Yelawolf - Party Prophet Lyrics

And I came into the house
And I saw a party
And it was good
And I walk upon it
A King of it
And I saw that it was good
So I filled up my cup
Lord, I am the party prophet!
I am, the party prophet!

Bitch I'm leaning back in my skull cap
Picture me rolling inside a jet-black spaceship
Sitting high like a white bitch's nose
Over Beverly Hills caught by the Wolf's fragrance
Ya smell that Slum-
Merican arrogance in the air again I'm carrying a drum
Waking up the dead like, Hello Mr. Jackson
Zippers in the red jacket, who's bad? Mr. black? gun!
Is it you, is it you, is it you, is it you?
Tell security we steppin up in this motherfucker strapped
And he ain't bout to check none it's done
All hail to the crew Lord
I'm hotter than the blue steel of a Bruce sword
Swinging through clowns like butter
You talking goons you gonna need another room for us
Wolf-pack rolling deep, no sleep, rolling 'neath where they smoking on leaf
Till I can't see straight, till I need a rebate, till I'm rolling my sleeves
Some of these motherfuckers are still in their pajamas
Alot of their mommas in the parking lot hollering
"Now please please, give me my baby back in one piece!"
I send them back puzzled, what did I see

[Hook x2:]
The party prophet, party prophet
The party prophet, party prophet
The party prophet, party prophet
The party prophet, Yelawolf is a party
The party prophet

Welcome to the church of Rock 'N Roll

Treat this grown ass party like I did school
I don't give not a single damn, and I didn't then too
Will Ferrell just put his nuts on your grandmother's favorite kitchen stool
Then I took all thirty two of that cold blue and I didn't leave shit for you
Pissed in the woods that I thought was a bush
If it ain't a bush fuck it that's cool
Drown her with a Jack D bottle drinking ass
Cuss her like a sailor ass
Catfish Billy looking silly with the hillbilly hat
Stumbling through everybody trying to find a new shirt
Acting most ridiculous but really
I'm in your momams closet pushing through momos
Oh wait, yes you do
I'm the life of the party like voodoo
Here's life to an otherwise dead doll
So put the needle down in the motherfucker real deep in the heart
Can I get a, "Yes yes ya'll?" (Yes yes ya'll)
Pull up in a brand new Chevy I just bought and give you a pep talk


[DJ Paul:]
Jump up out the fishtail Cadillac
With a bottle of yac on my back motherfucker get back
Gotta snub nose and a switchblade
That's a motherfucking fact but ya'll already know that
Pack of cigarettes rolled up in my sleeve
With a blunt of Cali hanging at the side of my mouth
I'm so intoxicated I kissed a bitch and threw up in her mouth
Fuck that, I've got some more shit for her mouth
But that's later on, when I'm bout to roll out
When I walked to the party red carpet rolled out
Walking slow motion blowing smoke in my mouth
You got molly? Damn right I got molly
And I got a bottle of that folly in the dolly
Can you please excuse my swag
I don't mean to ruin the party I'm a nigga that's naughty
Hanging with my nigga from another, Yelawolf
Step up in the club, whole club got took
Drink a metheglin, hundred bitches got took (Got took)
Bang her til she yell like a wolf (ah-woooooooh)
Than I jump back in the ride
Still got my condom on but a nigga gotta slide
Cause her boyfriend just came with thirty niggas ready ride
Put a brother on the hoes holding up picket signs


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