YFN Lucci - The Things We Can Do (Interlude) Lyrics

30 you a fool for this one

Look, I can't lose
First things first never pick and choose
All this damn ice got her gettin' cool
She want me to swim in her damn pool
Complaining to me bout what her man do
She wanna sit on my dick she can't stand you
She come over to vent when you don't answer
Know she somewhere suckin' my dick when she don't answer
I'm tryna get in her like cancer
Girl we can do the sixty nine like we cancers
I'm tryna get in her head like dandruff
Girl come be my lil' dancer
Hold up, pain girl be careful
I ain't tryna fuck up your name I'm tryna help ya
I ain't tryna run no game, you sum special
Yeah look, quit girl come and slow grind
Girl come fuck me like this the last time
Girl come and fuck me like we got no time
Girl let's get lit like the house on fire
Lit like a lighter I ain't count, this a one nighter
Ima fuck you good like

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YFN Lucci The Things We Can Do (Interlude) Comments
  1. gachi Amily

    I need the full song still here

  2. Terquoiya Harrison

    We need a FULL song PLEASE