XTC - The Mayor Of Simpleton Lyrics

Never been near a university,
Never took a paper or a learned degree,
And some of your friends think that's stupid of me,
But it's nothing that I care about.

Well I don't know how to tell the weight of the sun,
And of mathematics well I want none,
And I may be the Mayor of Simpleton,
But I know one thing,
And that's I love you.
When their logic grows cold and all thinking gets done,
You'll be warm in the arms of the Mayor of Simpleton.

I can't have been there when brains were handed round
(please be upstanding for the Mayor of Simpleton),
Or get past the cover of your books profound,
(please be upstanding for the Mayor of Simpleton),
And some of your friends thinks it's really unsound,
That you're ever seen talking to me.

Well I don't know how to write a big hit song,
And all crossword puzzles well I just shun,
And I may be the Mayor of Simpleton,
But I know one thing,
And that's I love you.

I'm not proud of the fact that I never learned much,
Just feel I should say,
what you get is all real,
I can't put on an act,
It takes brains to do that anyway. (And anyway...)

And I can't unravel riddles, problems and puns,
How the home computer has me on the run,
And I may be the Mayor of Simpleton,
But I know one thing,
And that's I love you (I love you).

If depth of feeling is a currency,
(please be upstanding for the Mayor of Simpleton),
Then I'm the man who grew the money tree,
(no Chain of Office and no hope of getting one).
Some of your friends are too brainy to see,
That they're paupers and that's how they'll stay.

Well I don't know how many pounds make up a ton,
Of all the Nobel prizes that I've never won,
And I may be the Mayor of Simpleton,
But I know one thing,
And that's I love you.

When all logic grows cold and all thinking gets done,
You'll be warm in the arms of the Mayor of Simpleton.
You'll be warm in the arms of the Mayor of Simpleton.
You'll be warm in the arms of the Mayor.
(Please be upstanding for the Mayor of Simpleton.)

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XTC The Mayor Of Simpleton Comments
  1. Mark Roffe

    LOVE XTC!!!

  2. ギーウナぎーうな



  3. yes3443

    This song sucks

  4. Scott Kaye

    In agreement with all you that say this is a great song.

  5. Sam Hollingsworth

    I would advise all new musicians to study XTC.......however most would give up music in defeat

  6. rob b

    Making plans for nigel was their ONLY decent song.. the rest were shite.

  7. NOT ME!

    tragically overlooked band. partridge-moulding, true heirs to lennon-mccartney

  8. Doug Walker

    Better tune-smiths than the Beatles, period.

  9. Esconis

    This video is older than 90% of the fortnite population

  10. Vinnybrain

    INCREDIBLE Vocal Harmonies!!!..... no autotune here!

  11. 73BigMC

    Great song from a wonderful album.

  12. Rick G

    Andy Partridge’s American cousin is Bob Mould..

  13. Josh I

    Well this is the shittest song ive ever heard

  14. Surfs Up

    Proof you can be pop and talented at the same time.

  15. Philip Quinn

    love this song, brings back memories.

  16. Princeofcups Poc

    Women have such lovely shapes, don't they?

  17. Nicolás Colombo

    Esa línea de bajo es una fiesta. Gracias Rick Beato por traerme hasta acá!

  18. James C

    This could've been a Bare Naked Ladies song easily

  19. karamazovbrothers1

    Great chord progressions in this. Superb songwriting.

  20. James C

    Who's here because of Rick Beato lol. Love his channel.


    Me. I guess I missed this band the first time around.

    New Ping Legend

    Aye. I remember this one from when it came out though.
    It's neat to hear isolated tracks, but then you want to hear it all together.

    Vincent George

    I am. I've never heard this song

    Malc Spring

    Oooh yeah!

  21. Sean Holland

    Never listened to this before, but I was brought here by Rick Beato's "What Makes This Song Great?" episode 76. Bands who block Rick's analyses of their tunes are idiots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TntNxv8wFR4&feature=em-uploademail

  22. jajajaja

    Rick Beato sent me here

  23. Gerry Berry

    The bass line in this is brilliant!

  24. thesun collective147

    Love the outro..pure class

  25. MrMother Sole

    Here because Rick Beato!

    Malc Spring

    Me too. When Rick recommends something you listen.

    Mariano Abundiz

    We have invaded.

    Nick Wells

    You know it

    Esa Groove.2

    it's not too late ;)

    DeAnjelo Frizell

    Me too !!!

  26. Yesica1993

    What is up with Youtube? Why don't they put the posted dates for vids anymore?

  27. youiti2nz


  28. Herb Burnley

    Why dis like the friends song?

  29. Dan Star

    Deep in the weeds of pure math when this song was released.

  30. pschroeter1

    They got Tara King for the video!

  31. ArtificialBanana

    This video would have been better without all the credits. 😮

  32. William Hutchinson

    the dukes of stratosphere.

  33. RobdaVegasMailman

    Colin's bass line...WOOF! :)

  34. Jacqueline 1

    Love this song, Love the goofy homage a "The Avengers" !💜💜💜

  35. Suilven Mountain

    The Caroline Lucas song

  36. Chuck E. Weiss

    Sticking my neck out here, but I think this is the most clever pop song ever written. They couldn't sell records, but that's obviously a testament to the shortcomings of the average listening audience not to the immense talent of the band. I love XTC

    Sam Hollingsworth

    Chuck E. Weiss nothing good ever comes of becoming popular. I would rather they forever remain musics best kept secret

  37. Sam Ryall musicalsam

    Is this the actual music video?

  38. e m

    love the mini ping pong match

  39. Tim Simmons

    I agree.

  40. Karen VanArtsdalen

    Great feel good, toe tappin tune!

  41. The Singing Bagger


  42. Don

    This song is hype...can anyone explain the video's meaning? (For I am simplet0n)

  43. Jeff Whitmore

    Someone should remix this video with video footage of Trump

  44. Lindon Lamont

    Great song. Retarded video.

  45. Mac Marshall

    Laura Heywood I remember 1989

  46. Steve Rose

    My favourite song. Punto. Basta.

  47. 名無しの5263

    始まり方がスピッツ へー 途中これあれの元ネタなんだね「ミニスカート」の

  48. James Adams

    I feel like this could be the TV theme to a show called 'The Mayor of Simpleton' 😂

  49. Tee Jay

    I remember this track when it was first released in early 1989 - Here in the UK, one of the breakfast television shows had a slot where it played the latest releases and this was one of them.
    They hadn't had a hit since 1984 and this should have done a bit better but I guess music moves on - certainly for the worse these days.

  50. gaz riley

    The Purge - The Mayor of simpleton hall. 1969 also from swindon...coincedence?

  51. cans of swine

    This song plays at my job all the time and it’s always the highlight of my day :)

    Lukas Rydelius

    cans of swine do you work in an elevator? Gas station bathroom?


    some on at your work has taste

  52. Ray Mccue

    I bought this cassette for $3.88 "cut out" cassettes, remember those?


    I got cut out CD's mid 90's- I did get sum (10-20) cassettes back in '77, from Columbia House. Gotta be 40 years since I bought a cassette...

  53. tomcat630

    30 years ago, 1989. Story I heard was Andy Partridge has "stage fright", so never went on tour to support albums.

  54. John Bliss

    This bounces along like Elvis Costello and Paul McCartney's song 'Veronica'.

  55. Bling By Kylie

    Welcome to Mooseport!

  56. resistor 27 rutter

    30 years ago on Post modern MTV...

  57. Roman

    Outstanding band. This is one of the best crafted songs I have ever heard and the bass line rocks.

  58. サクゾー


  59. Rose Tea

    i ask my friends about some of these old bands; devo, xtc, the gorillaz, and oingo boingo, and most of them have never heard anything of the sort, it's sad, our generation isn't informed about these great bands, this music is just thrown to the archives.

  60. Adrenaline0413

    Pft. Its not the Beatles.

  61. Bling By Kylie

    You don't know how to write a big hit song? I think not, Andy. One of the most overlooked bands ever.

  62. Miss Agent E

    I'm 22 and I grew up with this! I'm so glad I did, thanks to my Dad.

  63. Martin Carns

    The guitarist I never noticed. Hello candy.

  64. Jay Rice

    One of the GREATEST FUCKING BANDS IN ROCK HISTORY!!! LOVE XTC!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️👍👍👍👍🎶🎶🎶🎶🎸🎸🎸🎸

  65. Martin Carns

    The bass line is amazing.right.

  66. Martin Carns

    I agree! Couldn't have grown up without these lovesongs.all of them. Skylarking hello!

  67. Don Carbon

    karen is such a hottie

  68. vlex756

    What a bird!

  69. maria I

    bass player's got arthritis in his hands after this tune was recorded.

  70. John Zucco

    So British! The melody, the chords, the vocal sound! Awesome!

  71. justmadeit2

    A classic song of Englaish self deprecation, when really he's a smart bloke

    Gerry Berry

    justmadeit2 The smarter you are, the more you know how truly ignorant you really are!
    It’s the dumbest amongst us who are usually the most confident in their knowledge.

  72. snodds88

    I dedicate this song to Sadiq Khan, simple twat...

  73. Derek Ormsby

    Outstanding back catalogue too. What a pity they got shafted by their record company and didn't get to where they should have had been. Top top songs.

  74. Константин Omes

    Дальше только дабл трабл

  75. MrStefan124

    Was that bass player in The Jam?

    mascara snake

    No. You're thinking of Bruce Foxton, not really in the same league as Colin Moulding.

  76. dazzlingdublinblue1

    This song gets better every time I listen to it

  77. thewillingwell

    It makes me sad that I missed out on XTC on their heyday but on the bright side it’s 2019 and I’m now listening to them.

  78. hmsqueenelizabethr08 hmsqueenelizabethr08

    Not their best song by a long shot.

  79. hemagummybear

    One superduper spiritual song... It's all about balance...

  80. Miss Agent E

    I grew up with this!

  81. Deanna Johnston

    xtc flat out throw down. Great band from the late 70's on. Shortcake is right about Andy. Fantastic song writer & vastly underrated, as are XTC as a whole.

  82. brian nickel

    The problem with xtc was there inability to put the great lyrics with a catchier tune...much like this which by far is there
    Best known and played song. I agree about Andy Partridge though.

  83. 45 RPM

    As good as the day it launched. Very underrated song and band

  84. KPEC3arrival

    These are the most intelligent lyrics ever, and they are about how stupid he is!

  85. ExtremelyTwo

    I wonder if andy had a child who made cartoons. That would be interesting wouldn't it?

  86. Karl Taylor

    Sucks Donkeys!!!!

  87. Douglas Street

    GREAT band ! Never got the credit deserved, just like Badfinger.

  88. Ari Ari

    Those nitwits have no idee of the. Real worldt

  89. 789mark789

    Comment on the video of my favorite song by my favorite band

  90. Dolls Way!!!


  91. josez1

    great bass playing

  92. Mark Arax

    Call it pop, call it rock, call it new wave, the music of xtc does not age. A lot of this is due to the brilliance of their wordsmithing. Damn, they could write lyrics. Pity the children of the glow generation. The music they're fed, sans real poetry, primes them well for A.I.

  93. Chris Metzler

    Am I going crazy? I have a memory of this video poking fun of Colin Moulding's hair: during a head shot of Colin Moulding, one of the printed passages on top of the film said "Mr. Moulding's Hair by (someone's name I can't remember)" But I've watched this YouTube submission a bunch of times and I don't find that now. Was this in some versions of this video? One of their other videos? Or am I crazy and this never happened?

  94. Chris Metzler

    I dont understand not liking this.

  95. chris guy

    I know Virgin was a real bitch to XTC but, they always gave them some Xcellent video time.