Yearwood, Trisha - Walkaway Joe Lyrics

Momma told her baby, girl take it real slow
Girl told her momma hey I really gotta go
He's waitin' in the car
Momma said girl you won't get far
Thus are the dreams of an average Jane
Ninety miles an hour down a lovers lane
On a tank of dreams
Oh if she could've only seen
But fate's got cards that it don't want to show
And that boy's just

A walkaway Joe
Born to be a leaver
Tell you from the word go, destined to deceive her
He's the wrong kind of paradise
She's gonna know it in a matter of time
That boy's just a walkaway Joe

Now just a little while into Abilene
Pulls into a station and he robs it clean
She's waitin' in the car
Underneath the Texaco star
She only wanted love didn't bargain for this
She can't help but love him for the way he is
She's only seventeen
And there ain't no reasoning
So she'll ride this ride as far as it can go
Cause that boy's just

A walkaway Joe
Born to be a leaver
Tell you from the word go, destined to deceive her
He's the wrong kind of paradise
She's gonna know it in a matter of time
That boy's just a walkaway Joe

Somewhere in a roadside motel room
Alone in the silence she wakes up too soon
And reaches for his arm
But she'll just keep reachin' on
For the cold hard truth revealed what it had known
That boy's just

A walkaway Joe
Born to be a leaver
Tell you from the word go, destined to deceive her
He's the wrong kind of paradise
But it was just another lesson in life
That boy was a walkaway Joe

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Yearwood, Trisha Walkaway Joe Comments
  1. Norm Lee

    Big fan of yearwood. She and martina mcbride have such rich voices. A pleasure to listen to.

  2. Matt E

    Wasted 5 years on a walkaway Joe ✌🏻... so glad to have made it to the other side. If you get a gut feeling and see red flags, get out!

  3. Bossome Studios

    Eagles + yearwood = heck to the yes

  4. Cheryl Allen

    Why is we all have to go thru this. I did and so did my daughter.

  5. hobi luvr

    1:09 lowkey freaking out over this LOL

  6. don swain

    This is 1 of my favorite songs ever. Amazing song.

  7. Greg from motown

    Beautiful song that sturs the soul.

  8. Chioma Ubani

    I love this woman so much

  9. Brittany rae Carroll

    I listened to this so many times with my mom growing up. I lost my mom last year...and my 2 kids and myself had a walkway Joe in real life. Oh the memories I miss u so much mon💔

  10. Quirky Quips

    An Unsolved Mystery Fandom update on a wanted evil murderer was caught & died in prison at 82 was Matthew's first role after this video!

  11. Safia dunoo

    My mum told me too and I'm indian lol

  12. Tóth Andrea

    Adorable Don Henley 💖💖💖

  13. sportyfemme64

    Met too many Walk away Joes in my day.. Scar covered heart...

  14. leadsin99er

    Cool, didn't know Don Henley was in this song too when he also did another backing duet on Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough by Patty Smyth, in the same year.

  15. Viviana Garcia

    My boyfriend and I broke up after five years...

  16. Chuck Morrison

    she should still look like this, but still eats animals and drinks cow milk, so you see what happens :(

  17. Deborah Lowe

    Most teenagers think they know everything about life and when you try to explain to them you get a what ever, I'm not perfect and have made mistakes but hopefully my children can learn from mine Every day I try to be the person God intended for me 😟🏘🙌🙌

  18. Ryan Johnson

    That song is alright, alright, alright

  19. Jonas Suico

    Some kind of reality
    Some thing educational

  20. Briana Saunders

    that dumbass didn't even have the common curtsy to her back home

  21. just rally

    Omg 2020 and still loving this song 😊😊

  22. Crystal Rusmisel

    Ok I’d definitely take that ride as far as it would go especially if it’s with Mathew M.

  23. Dawn Griggs

    Now looking back on this video I'm so glad she went back home, and not to the streets.

  24. Red River

    Alright alright alright...... Never noticed who Joe was..... Too busy staring at Trisha...... Garth should be glad he got to her before I did. Hahaha!

  25. Little Ogeechee

    That boy in the video....he’s got true potential!

  26. Sarah Vendrely

    I’m here cuz today on January 8th 2020 Facebook told me that Matthew mcconaughey is “walkaway” joe.
    Mind blown. I never knew this growing up watching this video!

  27. Patrick Finke

    That ain’t walk away Joe that’s Killer Joe. He had sex with a piece of chicken.

  28. Bigdaddytrucker

    1992 When things were still good !

  29. Patrick Dickey

    Jan 4,2020 and still love you Trisha.

  30. Jeanne R

    The "Walkaway Joe' looks like a young Matthew McConaughey ... I paused the video at 3:19 and it looks just like him before he became a star. This video was made back in 1992 so maybe it is.
    Update: I googled it just to be sure and it is Matthew McConaughey ... "The 'Joe' in Trisha Yearwood's 'Walkaway Joe' Video is Matthew McConaughey." Pause it around 3:19 as they are walking in the field ... there is no mistaking that face and smile!

  31. Dave Arcudi

    Still the beat song Don Henley ever sang on

  32. yourmom6833

    Damn 1992 just hit me hard 💕

  33. ChristinaMarie15

    Your just a Walkaway Joe, everyone was right about you. Should've seen it coming but got lost in your blue eyes. You got what you said you didn't want but you sure did. 💔

  34. Lisa McDonald

    Nothing against Trisha but, Don Henley's too good to waste on a song that he's only a footnote. And it's not that great of a song.

  35. Margie Burgett

    December 2019 ❤️😭❤️😭❤️

  36. Shawn Carter-Inscoe

    Hey Matthew McConaughey. 😍😋

  37. Rochelle Hayez

    They did an episode about this song on tbaa

  38. kozzicosgrovemusic

    perfect harmony

  39. Jarred Marlowe

    1:44 is the birth of “Alright alright alright”

  40. ChickOnRadio

    Who plays the part of the mom? She looks familiar.

  41. wayneo1269

    Trisha and Don's voices work really well together.


    Mamas always welcome back what's left after the "world" gets thru with us!

    Valeri Grillo

    That would make a good song and with that as a lyric line in it

  43. Alison H

    Um is that Matthew McConaughey???? Wow.

  44. Annette Shimkus

    Just realized it's Matthew McConaughey.

  45. Marvin L. Midkiff

    December 2019?

  46. Mary Pambrun

    love u since your first song always will you are beautiful

  47. Crystal Hudson

    I've known a couple of walk away Joes, no more will I ever have those dummies in my life

  48. Amanda Kaysen

    She’s not alright alright alright 🤷🏻‍♀️

  49. Verla McDonald


  50. meagan rettig

    Anyone else here because of the meme about Matter McConaughey 😅

    Stephanie Wayment

    Yep! 😂

    Scarh Face

    Be a lot cooler if they was

    Sarah Vendrely

    Just saw the meme today!! Here I am. Lol

    P. L.

    No here for good country music

  51. courtney toups

    There was a TV show in the 90s called Touch by an Angel. They did an episode based on this song with Joey Lawrence as the guest star. Joe was a walkaway Joe. lol.

  52. Hillary Lies

    Oh look, it’s the lady who destroyed Garth Brooks first marriage and Family. Wow, Family Destroyer, how do you feel all these years later?? And all for your own selfishness, right? So other people’s feelings and future together don’t matter as long as you get what you want, right? You sure planned this out in your favor.

  53. Rachel Baker

    Wait... was that Matthew McConaughey?

  54. Rachel Baker

    One of my favorites of hers

  55. CptFantaztic

    Alright Alright Alright

  56. Leslie Pellam

    My daughters dad is a walk away joe

  57. Katherine Martindale

    the best thing to come out of Longview tx

  58. Cheryl Allen

    Told my daughter when she started seeing Richard Madden "the boy across the street " I was right. Now she has a great man in Tim and a great father to my grandsons.

  59. Taylor Steege

    I wish Me tom ran away to Georgia

  60. Robert Lucido

    This song was used in the episode, Fool for love, on the show Touched by an Angel

  61. Bob Helm

    I love this song because I have not had a boyfriend that has been in my life for years

  62. Nicole Inez

    Keep your head up, pretty girl. Life gets better.

  63. Brittany Brittany

    Matthew!! How could you!

  64. Beth Bockus

    This is so friggin pretty! IBlessed harmony thought Leather and Lacebwas good, but the Lyrics.. Damn

  65. Lili Von Stomp

    Timeless October 2019

  66. Danny Ocean

    Before she broke Garths marriage

  67. Buckeye Fangirl19

    Can't believe it took me years to discover thats a very young Matt McConaughey❤☺ Guess i was too busy looking at Henley❤

  68. Casandra Brady

    I will always stop when this song is on. ❤❤❤

  69. Universal Soldier

    That girl in the video must be kicking herself for letting Matthew get away!

  70. APRIL Wooten

    Damn why is it you got a walk a away Joe and then he shows up years later and you fall for the same shit. Stupid me.

  71. Alexis Clinton

    This song speaks the truth for every teenager in love with a bad boy. When I was a teenager I swore to not the same mistakes my mother made.

  72. Poem_Kym

    💔 What a gorgeous song ❤️

  73. Sandro Sandrik

    Kelsia and Carrie cover OMG sooo good)

  74. Moe Three

    My name is Joe and I love this song I guess cuz I really am a Walk away Joe

    Moe Three

    Never been with a woman longer than 3 years

  75. Mandi Norman

    My mama was so right. I should've listened Mama, but I'm here for a good time, not a long time. We live and we learn.

  76. Abigail G

    Matthew McConaughey in Unsolved Mysteries at around 40:00

  77. salamander xXxX

    Mama try to tell me

  78. Franklin Warner

    Good Song.

  79. MartinHCollection

    First role of Mathew McCounaghey :))

  80. Lily Samson

    Still an awesome song in September 2019....💙🦋💙

  81. Kelli Workman-Reavis

    Wait was that Matthew alright alright alright??!!??

  82. Aaron Davis

    Great song.

  83. Andrew C

    Mrs Yearwood. I love you. i know this is hindsight. but it never matters. it is never ok to hurt another.

  84. Seirra Buck

    This track goes hard

  85. Cindy Johnston

    I don't want a man like that

  86. Daiaineh Paliar

    After Grand Ole Opry

  87. dru sears

    Great song and video and Matthew. McConaughey

  88. Lilly Lou

    First bad sign was he didn’t go up to the door to get her 😬😬💞

  89. Lilly Lou

    Can we talk about how pretty she is😂😂

  90. Len Thyr

    Trisha I love you

  91. Damien Cormier

    Reminds me of myself

  92. Dale Clemment


  93. Sunshine Jividen

    0:42 "But fate's got cards that it don't wanna show" ....

  94. Linda Hamm

    Love the duet of Trisha and Don Henley!

  95. Stacy Pappas

    remember, it's all about the money.
    You'll know a whore when she sees dollar signs

  96. Stacy Pappas

    I called her a "walk away Jane".
    At least, she's gone now, no more....of her shit

  97. Stacy Pappas

    Pretty song, I guess.
    But remember, there are several reasons why I would walk away.
    Number one, is when my 'professed' partner let's her her folks shit on you, and you're expected to accept it.

  98. SumWear 7

    Alright alright alright.

  99. Rebecca Drake

    The pain of someone leaving you when they made you so happy can never be described. But this song comes damn close