Yella Beezy - Up One (Remix) Lyrics

[Yella Beezy:]
I got, big rocks, big chain, big watch
Big beans, big Glocks, big bales, big blocks
All gold Rollie, no tick tock
Fuck your ho, in my flip flops
Kickin' this shit, no gym socks
Ask about me nigga, I been hot
It ain't 'bout money? nigga kick rocks
That's all facts, no Xerox
Bust a couple shots, make it clear out
You pussy ass nigga, I don't hear about
I'm up one, up one, up one, up one
I'm up one, up one, I'm up one, I'm up one

I'm up one, don't make me bust one
This big chopper, he'll touch somethin'
Order now nigga, I'ma buck somethin'
Nigga think I ain't shootin', I'll sunk somethin'
Hop out the whip, hoes come runnin'
Man that silly ass bitch, I ain't gon' fuck nothin'
Ho stop playin' games, come suck somethin'
Hey, bend it over, put it on your butt honey
Hey, watch presidential, get top in a rental
Hopped in a Sprinter, fly individual
Big guap, thick knots, check my credentials
Kick back, keep it player, ride with the nigga
Cup full of mud runnin' up in my liver
Pray to God they don't put me in the hospital
Can't touch me boy, I'm too hot nigga
All these little bitty bitches gon' bop nigga
Had to hide these rocks on my jock nigga
If he playin' I'ma shoot him off top nigga
Boy I spent thirty K on my watch nigga
Put dick all in your ho crotch nigga
Poppin' shit, poppin' shit, yeah I pop niggas
Got a lick, got a lick, on a house nigga
Hell nah I ain't stuntin' you stank hoes
Street, yeah RIP Bankroll

I got, big rocks, big chain, big watch
Big beans, big Glocks, big bales, big blocks
All gold Rollie, no tick tock
Fuck your ho in my flip flops
Kickin' this shit, no gym socks
Ask about me nigga, I been hot
It ain't 'bout money? nigga kick rocks
That's all facts, no xerox
Bust a couple shots, make it clear out
You pussy ass nigga, I don't hear about
I'm up one, up one, up one, up one
I'm up one, up one, I'm up one, I'm up one

[Lil Baby:]
Never let a bit nigga take my shine
Fuck waitin' around nigga, I'ma take mine
I'm up one now but it took a little time
Patek Philippe for my time
Free lil bro, he brought the MAC's out
Standin' on stage with my strap out
Everywhere I go I got them racks out
Nigga try to take mine, it's a blackout
I'm gettin' money for real, I had a mil, before the deal, yeah
I get them pounds every week, I'm never off beat, I stay in the streets, yeah
Niggas be sayin' they want beef, but soon as we meet, they want to speak, yeah
Count this money 'til I fall off
I'm LeBron the way I ball out
Niggas run and hide when them rods out
Man that shit wasn't sweet, I took the hard route
I'm in Dallas, I got all my chains on
She keep callin' my line so I changed phones
Hop out, who you? who you? bruh shoot
Run with the gang, we gon' pull up in groups
Get you knocked down for a new pair of shoes

[Yella Beezy:]
I got, big rocks, big chain, big watch
Big beans, big Glocks, big bales, big blocks
All gold Rollie, no tick tock
Fuck your ho in my flip flops
Kickin' this shit, no gym socks
Ask about me nigga, I been hot
It ain't 'bout money? nigga kick rocks
That's all facts, no xerox
Bust a couple shots, make it clear out
You pussy ass nigga, I don't hear about
I'm up one, up one, up one, up one
I'm up one, up one, I'm up one, I'm up one

Pay big bank, take lil bank
She booted on the molly, I'm on a lil drank
Come fly by me, I want a lil face
Think about it, I don't want relations with the lil skank
Not Tay-K but I'm on the race
Big desert eagle, keep it on my waist
Motherfuck a hater, yeah they gonna hate
Fall back lil bitch, nah I don't go on dates
Yeah I stay sippin' on the sizzurp
Got a lot of ice like a blizzard
What's crackin' nigga? what's the wizzard?
In the trap doin' magic like a wizzard
Sip me a four, nigga slizzard
Smart ho givin' brain like a nizzard
I ain't gettin' money, what you say, come again sir?
Sucked off in the loft, gettin' top's where I been sir
Gettin' drunk, gettin' full of this Henn sir
In my pants, yeah I keep about ten sir
I'm a loner, no I don't need friends sir
Got about ten bad bitches in the Benz sir
Don't ask me 'bout that ho house, I ain't went there
Broke, been a long time since I been there
Boy you niggas stressin' out, you got thin hair
My son ain't born yet but he got about ten pair Guccis

I got, big rocks, big chain, big watch
Big beans, big Glocks, big bales, big blocks
All gold Rollie, no tick tock
Fuck your ho in my flip flops
Kickin' this shit, no gym socks
Ask about me nigga, I been hot
It ain't 'bout money? nigga kick rocks
That's all facts, no xerox
Bust a couple shots, make it clear out
You pussy ass nigga, I don't hear about
I'm up one, up one, up one, up one
I'm up one, up one, I'm up one, I'm up one

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    Big dessert eagle keep it on my waist

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    Action Jaxon brought me here TBH.

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    What game that in the beginning

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    I’m in Dallas got my chainz on🤕🙅‍♂️

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    Going in to 2020 jamming to this 🔥song !!

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    Like si la quieres en spanish

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    Yellow Beezy & Lil baby did they thang thang so i am not comparing on this even tho I listen to BEEZY more... 👌

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    First heard this young brother in Port Richey, Florida at a barbecue stand...had the speakers outside bumpin like yea , that brother doing his thing...💯

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    Lil baby killed it

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    Yella Bezzy 😘😍💙

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    The beat hard when I first heard it my head start shaking out no where

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    These niggaz ate on this track

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    Yella bezzy shitted on em

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    Im gettin money for real i had a mill before the deal , yeah 🔥🔥🔥 lil baby go mad man

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    Why does this beat sound like hi bich from danielle brocoli haha

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    2020 still dont trust these stank hoes rip bankroll

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    Up one at dis gig boi....👊

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    Stupidest shit I ever heard how is anyone paying this dude anything is beyond comprehension. This is not hip hop or any kind of music for that matter. Just a waste of oxygen and people's time.

  36. Terry Hubert

    Im up 1one level


    Beat got a nigga shit pounding so hard🔥🔥🔥

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    Lil baby ruined this song wit that trash auto tune shit

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    Lil baby I love your voice

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    Soncho Dolla

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    babyyyyy 💎