Yayo, Tony - Never Lie Lyrics

El chapo
Huh, but I'm back man
It's the unit, yayo
I am the streets y'all niggas know what it is
Keep sleeping on the under dog

[Verse 1:]
Wiz said that his checks look like phone numbers
Well my checks look like overseas phone numbers
Throw a bitch out the hummer like hoochie
It's really a uzi cause jack boys feeling loopy
On my grind like jamaicans with that arizona
European whip, amsterdam aroma
My short term goals is a vicky model
My long terms 1's swiss acount with zero's
Bad meter, the bitch bad
Similiar to vida guerrero and that chilli peper peta ass
2 11 jag aqua color
Roll that aqua man up ducking undercovers

[Chorus: x2]
I swear I'm never lieng on my dead niggas
I just fucked 2 hoe's off twitter
Stack chips, stack figures
I never lie on my kids or my niggas

[Verse 2:]
Free remy, free boozie, free t.I
P home he did 3 4 dilly
Gun laws change, 3 years of top
Now they tryin to give you 4 for the stashbox
I'm like tiger woods
I've got 5 birdies, 1 eagle, 2 boogies
That's that golfer talk
I got them dope fiends nodding off
I do donuts in the porsche when I'm slidding off
Cartier buckle, cartier glasses
I got a blackberry that's full of asses
I slide in a blackberry milasis
Roll the cherry pie now I'm high like nasa

[Chorus x2]

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Yayo, Tony Never Lie Comments
  1. Corey Brooks

    I aint stop coming back to this video. I swear them chicks is looking good. Vol-lup-lup.

  2. ace blanco

    my guy 4 life

  3. SlamClamBigelow

    How the hell did yayo ever make it big?very whack shit.most of this don't even rhyme..this is a perfect example of how rap is filled with worthless rappers..

  4. Jose Johnson


  5. warriorman6432

    Those sum bad bitches

  6. Christian Credentials

    haha only Yayo could be Yayo! that hat to the side yayo swag! real shyt

  7. Christian Credentials

    damn them girls nice Yayo

  8. Carl Bailey

    You Got Da YAYO! You got da money!

  9. YFL The Greatest

    i fucks wit yayo

  10. William Tsatsulis



    Este tema esta bien vergaaa!! G-UNIT 4 LIFE

  12. Mona Loca

    man lookin hoes

  13. keyth griffin

    shh is hot!