XXXTENTACION - looking for a star (CANT GET YOU OUT MY HEAD) Lyrics

Duh, duh, duh
Duh, duh, duh
Duh, duh, duh, duh

Can't seem to explain a thing
Going on in my head (on in my head)
The memories seem to fade away
With the thoughts in my head (the thoughts in my head)
Run from different enemies
And the thoughts in my head (thoughts in my head)
Run from different enemies
And the thoughts in my head, (thoughts, in my)

And where did you go as I slept (as I slept)
I can't seem to get out my head (out my head)
I wept and I'll count the tears I shed (tears I shed, tears I)
She sat there and watched as I bled

As I bled
As I bled
As I bled
As I bled
As I bled

And where did you go as I slept (as I slept)
I can't seem to get out my head (out my head)
And where did you go as I slept (as I slept)
I can't seem to get out my head (out my head)

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XXXTENTACION looking for a star (CANT GET YOU OUT MY HEAD) Comments
  1. Falling Down

    why y'all hating 😂 this shit highkey go hard asf 💀

  2. Saul T. Nutz

    He’d still be making bangers like this if he hadn’t went out on that day...

  3. Jaden Arran

    Real fans listen to this

  4. Lowkeycuz

    Miss you Jah 💔

  5. True Spy

    This song is low key pretty good

  6. Mimi's Moonlight

    Why him you should take me

  7. Brady Camara

    He sings like an angel
    Screams like a demon
    Dies a legend

  8. •Malibou Blu•

    this song fucking slaps

  9. Issac Melendez

    best song ever

  10. Unidentified Vibes

    Its sad reading these comments of the old fans being forgotten. The one who were there since riot, vice city etc its sad bandwagon piece of shits getting thousands of likes on his recent songs. Im glad hes resting

  11. Young Jm

    Anyone here after Hearteater? Much love to all of you

  12. KaWa Fr

    My first song of x 😭😭 I'm French and I looooove this song, and '' I don't wanna do this anymore ''

  13. yung shoelace

    Still cant believe

  14. yung shoelace

    Damn dis goofy nigga really dun made me cry

  15. Boş Yapan

    im sorry that video just have 50k views :(

  16. kymani perry

    lol the funny thing is tht u can sound exactly like tht on voloco

  17. xMahka

    Who’s still listening in 2019?

    FoxieTheGamer Spaceless

    its 2020 now -w-

  18. Frank Cota

    Love it!!💞💞 i cant get him out my head😰😘

  19. Mini Dez Gaming

    Lol I love this song as much as the other stuff I like

  20. Lonestar

    For once I don't want to say it's fire because it will burn my house but, I could say it is really relaxing

  21. Perez Perez

    fuck man I hated this know I can't stop listening

  22. Darke in Ya window

    Another flow I should take?

  23. BEAST TV

    this is X experimenting with different genres. this aint rap, so why are yall complaining?!

  24. Issy God

    I'm not a fan of X. Ive only heard Look at me, catch me, Looking at a star. But seeing another comment saying he is trash. But they were just bandwagon the shit out of him. The first time he switches and does something chill niggas go crazy. This is low-key lit asf. I like this shit. It's chill asf. Everyone has their styles.

  25. Alex Gamez

    Look at me is a lot better CANT KEEP MY DICK IN MY PANTS

  26. Kids 2005

    Im not on the x bandwagon. Ive been listening to him since last year. But this shit is wack. Im glad he wants to expand across all genres but this sounds like some justin beiber shit. But every artist has a bad song and this is x's. Lmao hope he dont do this again

  27. Yung jon Deadstar

    This go hard

  28. Crimson Agony

    Jesus, let my man experiment with music

  29. xxxSGFK x HxH

    fark I love this one its good to chill to the beats just chill asf.

  30. Sebastian De Courcy

    Such a good song

  31. Kain Boyer

    so versatile, mans on so many genres

  32. IEatWeebs

    Love the song just chill with the auto tune don't do that shit no more your actual voice is better



  34. Some Edgy Account

    I love this song

  35. Nick Abeyta

    This shit sick

  36. MARQ

    This is one of the best things X has ever made.

    Hands down. <3

  37. devon adney

    I don't believe that "true" fans HAVE to like whatever shit song the artist decides to drop. But this isn't a shit song, its actually damn good. and if you don't like the genre than you aren't really a X fan. This song is no surprise to people who follow his music.

  38. TrebleOnTha Track

    Who else thought that drake could've featured on this beat😂ironic that it would be drake tho...

  39. Gabriel Correa

    dude dis song is dope for real

  40. Owen Hally

    First time listening to this: what the freak???

    Third time listening to it: do this isn't too bad

  41. Dean Bottle


  42. Zach Schneider

    X: makes a song that doesn't sound like "look at me"

    bandwagon: triggered


    Zach Schneider lmao truth

  43. Mr Meeseeks

    when revenge drops i dont wanna see any of you haters in the comments

  44. TwoTeen Gamers

    I like this song. Someone should make a slower version tho

  45. FebruaryFrame

    I actually like it why y'all hate

  46. Zeniak

    I don't really like it but I definitely appreciate the experimentation

  47. XxHypeBeastXx

    "I don't just do all the Rap and Rock all the time but I do different genres of music, ya know''-XxxTentacion

    Only real fans can rock with dis music

  48. Caesar Richmond

    i wish the song were longer... :/ he stay doin that shit lol

  49. Tted Jones

    I understood every lyric, shit is deep.


  50. prnctn

    For someone doing almost all genres rn, its dope asf. Even though its not my style I still fw it. Keep it up X

  51. Financialstorm7

    the more I listen to it the more I get into it. I didn't like it at first but now I fw it


    At first I didn't like it but then this shit changed and x has my vote on this song 💯💯

  53. ImNotJewish

    this is one of those chill summer songs like what fireflies was back in 2010

  54. solo dolo

    not my type but I fuck with it. good job X Killin it as always

  55. MatissK

    this song is so good.

  56. Yung Sangouthai

    Im calling it, this shit is is gonna be on the radio

  57. Slothswillgetya

    Low key it's catchy

  58. Yung Havoc

    For all y'all fuck niggas that hatin on him for this one song you guys are retarded because he said from the beginning he was gonna do all types of genres. Lots of y'all just look at me fans

  59. Mac 'The Maker'

    Love the way most people complaining about this tune probably only know this guy from the hype he had from Look at me.. not even his best shit..

    this lit as fuck!!'
    this is one of my favorites along with 'King' and 'I spoke to the devil in Miami '

  60. Paolo Maggini

    fuck the rap game... X gonna go over standards of music

  61. I Love You

    Just a little too much autotune. Other than that I really like it.


    theres literally no autotune used

  62. GrayDust

    I don't understand why people don't like this song. 90% of people who don't fw are the bandwagoners that expected a second LOOK AT ME.

  63. ReverbRap

    I like X's music like riot, very rare forever freestyle, the fall, I am, the "I don't need help I need options" song, but I'm not really feeling this one.

  64. KingMamba69

    This goes hard.

  65. Nigger Faggot

    Omfg I just realized X was tryna steal Drake's flo because Drake stole his😂😂😂😂😂I'm dead😂😂😂😂😂

  66. Dare Devil

    So I don't know if x is a rapper,rockstar, either way I fuck with his shit

  67. brøken :/

    not hating it's fye but dis is pop

  68. brøken :/

    dis is a diplo collaboration y is it on rap 😂

  69. MissShadowDragon97


  70. Natsume

    I love it

  71. Ghost Lydia

    I am Screaming X is coming up and I am happy

  72. Nicolas Jesus

    Diplo fan 🤤🔥🔥🔥

  73. N T

    This is

    fire 🔥

  74. jimecristos6

    this is like early cudi .. nod off and kill your self every day.


    Been saying this. X's voice got potential.

  76. Fiq Maad

    he's trying to be a little bit calm in this one okay so shut the fuck cant just expect him to just spit some fire all the fucking time..just think that this is like an interlude of an album...

  77. Kermit The School Shooter

    you fucking bandwagons he said he wasn't just going to make hype music retards

  78. Ceallum Browne

    This song is just so chill

  79. Ïara Cuellar

    i love you music xxxtentacion

  80. Marcus Dabbin

    i thought he featured with justin bieber at first.....

  81. Solstia

    This shit is fye. I fucks with how he expands on all genres even edm. This shit tells a sad story but he could've held on the auto a teensy bit

  82. MrSquaky

    he is so ass

  83. DallisTM

    this sounds like some odesza I love it. I'm so glad I listen to rap and electronic music they both are super turnt

  84. Demilade Olaleye

    Looking for a Star (Can't Keep My Dick In My Pants)

  85. Ne mo

    I like how he makes different types of music , y'all seen someone do this kind of stuff?

  86. Deep Toot

    I don't mind the sudden change , X is a lyrical genius , he expresses him self through wide variety of music genres . He is not a "rapper" he is an "artist" . Quit complaining 😂😂 smh

  87. Edgy Ecchi

    what language this nigga speaking?

  88. R3FLEXx _01

    I'm I the only one who think this is not actually pretty bad? it's going to take a few listens to get used to it but it's over all alright

  89. Josue Gonzalez

    Why is everyone hating on XXX? Tf if you were a real fan you would know he doesn't just do hyped up trap shit he has songs on a bunch of genres and honestly his sad slow jams are pretty good too along with this

  90. ThisMy Name

    yall trippin this go hard

  91. Kaliyh Hairston


  92. No Ketchup

    Really hope he dont kill my vibe with this trash after craig xen preforms

  93. DG Khaos

    The songs fire fym smoke a blunt

  94. Trevon Bellamy

    I real artist can be able to do different styles of music and this is what X is doing to good job to the dude.... Everyone doesn't wanna hear him screaming all the damn time.... this is song is nice to just chill but X also makes music where u can just get hype to.

  95. jxrry Gonzalez

    I like the beat

  96. ivan mixtega

    This straight up fire 😤 I don't why y'all think this garbage or whatever like x said suck my ass !