WSTRN - Bare Wit Me Lyrics

Oh shh
Walk wit me

21 before I'm good and done
Before I found a new perspective, make you watch it
I been in and out the projects with some dodgy cunts
Couldn't tell me 'bout a profit unless I brought 'em some
Around the time me and Cuz was on and off on one
Waitin' for the change, watch as we was corking
But I lied about my age in hopes of showing it proper done
Now I'm tryna think where we was and frontin'
To be honest, lot of hate where I'm comin' from
When you're honest and they hate where you comin' from
And if you're famous, then they aiming for the jugular
But they don't know the pain, just a cover, just this for my
Case jugglers, don't shake governments
Lookin' at a bird if the jigs try to ruffle us
Used to hurt then it changed into nothingness
Ten told firm, I ain't playin' with the sufferers
What you think, I'm out here rappin' for the fun of it?
I got people relying on me, shit been real
I declare with the iron on me in the vid still
Could really have been over from the clip still
Harsh reality after the academy
I wined and dined the wrong road, averted being a casualty
Players like casual, in actual it's agony
Post traumatic stress and I've been battling with sanity
Waiting for someone who can see beneath the vanity
Lead the highlife, all the feelings you be havin'
But how am I supposed to love another being if they mad at me?
While I'm gone, I'm all waitin' for you to tap the screws
It don't make sense, does it?
I will believe you when your friends does it
We're all reflection of the next
So my advice is focus on the next subject
Better you soften the rest of it
You get it, shit, in the last three days
I learned more about myself than I could ask for here
Hold this rim, gas is how I mask these tears
I know some secrets for you, listen
I used to roll wit bunch of niggas, but last I hear
Kinda separated, but it's calm, I'm here
I'm just learnin' like you are, my nigga
Throughout the journey I been seein' not all carnivores can fit
It be hard, but I last for you here
I been workin' from the bottom like the concierge
I don't go out on game on fleek, oh God, I swear
Couple tin men tried it but their heart weren't there
I just tryna make it out before my star's impaired
When it's all said and done and then my voice is clear
I gotta say I was a master here, should out to Martin there
Real rappers still at large
It's become a pain game challenge
'Cause insane damage
I used to stress about it till I let fear have it
Started with the season and the rest came calling
Behind the scenes, but I'm still achieving all this madness
Wouldn't believe how the police try to brand us
See ID following me around the manor
When I got the kids with me, the piggies need to back-up
Don't see on the news, but we used to the harassment
I'm just tryna be about my business and establish fucking status
Sometimes I wonder if it even matters
Only listening to Lauryn Hill's and Smokey on the phone, he say
(Roll ten chapters)
Keep at it, what you touch, roll, don't go back
'Cause don't take kind for one until you haven't got the access
Gotta keep it movin'
Things happen, understand the universal law
Ying-yang balance, let's imagine
Seen a nigga you have beef with
Imagine you tryna level up and make peace
Just imagine, you turn around shoot people on the streets
Not just him, his dad's on the scene
Just imagine, your mama never raised you for no weak shit
Now you gotta double-back for the remix
Imagine, imagine
Big man singin' now you're fightin' for your freedom
Imagine, you go down that road, you got the globe as it
To all the non-believers actin' like they know something
Talkin' about how our music's kinda goin' under
Center of it all, you know how we sold London
Just imagine, overseas dealing with the man you gettin' cracking
It'll work out if the whole team's active
West side rider like the grocery gangsters
See jays when you see me, 'cause I smoke three standard
It take the pain away, kinda feelin' that we pave the way
I ain't debating with no one, I'ma just say it straight
'Cause I'm a sensitive person so I be takin' praise
See when I came in this game? I was like
I ain't feelin' them people, I ain't feelin' them
I don't people in these people, I shouldn't speak to them
Don't identify as my equal, I don't need a friend
But then I seen all this evil, I had to look again
I ain't gonna lie and say
After I got signed I ain't never be a crook again
I gotta do this for the ones you got to look at them
Ain't no point in wasting this talent
Life's too short, I been takin' in stride and
All this pain and this sadness, I'ma blow a couple doors down
I see a mother with a small child
Took a life the other day and she was all smiles
Got a couple in-discrepancies but sure it weren't nothing, been more like
Be last one knockin' at your door now
Now she's getting buried in the floor now
My condolences to you and yours now

I say that to say this
I stay thankful for this
From the plats to the bricks
It don't seem real but it is
All of that, and the kids
Shout out Am and to Ricks
Shout out Jam and to Biz
Congrats to Kay and your kid
To my heart, and my rib
I'm a father for this
All my dawgs in the mix
Keep it smart with the risks
Grab a sheet and watch us take it to the top
Thanks for bearing with me 'cause I know I talk a lot

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