Xscape - Hard To Say Goodbye Lyrics

[Verse One (Tamika):]
Time has been short since you left me,
So I can't help but think,
Of how things between us used to be.
You were a piece of my heart,
And I thought we were swell,
Until you told me you were leaving,
To find a better life for yourself.
Oh I...

I wish we were together again,
Loving the way we used to love,
Boy I miss you much.
I wish we were together again,
Oh how I'm missing you,
It's so hard for me to say goodbye.

[Verse Two (Kandi):]
You know that I love you,
And for you there ain't nothing in this world,
That I won't do.
If you would only come back to me,
And let me show you how loving me could be.

I, I've got feelings,
But you act like you don't care,
You treat me so unfair.
Love has no meaning,
Since you walked right out my life.
You've touched a part of me,
Can't you see that I'm in need of you?

[Repeat Chorus to fade]

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Xscape Hard To Say Goodbye Comments
  1. Miss Gonzalez

    Memories 🥰🥰

  2. callmejay

    Tamika and Tiny holding it down on the chorus

  3. adrienne flora

    This song is to my ex Mike Hernandez. I miss you.

  4. Kimberly Miller

    I love you so very much Tony Guidry,

  5. Kareem Chapman

    Wish they would have made a video to this song

  6. Frankie Repalda

    Good vocal arrangement

  7. cdubb

    I got feelings, but you act like you don't care, you treat me so unfair,( Tinys Life still) that' my favorite part, I love all her part's..

  8. Nicole Johnson

    The whole cd was 🔥, but this track & Do You Want To stayed on repeat for me, especially since I was trippin over my own "Zebo" around that time lol.

  9. Dominique Taplin

    This WHOLE ALBUM was to be played all the way thru.dont skip nothing

  10. Jennifer Ravell

    love this song!!

  11. Brittany's World

    my fave Xscape song

  12. kita woods

    Only parts I sing is tiny parts causes that's where my vocals are right with her

  13. Kandra Jordan

    This remind me of someone I love i just sit in think about it all the time 😥

  14. Sherry Workman

    Still jamming in 2018... 😊

  15. Joanne Tran

    to be fair all of them havr good voices

  16. Joanne Tran

    i planning to buy this album. but i need to know the last half of the songs

    Frankie Repalda

    The songs were: Can't Hang, Who Can I Run To?, Do You Want To

  17. DC Fade 1


  18. tims maintenance remodel

    This is a hot fucking classic

  19. ThisIs I

    Who care

  20. Sherry Workman

    But why this whole album Knocking 😍

    Mica X


    Jerome Ashley

    wats going on with you beautiful I'm not trying to flirt

  21. T Alexander

    Love this track.

  22. Kalina Carpenter

    Nobody knew this song Saturday when they sang it but me. My sis and my nieces were mad like we don’t know this one! Liessss..... one of my favorites ya here😜


    Lol same for me. I've always loved them.


    That is a bad one can't touch this one .

  24. Brigette D

    Great Vocals and musical ... They should add this song to their play list in concert!

  25. LaChele

    Lawd, I haven't heard this song in years. It started playin' in my head so I just had to come and check on it. This is legit my favorite album cut, period. I just love LaTocha's voice.

    aspiringcreative 1

    Definitely an underrated album cut.

  26. Gwendolyn Collins


  27. Andre Brown

    Great Song👏👏👏👏

  28. mikee0508

    Damn good song.

  29. A Scott

    This sounds sooo good live !!!!

  30. M J

    This my song I used to play this on repeat all night I swear

  31. JZMUSIZZ -

    my shitt!!

  32. Chuckena Bessant

    This was my jam u hear me...brings back memories

  33. Life_as_I_know_it

    Hardest baseline!!! I still rock this CD in my car.

  34. shaundaboo

    o I'm missing you...o I'm missing you ...bye bye bye bye...yasss...

  35. shaundaboo

    Boii, This jam here still be grooving lol I sing this song to the tee..don't sound bad either lol..yes Nynah Ali you right you can play this cd from start to finish..

  36. Ursula Marie Paz

    love this song

  37. Aaron Edmond

    love the guitar at the end simply beautiful

  38. Joel Sinclair

    They are finally reunited 🎊🎊🎊🎊

    Joanne Tran

    Joel Sinclair i love their reality show. I buy it for sure!!!!

  39. Emanuell Franklin

    very beautiful Ladies I hate that they fell out with one another

  40. Nynah Ali

    they were kinda ahead of their time then

  41. Nynah Ali

    can play the whole CD from start to finish

    Dashika Porter

    Nynah Ali True without skipping🖤

    Cedric Stevenson

    Listening to mine right now

  42. Sammy Greenberg

    so underrated

    Frankie Repalda

    Very, they were passed up for Grammy awards

  43. Chequita Houston


  44. Angela Peterson

    this song this song. brings me the best teen love songs of all times!!!

    Shaylin D. Mack

    Angela Peterson ok. My hear goes out to my ex everytime i hear it. #JonesHighVibes

  45. Robert Barrett

    The smooth soothing tunes

  46. Robb Fraction

    yassssss my shit

  47. P. Harris

    Tameka Scott sounds amazing on bg vocals. She was my favorite/best singer in the group.


    I have to admit..Tameka Scott vocals were on point with Verse 4. She had the most soul of out of group.

    Frankie Repalda

    It's Tamika

  48. Sharonna G

    this is one song most folks slept on.

    Darryl Blair

    Sharonna G This is my favorite song by them

    aspiringcreative 1

    Sharonna G Exactly.

    Amirra Curls


    April Manning

    Sharonna G I swear I love this song my favorite


    This is my favorite

  49. Sharonna G

    this is one song most folks slept on.

  50. drew flye

    Reminds me of The Braxtons - Take Home To Momma

  51. Luis Rivero

    Sense & Sensibility...

    Aaron Edmond

    love the guitar at the end simply beautiful

  52. MzVan21

    anybody know the name of the song that tiny sings lead on..it's song about suicide...loving a guy so much etc..?

    Karyah Alway

    rare song💯


    Maybe in the rain or all I need

    LaDonnavin Wilson

    MzVan21 lol! It's not about suicide. She just has that one line. Life without you, no.. it's Do you want to

    nique nique

    You can find it on YouTube. I know exactly the song you're talking about. And it's just titled Rare Song by Tiny Tameka Cottle

  53. Tenisha Lindsey

    My shiittttt!!! Gotta get this album again...awww the memories!!!

  54. NellyBelle

    My shit!!! Brings me back to my walkman days!!!

    Robb Fraction



    NellyBelle let my tape knock til my tape popped days!!!

  55. twiladante’

    #memories #DWM3

  56. Zenna Ramirez

    Really love that's songs

  57. Jasminekayflowers Aprilshowers

    I love u Daniel its so hard to say goodbye

  58. Karim Zga

    Ca c est de la zik qui tu je vous conseille

  59. Karim Zga

    Ca c est de la zik qui tu je vous conseille

  60. Ashley Hill

    Tiny was cute back then you can tell started having facial Wrk done Cruz she's not that pretty now smh #Black is Beautiful!!!

    Tyson France

    you look like a light-skinned whoopi goldberg though :(

    aspiringcreative 1

    Ashley Hill Right! She was cute. Why did she get plastic surgery anyway?

  61. Latoya Jackson

    Love this song

  62. Starseed Priestess

    This song kinda makes me sad now cuz it reminds me of my deceased boyfriend

    Darryl Blair

    Awakened StarSeed I hate to hear that, sorry for your loss


    Awakened StarSeed sorry to hear that.

  63. Adrienne Singleton

    I love this song...precious memories...I'm missin u....XSCAPE YALLL BETTA TELL IT!!!🏫

  64. Pamela Mingledolph

    I love these women. Real music that women can relate too! Please get back together.

  65. Niya Paige

    I love this song with all my heart I love me some xscape this song make you think about that ex you had

  66. Tangie Tenard

    Still one of my favs

    Decorek Lynch

    Luv this song even tho it never got any recognition

  67. hizangel0071

    they need 2 stop playing around and reunite! 4real....miss u ladies! ;-)

    Stan TLC

    they back

  68. KayKay Polk

    This whole album is fire!!

  69. Tasha w

    I got feelings but you act like you don't care!You treat me so UNFAIR...!Love XSCAPE #1FAN!!#!

  70. Amanda Brown

    Loved these ladies since the 90s and still today!!!!;))))

  71. Harold Tapia

    ~...Love has no meanin',..since you walked.. right out my life,,.you've touched a part of me,..can't you see that I'm in need of youuu,..(I wish we were together again,..Lovin' the way we used to love,.,Girl I miss you much!)...,.~. :)

  72. RealPooh Radio

    Love this song!

  73. kjangelblue10

    i am a kid and I love this type of music! Xscape is the best!!!!!!!!

  74. prettiunique1

    Mann this song still JAMS...Mann I miss back in the day music :(

  75. Mark Swiss

    Love this song

  76. takira sanders

    I -3 them...