Wynette, Tammy - Slightly Used Woman Lyrics

Down the street on the right there's a house painted white
It's a mansion as fit for a queen
Swimming pool in the back limousine long and black
Pretty flowers on a lawn soft and clean

There's a fountain so fine a waterfall with clean water
A dollhouse with toys on the floor
There's a seesaw that's new and a swing painted blue
A welcome sign hangs from the door

But inside there's a slightly used woman
On her body there's all there's been
She's just waiting for someone to love her
And ignore all these deep fingerprits

Maybe somewhere is slightly used someone
He ignore all these deep fingerprits
He ignore all these deep fingerprits

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Wynette, Tammy Slightly Used Woman Comments
  1. dot benton

    What a beautiful song by a beautiful Lady.

  2. MadMax 1861

    Tammy had so many great underrated albums that haven't made it to CD. This is my favorite song on "Even The Strong Get Lonely"(another tough call as I like the title track a lot, too). You've done more to keep Tammy's memory alive on YouTube than anyone else. Thanks again.

  3. Sheron Lile

    Thanks for sharing Jamie love Tammy,and Georgette singing this to.

  4. tuitime

    she was one of the best country sing to ever walk this earth her music always hit that special place thank 4 share it all

  5. martin sellick

    Great autobiographical song by Tammy, shame Sony don't have the sense to release the album on cd.

  6. Brett Willis

    This is classic Tammy - and Georgette's version is awesome, too. She is very "true" to her mama's music and doesn't attempt to change anything.