Xscape - Best Of My Love Lyrics

You know I'll give you the best
O yes I will my baby

[Verse One (Tamika):]
There ain't a thing that I wouldn't do for you,
Just gimme your wishes, I'll make'em all come true.
I'm wrapped around your finger,
You're every breath I take,
And I'll be right there beside you baby,
Every step of the way.

Every second that I'm with you, god I swear I'll love you,
Every minute that you give me baby, I'll give you two.
Every hour that we spend together would not be enough...so,
Everyday I'm gonna give you baby,
The best of my love.

[Verse Two (LaTocha):]
So it's not a problem for me to sacrifice, no,
Cuz everything's better now that you're in my life.
This ring I'll wear forever, it means that we are one,
And no I won't stop, can't stop loving you baby,
Until our time is done.

[Repeat Chorus]

[Bridge (LaTocha):]
Just to be with you is all I ever wanted,
Cause with you by my side,
I know that everything will be alright.
You are the one,
You are the center of my joy,
I want this love we have to last,
Until the end of time.

[Repeat Chorus]

[Break (LaTocha):]
I'll give you the best,
Gonna give you the best,
You know I'm giving you the best of my love
[Repeat x3]

So everyday you know I'm gonna give you the best of my love

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Xscape Best Of My Love Comments
  1. gregory malone

    Wow never heard this before. Love it

  2. FrozenRemix1

    Tiny favors Mariah Carey.

  3. MusicBlue22

    who is that in pic with xscape that doesn't look like kandi or kiesha...

    I'm mad this song is only a japan bonus track on traces of my lipstick japan gets all the best bonus tracks lol

    Charles Jeffery

    this was on the unchained album Kandi waz not on that album

    Young PJ

    Charles Jeffery this is not from unchined album its from traces of my lipstick album

    Antwan Dixon

    MusicBlue22 the girl in the pic with them is Ivy Couch. She was in the group after Kandi but before Keisha

    Frankie Repalda

    It's actually Lakeisha Miles who succeeded Kandi Burruss

  4. P-Dog