Wu-Tang Clan - Bar Mitzvah Lyrics

[Intro: Doc Doom]
Eh eh eh eh, yo Corona girl
Eh eh eh eh, what's up girl?
Eh eh eh eh eh, eh eh
What's your name? You down with the twist?
Know I'm sayin? Get a 'misfah crackin
Bar Mitzvah baby, we can all indulge
Let's have a Bar Mitzvah

[Chorus x2: all - singing]
Bar Mitzvah
Please bring yo' cousins and yo' sisters
If she ain't wit' it we gon' twist 'er
cuz we just wanna have a Bar Mitzvah
So baby let's have a Bar Mitzvah
Please bring yo' cousins and yo' sisters
If they ain't wit' it we gon' twist 'er
cuz we just wanna have a Bar Mitzvah
So lady let's have a Bar Mitzvah

[Doc Doom:]
Yeah Black Knights, yea
What? Come on, we could all indulge
Yea, show some love, to a gangsta
Straight up, Killa Bee Gang
Yo' sisters
Twist her, come on
So baby let's have a Bar Mitzvah
The Black Knights

You hoes actin all brand new like you ain't never been ran through
Fuck me and I know you fuck the homeboy too
Cut the game, save that sucker shit for them lames
cuz I know that you was a hoe and you never gon' change
Just come through, oh yeah and bring your homegirls through too
I got a gang of homies and they thirsty like me too
We can all get drunk, get butt-naked and fuck
cuz all I really wanna do is bust a couple of nuts
Get my dick sucked and be out
but first I gotta get my dick up out of this bitch mouth
Roll in the rich, ride on nothin, then I dip out
So fast the hoe don't even know that I done slipped out

[Chorus x2]

Yo, what's up with the twist? Cuz I'm down with the click
They call me Monk, the bitch frontin like she don't want the dick
You tryin to starve, play it off like it's funny and shit
So I approach, put her close and started touchin the clit
Got it crackin, whipped put, she started slurpin the dick
Hit it the pussy then I bounced cuz the bitch ain't shit
I got another 'misfah crackin with this other young bitch
She liked it two at a time, I stopped too many's the nine
One in front, one behind, while she waxed the other taxed
The bitch was nice with her shit
Pussy tight as vice grips, when she tighten her shit
Gotta call the homies cuz they'll love this bitch
Cuz they'll love this bitch

[Chorus x2]

Black Knights keeps it crackin late and twist the baddest bitch
Body ghetto fabulous, emmaculate, extravagent
Hoodrat actin arrogant like she the shit
I whispered, "I just wanna see the shit"
She nasty, flash me to let me not, homey beat the shit
Now she callin every other day like she need the shit
Turned out, burned out, always talkin 'bout how we the shit
Her friends worth the hurt, cut up skirts, always compete and shit
Work the whole brigade and don't let nobody leave and shit
We spaz out, had them bitches in the telly with they ass out
Sippin on Henney 'til the mochas pass out, we mash out
Adios, we ghost, thanks for the throat
Wake up butt-naked with a hangover, purged out and dead broke

[Chorus x4]

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