Wu-Tang Clan - Bluntz, Martinez, Girlz, & Guns Lyrics

Black Knights
West coast Killa Bee kill
Black Knights, Black Knights
You hear it from the distance

(Yo) my brain sprouts branches blossoming tragic thoughts
Takes bully lyrics lunch money, pistols or microphone
Welcome to L.A. battle the unexplained
Scarecrows and apples meet Mr. Constrictus
Concrete knuckles and scuffles, I waste groups
Give 'em lumps the size of footballs, bricks and grapefruit
Make soup, blueberry while dining with classic monsters
Better check my sponsor chop before you can answer
Brothers in the Contra, bullet holes in the stop sign
Gods in the neighborhood, pistol in the sunset
Lyrics, the bitch pressed dump trucks with one thrust
Faster than sound, light, or speed that your gun busts
Among us, west coast wreck hopes, infect dope
Whining 'cause your last Holocaust cassette broke
The hunchback tic-tac heads come to get you
Nine-hundred and forty-three missiles made of crystal
Light a match to those, the crowd put all their lighters up
Stomp through the graveyard in the rain, the architect
Bricks in the mud, the cold weather is scorchin
For boxcar children and orphans, wrote a portrait
Chewing on cactus, rappers better practice
Slimey like a catfish, dollers in the mattress
A hand-carved pipe from Baton Rouge to Cherokee
Grand-high count, feed Macadamias to parakeets
French lemonade, skeletons on the highway
Clove, gets rowdy I'll box my way out
Poor righteous teacher, devils better fear us
Or my pistol splatter your brains accross the mirrors

Bluntz, martinez, girls, and gunz (gunz)

Gut 'em like a fish, the man who bled Marbles
Bloody Mr. Fixit, holocaust and guns
Stumbled through the doorway wearing my evening chains
Real as the hallway red and blue Crayolas
Now leaving stains, architect from Cali
Rumble through the mist covered valleys, dirty alleys
Crumbs in your suitcase, ice fishing with pelicans
Big 'ole tackling skeleton, you're irrelevant
Riding jeweled elephants, California horizon
Track mud through the kitchen, murder henchmen
Strange man's pockets, cigarettes and candy
Walk with a limp, chance of a lifetime
Bandits want cyborg crank, tic-tac
Blow holes through emcees, size of bowling balls
Briefcase man chant, my flavor's building
Set a fishbowl full of jelly beans out for the neighbor's children
Two-fisted brawler, good times in the sunlight
Tracked him one night, you call and cause a gunfight
Holo-holocaust is sleepy, holdin microphones
4 dead men in the alley, the butcher
Shirts with the blossoms, west coast the gentlemen
Holding the pistol, smoke blunts for hours
To understand the language of flowers
Gritty mugshot, missed her arms and legs, drool bullets
Bedtime time to turn in but into what?
A well set table, third rock from the sun
Dead men hung, Cadillacs and dinosaurs
Hot peanuts and fireworks, the holocaust

Bluntz, martinez, girlz, and gunz
Bluntz, martinez, girlz, and gunz
Bluntz, martinez, girlz, and gunz girlz and gunz girlz and gunz

Bluntz, martinez, girlz, and gunz
Bluntz, martinez, girlz, and gunz
Bluntz, martinez, girlz, and gunz girlz and gunz girlz and gunz

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Wu-Tang Clan Bluntz, Martinez, Girlz, & Guns Comments
  1. Heidi Noh

    Club gets rowdy il box my way out🥊

    Heidi Noh

    This guy loves tic tacs I suppose....Son is I'll nonetheless

  2. MaddVisionz

    Strange mans pockets cigarettes and candy.


    Let loose bullets rolling ! Flow like lava problem raps are hot

  4. seedleeaa

    Bullet holes in a stop sign.

  5. nathaniel knight-chow

    it's even better when he doesn't even try and rhyme most of the lyrics

  6. vera lynn

    Cadillacs and Dinosaurs <3

  7. Sal Azar

    I been Bumping this for 20 years

  8. robnbeats

    Forgot I got this on wax...... finding now

  9. robnbeats


    Sal Azar

    robnbeats listen to him on silkworm ft rza. This is wac compared to his old stuff


    Sal Azar this came out maybe a year later or same year about -same time , silkworm is nice though - ghostface - DIET COKE MEETINGS WITH THE RICH!


    Dick swinging like shit went well! 😂😂

    Evelyn Chums

    Listen to Sinister... From the Album Blue Sky Black Death Featuring the Holocaust.

    He sings everything on the album except the beats. I just chose a random track on the album for you to hear, but infact every track on it oozes with genius literally, not to mention the beats as well, which are really amazing. Check it out if you haven't.

  10. christopher banks

    I love it

  11. Oluwajoba

    .."lyrics that bench press dump trucks", " west coast, wreck hopes"....damn

    Sal Azar

    Oluwajoba wac compared his s*** with Wu-Tang

    nathaniel knight-chow

    with one thrust

  12. Te Pokuru Titoko

    Bluntz martini’s girlz and gunz

  13. Solokey

    Underrated Legendary Wu Classic

  14. Saints I

    Was it kentucky windage?

  15. Saints I

    could We paint?

  16. Saints I

    ukno in the alley

  17. al Crazier

    still hard 2017

  18. DaMostProlific 1

    Grand-High Count, feed macadamias to parakeets. haha this fucking guy

  19. Vic Vega

    Almost 20 years and i still love this song. It's dark, grimey and sick. Unique shit!

    Sal Azar

    Vic Vega yes me too

  20. Saints I

    4 DED MEN in the alley!

    Anthony Crager

    "The Butcher"

  21. Saints I

    Better Chek My Sponsor

  22. Saints I

    Rappers better practice

  23. Benito Salazar #ElToroLoco

    he straight splashed on that track!! unfortunately Rick Ross and Drake Canadian ass still sell out shows!! fuck Hip-hop

  24. pleasebringmeback

    This is the album version, not the extended one with the extra 16 bars.


    Where is the extended 1?

    Bestia Getha

    pleasebringmeback hard to find this version would love the extended clip tho

    Zofa Lipa


  25. Penal-T

    "Smoke blunts for hours, to understand the language of flowers..."

    Brian Grisham

    I've done that, so I can relate.

  26. nomad spirit

    this gem takes you to another dimension. .

  27. Saints I

    Couldn't Disagree with the verse of Fuck all that Flashy ass Pop-Rock ..shizzle!

  28. Ferranos Sielos

    Still One of the SickeSt Tracks!!!

  29. Brian Grisham

    A lot of atmosphere in that beat. That's why I like wu tang, you can gauge the dew point, shit is tangible. Catch emotions and shit.

  30. Saints I

    This epic from the represent of the WestCoast WuTang is probably the most DoneUp suPerbed utilization of IT..(robottank)

  31. Hardwhite Musik Group 1hardwhite1me

    hunchback tic tac heads come to get you !!! lol

  32. I am hip hop anime lover

    this beat crazy great song

  33. F Sharp

    Someone set a fish bowl full of jelly beans out for the people who disliked this song.


    I cry everytime I read that bro lololol

    Heidi Noh

    @Reekoe Lolllll

  34. Big Fr3nzy

    "Club gets rowdy I box my way out" !   FUCK YA

  35. carmine moth

    kabuki theatre portayal mid century social upper admission inflatable mask kinestiscope

  36. hoodybeatz

    Poetry in motion

  37. The Wu-Cepticon

    The hunchback tic-tac heads, come to get you, 943 missiles, made of crystal. 

  38. Clay Riddell

    yeeeaahh ! ! ! brick and mortar ###

  39. zeitner tom

    wuuu.,,., thankss for upp 

  40. warnutztheloser

    I Bump Thiz wen I go 2 Da club

    nate knight

    i know u ready cause when the club gets rowdy, box your way out!

  41. Edgy Brah

    Holocaust/Warcloud had some of the illest verses during the WU fams prime. His verses on Bastard Swordsman and Doomsday were straight lethal. This track is all kinds of hard. This is hip hop, 

  42. Edgy Brah

    Bed time, time to turn in, but into what? 

    Heidi Noh

    LOL.......son has a point, maybe for a better tomorrow

  43. Rhyanna Tuberinop

    "skeletons on the hiway"

  44. AKblueline

    warcloud - too advanced for 2099