Leave me alone, I wanna go home
It's all in my head, I won't be upset if
Leave me alone, I wanna go home
It's all in my head, I won't be upset if
Heartbroken, misspoken, breaking anything I touch
I'm not in love, I won't let you control what I want
Hate me, won't break me, I'm killing everyone I love
Hate me, won't break me, I'm killing everyone I love

Hey you, hey you, you, what, hey you
Hey you, you, no, you, you, you

Hate me, won't break me, I'm killing everyone I love

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  1. n24k

    Feels weird....

  2. Jz CrAxY_YT

    This a song they would put in a horror movie or something


    Legends never die 🕊️🙏

  4. Dylan Mcgovern

    This song makes me weak 💀

  5. Seema Rangari

    Where should I go ??I don’t have any home

  6. angel Ada

    Stay lit

  7. w e i r d o変人

    Don’t be sad he’s dead be happy he was alive

  8. VanishedMedic

    Breaking anything I touch .....

  9. Shai Ring

    When he gets to leave

  10. itzkylawutitdo Johnson

    At 1:08 close your eyes and feel his screams feel the music just let go and feel every thing this is one of my fav songs by him just for that reason

  11. mini jawtay

    When i got corona virus and im in ph

  12. hala hala

    R.I.P xxxtentacion😢❤❤❤❤❤

  13. young bloodsucker

    shiiiiiiiiiit, why everyone,who call themselves "fans", can't stop talk about his death,and just enjoy his music(if they real love this)?


    big factz



  14. MM TAPEZ

    X was so different 😕

  15. Kordian Dudziak

    This song make me some emotions what make me cry

  16. TayTayishere Juicy

    1:07 favorite part💗

  17. Ricos trash

    One word can’t explain u x ur multiple words in one there is no word for what u are 🥺

  18. Tom

    My ears died

  19. *•.alison.•*

    *sad boi hours*

  20. XXXTENTECTION Jahseh D. Onfroy

    Yo bro wtf my heart hurts so fucking much when i Listen to this song💔

  21. XXXTENTECTION Jahseh D. Onfroy


  22. TMGblack

    No one's ganne realize he's screaming that he hates himself but the lyrics don't say that rip a legend

  23. D D

    Anyone listening in 2020👑

    young bloodsucker

    shut up pls,idiot)

  24. Nuttybucketeer

    never forgotten 💔.

  25. Ek Bozman

    This shit just brought me back to my room when I was a kid drinking drowning in my own sorrow going crazy..... damn

  26. Hugo Parada

    I get fucking chills listening to this

  27. Сергей Лук

    Лучший его трек

    young bloodsucker

    ну хз, но один из лучших точно,имхо

  28. ripkutthroat

    Chills :/

  29. Vladimir Putin

    Rip x

    And headphone users

  30. Guardian

    This song turned 3 years old❤️

  31. abdulhadi aldoosry

    Aimbotz ??

  32. Doodle Sparks

    This song makes me wanna beat up some random guy on the street

  33. Thebabyaliveshow 778

    I can relate to this song💔🥺

  34. krabbenkutter kapitän Welke

    Still geting chills


    I'm the devil

  36. mxvcery

    *Heartbroken,Misspoken,Breaking anything I touch...*

  37. cat scape


  38. Trashsuo

    You really are a king ❤

  39. The Struggler

    That guitar plus the drums and the screams. As a fan of death metal this song hits me hard with raw emotion just like those metal songs. Respect 🤘🏼

  40. Cyber gaming


  41. Josiah Garcia

    2017: lil peep 2018: xxxtentacion 2019: juice world

    young bloodsucker

    @Kannayumi Sweet ;3 You)))

  42. Korean Mix

    2020 ...
    . Anyone...

  43. ᎳɦᎾ_FᎾᏒᎶᎬᏆ 書き

    It give's me a good and bad feelings ☹☻𓁹


    Easily most bipolar song ever

  45. 3xclusive.nayy._


  46. Cinomatix

    He saved my life, I wish I could’ve saved his 💔


    Cinomatix original

  47. Anto 17

    January 2020 ? 😢

  48. Martin McCoy

    “ Leave me alone” the man once spoke this he shall get so everyone saying he’s alive, stop let him rest leave him alone. We all love you and mis you man #LLJ

  49. Andriy Hirnyak

    This song is more like: Suicide is badass

  50. Chris Rodriguez

    Fuck you who dislike it

  51. somedieyoung

    кто смотлит в 20двазатом ставьте плюс лайк каменти будет мамачка жить вечна

  52. cykik x

    Probably what you came here for 1:09

  53. Vee Anna

    T-T RIP X

  54. Brnx Yt

    My heart hits differently when he’s gone 💔

  55. Maeren D

    Breaking EVERYTHING i touch
    That hit a soft spot in me

    14 14 Rare nigga

    Maeren D fax i thought about that

  56. David Dumitrascu

    Mi vengono i brividi a sentirla

  57. Mr Penguin

    why so sad except for the end

  58. Tyler Fick

    Rose are red
    Violetes are blue
    If you relate with the song
    Leave thumbs up blue

  59. DM DownTown

    Still hits hard 😔

  60. Artavious Williams

    2019 anyone

  61. Lost Dude

    X used to make short songs but with lots of meanings. 💔💔 miss you.

  62. Arianna Escorza

    forever &’ always . i love you jah

  63. AHellNawProductionz

    Sounds like a good song for a war movie

  64. lil pzqm


  65. Máté Papp

    Instant loop

  66. Burt Gaming

    This gives me Korn vibes

  67. ILikeBananasXD

    tbh I found about X after he died and i dont like SAD! or Moonlight or any mainstream song of his

    I only bump like kill me, king, wingriddenangel, the fall, palm trees and broly

    you can call me a fake fan but ill let you know i listen to his old and underrated songs holla at me

  68. PG 13

    My feelings 😶

  69. Some ing wow

    He saying this to the person that kill him...HEY YOU HEY YOU

  70. Kermit The Frog

    holy fucking shit

  71. ChristheCapt Productions

    This moves me to my core😭

  72. daniel suberu

    LLJ ❤️😓😓

  73. ronnie ybarra

    Only true fans know this part of him but all his true fans aren't as well as the hatters we are all equal in his eyes RIP Jah 😢🤧😇🙏🙏🙏💯

  74. Chania Augustus

    waaaaa *crys* i miss you waaa *crys*

  75. just yasje

    this was the first song of x i have ever heard

    and it will be the last

  76. Indiana Justin

    Anyone else notice the text "bouncing?"

  77. x aut lil van x

    *When you listen to this to chill out and cry and then forget about the screaming part*

  78. Angel Dust

    I listen to this when I'm sad

  79. Stir_Fry_panda101 It’s ya gurl

    This shit hits different

  80. kyler mize

    This song tears me apart


    X was the “king”
    But now the “kings dead”
    But X has become the “kind of the dead”
    See wut I did there?




    @Payne24h 😂😂😭

    Arianna Escorza

    oh shi-..

    Jebus Chytrus

    king of the dead

  82. Noiro Oonwahs

    This is the only song i like because it's like rock

  83. 5.A.M

    anybody know the distorted chords on the breakdown?


    The part where he screams is actually



  85. In Night slowed

  86. YeaBuddibq

    Fuck it all just I’ll just live till I die die

  87. November Sierra


  88. qvnto V

    Still my fav

  89. jayce

    Put this at fast it can go it is so different

  90. ttv slumpgod

    Why typa rock is this?


    grunge/alternative rock

  91. anonymous 1

    To hear the scream of a dead king is chilling

  92. Igor Majdan

    rest in piece Jah... you'll never be forgotten by our generation