christopher optimus prime

    I'm spiritually a black twin to a white robe where brother I miss you bro 4 u and ur sis tell gertie I said thank you give her a hug

  12. mike burgess

    on all the days i was with my brother things were doing good

  13. Lady Kap

    This song reminds me of my unko he passed away this year i miss him so much 😪😥

  14. Christopher Loweconstablebatye

    40 cal big c love's and miss u

  15. Youthinkyouknow Me

    Gonna be bumping this forever..R.I.H big bro 6/1/2018💔😢

  16. kidfast Williams

    I swear I can't listen to this shit without getting teary eyed

  17. Kristi Johnson

    Still listening 2018

  18. Craig Madkins

    Damn.... This mufcka just took me all the way back 😥

  19. marina lopez

    I love you Big Bro#R.I.P... I love you Little Bros.!!! <3

  20. Rahsaan Camp

    My bro David Mayes I would die for him.

  21. Cece Garcia

    I listen to this song everyday when my brother locked up 2018 he be home soon this year I love you sidney Garcia 1/1/18 💙♿️😍😘

  22. Gregory Sapp

    Love my Big Bro, and only brother; this is my joint......

  23. bianca johnson

    this reminds me of me & my twin brother when our mom was locked up and we had no food and lived Alone for 2 months in the house cuz my dad was on drugs we was hungry and would steal food and do everything together And we still close just this song brings memories

    JesusYESreligionNO -

    1st Corinthians 15, 1-4 is the gospel

    Sherry Phillips

    I am so sorry..

  24. Jamal Ashley

    i love this song and i love my little brother and even though we always argue and fight but i still love him till the day i die

  25. Josh Young

    where can I find this beat??

  26. Thomas Martinez Monroy

    rip Armando I love u bro I still picture us chiling

  27. Matt Simpson

    can't wait too see you brother ,I miss you can't wait to hang!!!😂😂😁😀😁😂😂😂😇

  28. Curt Gasaway

    I am my brothers keeper

  29. Zach Rudolf

    badass song love u bro cya soon

  30. Imani Vallier

    r.i.p Jason I love you brother💙💙I am my brother keeper

  31. Anthony Webb

    this for you Calvin love ya big bra

  32. Destiny Jenkins

    to my brothers I know we beef but I'll always have ur back Brandon... Nate :)

  33. Mandy Chiago


  34. Jazz Waddell

    I love this song because me and my brothers was taking this was the last song that my brothers played for me


    Who's Anwar?
    Please tell me

    Mrs. McClintock

    I want to know too.....lol

    An'War El X

    more music to come,,,was off the scene for a min,,,I go by Andy G

  36. Jr Ryder

    I remember this album

  37. Jeff C

    I love u brother.

  38. Rose Thomas

    This is dedicated to my brothers David&Leroy and my sista Nancy luv ya till the end.

  39. Ray Torrez

    Dedicated to my brother whoz doing time love you carnal.

    Deanna Romero

    this for my brothers who r locked down miss u brodies stay up boone my nigga dru

  40. Baby Girl

    I love & miss yu so much bro!!

  41. Fred Marshall

    Dis mi song frfr I luv it..803

    DJRoast Prince

    Word up, Columbia sc

    DJRoast Prince

    Word up, Columbia sc

    DJRoast Prince

    Word up, Columbia sc

  42. Maurice Nelson

    Love this song, reminds me of me and my bro and how we was. He passed in 010 a month after I got seriously injured and almost lost my life I shed tears listening to this song and don't care miss you bro for life I love you KDK

    Maurice Nelson

    @Maurice Nelson I feel you bro this real talk here, I feel this song every time I listen to it

    Maurice Nelson

    @Maurice Nelson I feel you bro this real talk here, I feel this song every time I listen to it

    Jv George

    I know how you feel.

  43. Ikem Ede

    To my inseperable siblings n parents, i dedicate this to u.

  44. sarah mcnamer

    For all of my sisters... sierra, sahara, alexis,desiree, and Harley.. i will always have your back.

  45. Dallas Gash

    My Big Bro past away on February 18, 2013... I have been sick and heartbroken every since... This song bring back a lot of memories!!!!! I miss you Pep. I'm the only one left out of us. Until I see you again!!!!!

    Juice Cunningham

    My birthday is February 18 and my sisters is February 19 and im sure your brother is in a much much better place....

    Ikem Ede

    My heart goes out to u.. May he RIP

    Dallas Gash

    Thank you so much, I know he is in a better place, but I miss him so much!!!!!!

  46. inuv5

    When my brother gets out, I'm going to listen to this song with him so he knows his big sis loves him...always.

  47. Giovanni Moldiz

    this song goes to my lil brother :)

  48. dj baker

    This song says it all..all I need is my big brother an ill be happy in life:)

  49. Marco King

    All I want to see is my brother...

  50. Short85Lady

    Man I miss my brother...Praying for you man...

  51. TheJjethrow

    Happy Birthday big bro I am my brothers keeper /G\

  52. Ronald Liggins

    I agree with yungdragon a 150%

  53. Arson314

    Thumbs up if you listening to this in 2019 with your brother.


    Arson314 this says 6 years ago😨

  54. Blake Hammond

    My friend that's like my bro Jus got sent off for 2 years. We been thru Hell an back and this is are song. Ima always have his back and ima see him again one day. Ima hold it down for you bruh !!! #freedavid

  55. Bettieboop Johnson

    GOTCHA BUY it! Some poeples dont know how far back we go but when you look at it I am my brother keeper! Love ya!

  56. allison scarborough

    Love it!!!

  57. dizz dick

    thank you for putting this on here! there was one one day but it got took off really pissed me off tbh

  58. ni_naa


  59. speegz11

    @Secretmusicisthekey surprised it wasnt on here tbh

  60. Secretmusicisthekey

    This was really good. Thanks for putting it up.