Xscape - Feels So Good Lyrics

[Intro by JD:]
Yo, it's Xscape,
For the nine-five,
And you know how they do,
So lay back, kick it,
and let's get live.

[Verse One (Kandi):]
Ladies, who often do you have,
A man that makes you wanna cry,
A man that makes you wanna laugh.
Sisters, well I think I've found the one,
He does everything I like,
And knows haw to get the job done.
He makes me...

Clap my hands, stomp my feet,
Every little thing that you do to me,
Feels so good, feels so good.
[Repeat x2]

[Verse Two (Kandi):]
Ladies, never have I felt this way before,
He makes me feel so good,
And keeps me warm.
He makes me feel so good,
So good from my head to my toes.
All the things that this man does,
Everyone should know.
And I...

[Break (LaTocha):]
Don't ever wanna lose this feeling,
His love is real,
I'm willing to stay right by his side,
'Cause I know he'll always be mine.
The way he touch me makes me lose my control,
And when you have a man like this,
Love dictates your soul.
He makes me...

[Repeat Chorus (twice)]

[Outro by JD:]
This is for those that like to pop the trunk and let it bump, b-bump.
[Repeat x4]

[Repeat Chorus to fade]

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Xscape Feels So Good Comments
  1. Bridgette Richey


  2. spowell07059

    Tamika Scott used to be so damn bad!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Chocolate Thunder Cherry

    Okay ladies talk yo shit 👩🏾‍🦱👩🏾‍🦱👩🏾‍🦱👱🏿‍♀️


    wtf was Biggie talkin bout he got nerves callin some one ANYONE UGLY lol



  5. Hongo Haruhisa

    Feels So Good


  6. Carollynn Joice Porter

    I Red is looking for David he belong to Shirley Porter you stolen his iPhone 6 Google Gold 857-200-6759 out of Woods Mullen Shelter Hospital and been stealing the Real Estate off of the Wall Street Journal

  7. The LG

    X-scape and TLC been the coolest and sexiest R&B Groups in the 90s without takin of theire Clothes and without bleaching theire Skin!!!

  8. Sexyluv B

    Sexy... some ppl jus got it💃

  9. necokola dewberry

    Who's Still Banging This Now In 2019??? #Classic

  10. Marshan Thomas

    music is not the same

  11. Marshan Thomas

    this is my song

  12. Maurita Williams


  13. Ron Harrison

    Kandi is so cute ❤️❤️

  14. Uncle B

    Tiny before all the stress and plastic surgery. Yummy...

  15. Sim L

    Kandi's vocals gives me the shivers in this song.

  16. LifeOfNasya

    Why are they so beautiful 😍

  17. LifeOfNasya

    I love this songg

  18. Charles williams

    Great album

  19. Encino Man

    Tiny,Tamika,Latocha are amazing singers.Idk who told Khandi she could sing,but they lied,Khandi can't sing,not even remotely.

  20. Ant B

    Kandi killed this song to me! Look, unique voice and facial expressions was everything!😍😍😍

  21. Polyteeke

    How such bad singers could have a career ? In fact their career where short...

  22. Daygo

    0:12 blow?

  23. Uoy Ebut

    Gsac Music Entertainment was here.

  24. MJ Zoom

    Latocha's vocal was so on point in this song!

  25. Ms. Musicjunkie2u

    Classic 🎶🔥 #vibeeeeee

  26. Chan Roobi

    takes me back to the day. shiiiittttt

  27. Alissia Mccoy

    Love this song

  28. Reneejaguar Jackson

    JD bring Xscspe the hit after hit this girl group was the best single all 4 of them. Out all the girls group. Destiny Child's can't beat them of of single.

    limited access

    Delusional ☝️☝️☝️

  29. Roe Berry is

    2K19 Anyone?!? 💪💯💪💯💪💙💙

  30. Warren Spearman

    When Xscape went feminine in 1995 it was ALL good.

  31. Cassandra Amore

    Kandi was beautiful I loved her singing it just ashamed she's lost that beautiful voice but tinys still got it and the sisters vocals are still good

  32. PiscesDiva12

    I love me some Xscape...❤️❤️❤️

  33. james reed

    My man Daddy yo he makes me feel soo good hizzle


    If you didn't grow up in the 90's, I feel sorry for ya!

  35. Tosha Crooks

    tiggy tell tiggy to call me neek text style.....xx7931.....xx007......

  36. Erick Onassis

    Good music..kandi looks good..

  37. Deahra Shelton

    I just knew I was the missing member in this group lol😜🥃

  38. Katrice Massey

    Damn this song still hot

  39. quincyweaver52

    The little sister though..... Love her... And she working that wall, her and tiny lol

  40. Icie Henry/Lawson

    A man thats cry

  41. Monique Fullerton

    Turning to this vid for fashion inspiration bc LEWKS were SERVED!

  42. you're funny

    When Tiny was beautiful without the botox.


    I remember when this came out. The first song off their second album. I was like yeasssss. They looked good!

  44. LittleDaddysGirl 24

    The dopeness tho😍😍😍😍

  45. Arsenio Allen

    Feels so good is a great song💜💜💖💜💜

  46. Sandra Green

    Nice, very nice....

  47. Carolmel ATL Productions


  48. Charzell Claybrooks

    For those who don’t know...the hairstyles was held by the infamous gel called “Jam”!!!
    Damn i miss the 90’s:/

  49. SMyungin TV

    Yesss they killed it btw I was the 1000 comment

  50. Marvin Bienaime

    Kandi, nuff said.

  51. AJ BOSS 77

    Its like part 2, to just kickin it

  52. Raymond Baker

    They all looked great. The sliding and that piano.

  53. The ChatBack Show 'Where Anything Goes'


  54. Arsenio Allen

    Sexy voice 😇😇😇

  55. Simply Frugal

    Tiny looked so much better back in the day.

  56. Jordan Alexander

    They wasn’t being called ugly nomore after this video

  57. Monica Heart

    Kandi did it perfectly but everybody else was overdramatic it was too much

  58. Jonelle85

    Kandi looks like Brandy in certain angles

  59. lamiracle bailey


  60. Randy Bagley

    They all looked equally good, sleek, sexy, sophisticated, and enchanting. Now, from 1:37 onward on this song, LaTocha Scott SANG this song!! She was like, "i'm going to show you how i'm going to murder this track" and that's just what the fuck she did. The girl got pipes for days and her voice is so dexterous and flexible, meaning, she can do anything with it.

  61. D Moore

    That harmony on the hook 🔥🙌🏿🎤

  62. Arturo Reid

    Damn they giving that wall the business

  63. Jerron Harris

    I'm still thinking, this group had everything. Every girl could sing lead. That's sad that jealousy and other stuff got the best of them. They had everything it took 💯

  64. kyng jon

    Kandi voice in this song 😍😍😍😍

  65. ember michelle

    Sing it kandi

  66. Kizzy Chester

    2019 and this still my shit😍

  67. Lunalovania

    Is that jermaine dupri?

  68. Ťrue Čolde

    Legend has it the camera man died that day...
    Went into diabetic shock,
    Never came back.
    Too much chocolate...
    Smiling Ear to ear though

  69. Mean Vecktor

    Exquisitely beautiful women!

  70. Nesha Smitherman

    Who still listening to this in 2019 I forever love this song 💯♥♥♥🔥🔥🔥🎶🎼🎶🎼🎙🎧

  71. Lynne Freeman

    And knows how to get the job done❤❤❤💃💃💃💃

  72. Micheal Jordan

    No lie all des sisters bad but I always been n love wit KANDI

  73. Micheal Jordan

    I love Kandinsky always have & always WILL

    Micheal Jordan

    Kandi my fav

  74. Relyn Shook

    Not everything was cool in the band I'm glad they got back together too but they been throw alot

  75. Relyn Shook

    Big time Tasha got pregnant kandi was dating Jermaine Dupree tiny was seeing her husband ti laTasha bf now husband who was a security guard wanted to be laTasha manager. Watch unsung story of Xscape for yourself

  76. Relyn Shook

    I just saw the Xscape story on unsung and you should watch it these girls been throw a lot of shit when they made music everything was cool but behind the senes off camera according to the girls of Xscape they were having problems

  77. Michael Thompson

    4 sexy black QUEENS

  78. Franki Phoenix

    For Mr. Herrman. My husband + best friend

  79. Kimmuel Weatherspoon


  80. cjay G.

    Man, I grew up in and still love the 90s!!!!!!!!

  81. Ťrue Čolde

    I was never into tiny.
    But I loved Latoya and latasha Scott and Kandi.
    Loved kandi...
    She seemed cool and chill as hell to me back then.
    You know.. She has those lips.
    Love my people.

    Iryanna Beckman

    Latoya wasn't in Xscape... I think you mean Tamika Scott (LaTocha's sister)

    Ťrue Čolde

    @Iryanna Beckman that's exactly who I meant...
    Thanks for the correction.

  82. iyonna26

    Who still here 2018

  83. K Aaron

    Tameka Scott is my whole mood in this video.
    She was givinggg it

  84. MKJames

    Work that bump Tiny🔥

  85. Lifeof Lauren

    Soooo sexy 😍

  86. Raekia High

    and still feeling this in 2018...

  87. Mz Matt

    2018 vibes🔥🔥

  88. Carlo J. Morisset III

    "Feels So Good"
    Off The Hook
    So So Def Recordings, Inc./Columbia Records [CC] 1995
    Director: Matthew Rolston

  89. ForTha9Nine 2000

    That wall got somebody pregnant... they were all giving it the level 50 legendary business, you hear me?! The BUSINESS. Maybe the wall came between them, that's why they was beefin'.

    Fellas, if your girl doesn't give you that good wall action, she dont love you. Somebody somewhere getting that wall action. Ok, free game. #payattention

    Kandi was fine than a MF, good lawd! Hey Kandi, come here guh!

    Nothing but hormones

    ForTha9Nine 2000 Lmaoo 😂 and yesss Kandi Kandi kanda-yyyy!! 🍭💕👌

  90. Racquel Whitous


  91. Tiffany Lewis

    hated this song..but they looked decent

  92. Natalie Eight

    Jermain was sexy here

  93. Klarerah Shay

    This still my shit

  94. Keiosha Merriweather

    I love this song #


    Beat is sick

  96. Nae Aguirre

    Scott sisters 😍

  97. Eddie KANE

    Hey Beautiful Kandi Sup Sexy Tamika

  98. BOSS BASS Babyredd

    Make my eye feel minor kisses in a million

    BOSS BASS Babyredd


  99. BOSS BASS Babyredd

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