Wulf, Xavier - WYA? Lyrics

Where yuh at mane, you said you was on the way?
I don't think that I'm gon' see yo ass today
I smoked 100, 000 blunts to the face
I got so high I can't even enjoy the day
Back than I couldn't even get a hey
Now they want the follow back on IG

I came in, steady flexin
Hoes tippin
Ticky tick, on my fuckin watch
These bitches sleepin
Take a sip from my cup then I
Procedin, smokin blunts
I don't give a fuck its my weekend
She hit me
Like its only me
And four of my friends
I said yuh, I can't fit em in my car
Deal with that
I pull off, doin a 100 stacks
Smokin on my thrax
All my niggas full back up because we feelin that
We get crazy with no lazy, but yuh crazy on the sack
I pull off
Sippin potion in the motion, doin tracks
Who the fuck is this?
Is this yo bitch then take her back
I don't wanna deal with her
That hoe is so smack

I smoked a 100, 000 blunts to the face
I got so high I can't even enjoy the day
Back than they didn't wanna fuck with me
Now they wanna fuck with me everyday

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Wulf, Xavier WYA? Comments
  1. Wulf Prodigy

    Smokin bumpin the Captain

  2. LABRIGS94

    If you can enjoy the day after being soo high u might have been smoking midss

  3. Pretty HANdSuM

    can I ???baby Im Chill and In Love.

  4. Cris Garisto

    Zay WHO zay WHO??

  5. nick

    feels like this song just came out. well over a year. gdamn

  6. BigEvil

    WHO !!!!!!

  7. David Ponce

    He opened with this the 2nd time I saw him and the whole building was screaming the intro, shit was wild

  8. AyyKxlinYT

    Someone put me on some good xavier wolf songs

  9. LABRIGS94

    His verse could have been better and the same intro should have been the outro it's all good tho

  10. Dario Encinia

    I got I can't even enjoy the day . iddgaf it's my weekend 👿👿👿👿💦❕↕↕

  11. ZayyUhhFool

    My theme song 🔥🔥🔥😭

  12. LABRIGS94

    How can you not enjoy the day if ur high

    leonard sanchez

    he obviously got way to fucking high that he simply cant enjoy his day lmfao

  13. Caetano Portal

    rope gang

  14. sandwichesgood

    certified classic

  15. Pretzel Sings

    He just did this in Dallas tonight and it was crazy af

    jazzy ;p

    Pretzel Sings ayeeee I was in that hoe!! it was live af

  16. Ricc E

    kinda ironic how this the last song he has released

  17. Izaia Vazquez

    when your mad this is best to vibe too!!

  18. Hector Gomez

    He just chillin on the beat

    Killuhh Kae

    walkin maybe a fast pace walk lol

  19. toochillforeal

    free Xavier wulf type beats on my channel fam 💨💨💨

  20. cancer

    Wish he would go back to the old flow



  22. Hustle or Starve

    Don't sleep on my nigga Xavier.

  23. Angry Xavier Wulf

    XAY ! WHO ? XAY ! WHO ? XAY ! WHO ? XAY ! WHO ? XAY ! WHO ? XAY !

    rip sesh

    1998 TRVP トラップ when I saw this nigga in concert Straight up was saying it the whole time 😂 nigga was even saying when eddy baker,hung simmmie ,suicide boys and everyone else were performing

  24. 神Vshtxn

    xay! xay! xay! xay! xay! xay! xay! xay!

  25. The Lake

    Gucci wulf

  26. Lisa Ellison

    I need a Prada bitch for my Margiela dick

  27. J Static

    hollow squad 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  28. JazzJazzy

    sounds kinda like keef lol dope

  29. Wulf Takahashi

    Thank you Captain 🙏

  30. Ricc E

    How could anyone dislike

    The Third Hokanye

    probably was high asf and got the buttons confused

  31. x Koning


  32. Humanoid

    Where you at?

  33. Adolf el Dios

    I don't feel this his lyrics could've been better lol




    everyone in my town started listening to xavier after i show'd most my lokes, xavier spread moe than the flu

  36. Alonzo Torres

    hollowsquad fym

  37. Gami Moose

    man this shit here

  38. Jotusico

    wya tho

  39. Donnie Willis


  40. s c a p e

    [email protected]

  41. KiraFamEdited


  42. Shaggy Rogers

    Got so high I couldn't even enjoy the day

  43. Jeremyy

    Xavier with the fire shit again

  44. L.E.N. Beats

    yessir that was dope

  45. JΛKӨB

    Copped that Jaun off Yung Shiva 🔥🔥👌🏻

  46. glocklee

    ily mystic <3

  47. play

    thanks you.

  48. Wrak Productions


  49. Daggr

    thank you.

  50. Noved H Blood

    Ive been listenin to xavier since 13 and still havent heard any bad song, this guy is too dope fr

    The Third Hokanye

    I heard him on AMV page on ig late 2014 and been hooked on this nigga shit ever since


    Ik same bro🍁👌🏽💸


    Xay told em.


    bac then when he was ethel

  51. Packard

    Thank you.

    wolf hayz

    Packard yee yee