Yayo, Tony - Queens Anthem Lyrics

[Tony Yayo:]
El chapo uh

Twin glocks call em morris 10's
Cause all the hate start coming money pouring in
My life is like a movie, a mellow drama
The usual suspects is always in the line up
Lil mama think she nicki minaj, barbie
I move the things like labarbie
Strategically I make moves, so thorough
Deniro and raging bull pedal to the metal
3's company 2 girls jack tripper
Hypothermia cause my neck off the glitter
Papaer plates on european objects
Got this nigga running zig zags through his projects

[Nyemiah Supreme:]
Yayo know gotta stay low
Bad bitch lil devil with a halo
Queens slow up to team got nuts for the green
Aim high head shots head boy make a bedrock
No need for the keys gotta deadlock
Who's hot, these hoe's drive like vegas nevada
For real try a little harder
I don't get it rodney the barber
I'm speeding drop top season
Top reason why he's leaving
Competing ma you tweeting
I'm winning just the beginning
No stopping how I'm popping
I hold weight you see these bars I'm dropping

Brings your cams out cause this shit right here a killer
Got em screaming for jacksons like the black girl gotta thriller
A queens trapper, you see the moneys what my teams after
My lifes the movie shooter gotta bobby lee swagger
The nicest baller in the game nobodies stickin em
Eagles in the green 7 now we mike vicking em
From beans to gallardos a g told hold your car note
A wildcat pointing for the green like I'm rondo

Everything I own homes my pride possesion
Came from some wild dreads and live 5 connections
4 k a day hustle 3 days a week
I only give muxic the change but what's a hunnid k advance
I do that shit in no time
Do it like jamaicans at the dancehall on my slow grind
No credit, bunch of dead presidents co-sign
Bad bitches oh she like a summance she so fine
I'm betting you don't know dimes
Fuck is niggas dreaming, if everybody winning
Then who the fuck is charlie sheen
You and your man flipping birds
Oh he's kel and kenan
Even worse you's a smoker
You should jump through the roof
You smoke crack waste time

[Lexx 9 Eleven:]
I don't waste time arguning with these new rap niggas
Thinking they might blow
They wanna go audio I'd rather let the auti go
Northside the 40 no guns taller than shawty lo
White flying spur jenobi san antonio
Niggas won't approach you but thugging and through some pro tools
Little niggas beef ain't real I call it tofo
Queens know I'm heavy know through all the back blocks
Lexx 9 eleven heart made outta that black box
Blow a bitch socks and I don't break a cent on loot
These bitches blow me like hot soup cause I'm the truth
Headed a track meet miss me with all that rap beef
Queen's still gettin that money that's why you aggy

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Yayo, Tony Queens Anthem Comments
  1. Bryan Hanson

    i like this

  2. rosko cali

    @culiacan623 hey no mames estos weyes qiueren ser como el chapo wey es pura musica para eyos... g unit all day viva mexico....#plk

  3. rosko cali

    @culiacan623 es como un coorrido way pa que te enohas....

  4. rosko cali

    @culiacan623 you lame its gunit ...they do corridos for them all day and you think dude cant do a mixtape come on...wake up stupid

  5. rosko cali

    el chapo cool
    yayo cool ....................but where the fuck is banks come on plk best rapper alive

  6. JesusSosa

    Responder a este video... Im from Mexico and I love 50's music.. I fuck with G-Unit people why u hatin? Yayo doin his thang and of course he knows who the chapo is, he's a big capo!! come on we all know EL CHAPO GUZMAN asi que mejor CHINGUEN A SUS RESPECTIVAS MADRES Y PRESTENME A SUS MUJERES HAHA go do something productive suckas.. lol MEXICO TODO EL DIA SAQUEN LAS CHELAS PERRA. xD

  7. Eric Hernandez

    this puto don't even know who is el chapo fuck tony yayo i guess his tire making rap for his hood 'cuase it don't sell fuck g-unit

  8. acgmusicgroup

    Queenz !

  9. dontizzle805

    3's company

  10. Eduardo Rodriguez

    Sinalu? Jajaja yayo can't even say sinaloa jajaja.....

  11. MsErica Real

    Who is this girl rapping she is nice YaYo is bringing heat

  12. Brennan Spafford

    this shits got some nice bass




    yayo is bringing that fukcing FIRE!!!! damn

  15. acgmusicgroup

    yeah this hot !

  16. Bryan Hanson

    blazing roasting