Written By Wolves - Apathy (Is A Hell Of A Drug) Lyrics

Let me get this started
Let me get this straight
You're telling me I should give into fate
And just accept the fact
My future's laid out by church and state

But it's justified
I should give in to all of your lies
What the hell what do I care
Let's all sit back now and enjoy the ride

'Cause you know that if we had the right to choose
To give a shit would not be on our list of things to do
Don't like you or agree with anything that you say
But to take you down can wait another day

The revolution is over
We've all gone home
We'll reimburse you for stones
That have yet to be thrown

The revolution is over
We all got bored
We'd like to thank you for being
A part of our cause


So now you made the big time
And your name's in lights
And you just sold the movie rights
To your life and your struggle
Like the boy in the bubble
Oh my God
Well I think I might die
'Cause you're just so fake
Think I've had about all I can take
What's that you say I've got you all wrong
Oh sorry must be my mistake

So now you tell me what you think I wanna hear
Control the narrative and watch your problems disappear
You see I disagree but what's a boy to do
Why can't we have our cake and eat it too

The revolution is over
We've all gone home
We'll reimburse you for stones
That have yet to be thrown

The revolution is over
We all got bored
We'd like to thank you for being
A part of our cause


You won't fool me once
Won't fool me twice
Won't fool me three times
You're as cold as ice

But it's wearing thin
Where it cracks is where we'll begin
To start to see your empire falling
What's that I hear karma calling
So hold all bets
It's time to pay off your debts
See apathy's a hell of a drug
But this is as real as it gets

Yeah we quit the habit
Now we're standing here
The disenchanted youth
Have decided that they care
You woke a sleeping giant
What a stupid thing to do
Time is up, the game is over
Now you lose

The revolution is over
We've all gone home
We'll reimburse you for stones
That have yet to be thrown

The revolution is over
We all got bored
We'd like to thank you for being
A part of our cause

The revolution is over
We've all gone home
We'll reimburse you for stones
That have yet to be thrown

The revolution is over
We all got bored
We'd like to thank you for being
A part of our cause

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Written By Wolves Apathy (Is A Hell Of A Drug) Comments
  1. Daniel Petrov

    Am I the only one who hears "Fuck the future" when the girl sings the "RE VO LU TI ON" part?

  2. M Bogi

    Wtf the revulution is never over!
    Wasted German youth or what?

  3. Ethan Rose

    God, I'm trying to sing along and physically cannot

  4. BS Reborn Phoenix

    Reminds me of FOB

  5. Lucas King

    fuck yeah. great song!

  6. ______

    For a sec i thought it was fob

  7. DiceStorm X RAY

    how you can call this gender music ? I really like the electro drum with guitar behind, and i don't know what to search to find some band like them

  8. Eventless竜

    "We'll reimburse you for stones that have yet to be thrown" is my favorite part

  9. Raynefyre Starfall

    WbW is one of the best discoveries I've made in 2018!!

  10. zero

    You're still going strong! Wish you good luck on your way!

  11. Darling Damon

    @ anti lgbt people and their fake as fuck apologists :^)

  12. Angel Idol

    great song.

  13. The Raven

    My mind is blown. How is this band able to produce music where each song is so different from every other song? I love this band.

  14. FallenSky

    I would love to buy all your songs on a cd/ on cds 😅. Your songs are sooo good. 🙈

  15. Something_Wrong

    I love the chorus. Awesome song.

  16. Cyanide_n_Cynicism

    What goes through Harry Potter's mind when he's particularly fed up.

  17. Dalir Kosimov

    I've become addicted to apathy
    My family wants to go to rehab
    But I honestly couldn't give one

  18. Luis Bennett

    Fall out boy

  19. Darkeklaw

    I finally found your actual channel.. YAY. Great music guys

  20. Trever Cosby

    Any new songs

  21. Julien Vanson

    It sound like Fall Out Boy - The Last Of The Real Ones...

  22. Beast

    kk here before this band blows up :P

  23. Katie Coleman

    The band is like set it off, falling in reverse, and fall out boy adopted a child.

  24. Connor

    'but you know that if we had the right to choose, to give a shit would not be on the list of things to do'
    I think that's the best line I've ever heard. Probably the most true as well. *claps* keep being amazing, Written By Wolves.

  25. 7 Opinions

    We never even started yet.

  26. CurvingFyre

    those dislikes were ordered by the Establishment. dont believe them.

  27. Robert Peter

    May God encapsulate you and all your friends in stone of your apathy. What you project in the universe is reflected back to you, for the rest if your natural life. Let it be, Amen

  28. Sabrina Caffaratti

    It actually seems like these guys can't make a bad song

  29. Freeman Reign

    Well Done My Friends !!! Ecellent lyrics, something l knew you all had more of. Just got done watching Netflix "Wanted" about two grity women, filmed in New Zealand mostly, great show, amazing country too. So after we ripped thru 2 seasons l thought about you guys.

  30. Smol Bean

    This is really good and the beat is so infectious.

  31. Raul

    The flow is so good

  32. Frost Fang

    So I've been listening to this song on repeat for about a week and I just noticed the robot voice in the background

  33. Ember Hermin

    I can't make any sense of the lyrics after the first verse but it's still a bop

  34. Ashleigh D.J. Cutler

    I keep coming back to this song and loving it,

  35. Verus

    Listened to this once.... twice.... over one hundred times.... 👍

  36. The Car Party

    Sounds like old Fall Out Boy... I like it!

  37. Amazing Elk

    Your music is brilliant and I will buy any physical merch you put out, but I also want to know how you do your lyrics for this video, I've been wanting to try my hand at kinetic typography for a while now.

  38. elmo _505

    soo good! I love it!

  39. Blue Bear


  40. zaimdzil ikram

    Fucking lit!!!!!!!

  41. Heather Stokes

    I love you guys but I can't seem to get into this song.

  42. 8551Soul

    im one of these suckers that were here before 7000 views...love this song..its awesome

  43. Razzy 18126

    God bless ya guys for making this. Saying what needs to be said. Incredibly brave of you to make this song when people like *cough* 30STM are making money on the social strife of today by fanning the flames, you make a song like this. Here's to hoping the message is heard! *raises glass*

  44. Tetsuya Kagami

    Man, I love this song! Time to hit the repeat button! 😍🙌👍

  45. DarkClown

    heey they're actually pretty good
    wait a sec... dude this shit ain't written by wolves this is WRITTEN BY HUMANS!! I mean what a SCAM...
    there are no words to describe how dissapointed I am right now...

  46. Drachona The Wolf

    I want to believe that this is supposed to apply to the young inactive activists of today; the perpetually insulted Twitter users and hypocritical protestors. "You know...morons."

    Razzy 18126

    That's how I saw it too, so it's definitely not just you!

  47. Edo Sagron

    Awesome song, just like you guys know how to make!

  48. Alejandro Rodríguez Hernández

    Nice job with this new song

  49. Nishoku

    this is amazing!

    anyone else thinks about Voltron while listening to this? or just me

  50. Siti Small cinnamon

    This song is amazing. I love it 😍

  51. Connor Daley

    Ah. The newest resident of repeat town. That chorus never gets old.

  52. Good Ol' Simon

    This is delightful! Probably my second favorite song now (first place's Not Afraid To Die :P)

  53. Pechika Stump

    awsome! i love this song!

  54. Dzyango


  55. jkitteh

    So happy to hear another great song from you guys! *hugs for you all*! <3

  56. Sakurairo Fuyu

    I listened to it once, listened to it twice, listened to it three times this song's as cool as ice!


    Shizuo's Stalker Icy what you did there

  57. TonyBarnes

    Amazing, as always. You guys are un-fucking-beliveably talented. This is SO good and SO.... fitting? Like, it's perfect. I love it. Keep up the good work, I hope you get all the love and attention you deserve.


    its good because its both accurate, and still ends with a hopeful note. also, with the net neutrality shit happening right now, that might ACTUALLY get people motivated again. after all, the internet is part of whats currently maintaining the culture of apathy. by making people pay more than they can really afford for it, and sacrificing everyone's privacy at the same time, the establishment is pissing people off on principle, taking away a good chunk of their escapism, and pitting the internet addiction they themselves cultivated against the capitalist culture they also worked so very hard to build. if net neutrality gets wiped out, that's one thing that EVERYONE in the 99% (or at the VERY least the 90%) can agree on wholeheartedly. They got the world addicted to a very powerful, and dangerous drug, and now they threaten to pull the plug on it, and lace it with poisons, even if you pay extra. things got pretty damn close to disorganized revolution when 1/2 the country got pissed off at the presidential campaign results. but now? this isn't just 1/2 the country, hell its not even just 90% of the country. its 90% OF THE WORLD. there aren't enough tanks, choppers, and battleships on the planet to pacify with that, and nuking us means they lose their precious workforce, and market. They would starve. They only win by keeping the 90% happy, and they are... NOT doing that very well right now. as if that wasnt bad enough, this is a global issue, whether people realize this yet or not, meaning that there wont be neighboring governments to lean on. world war 3 looks to be a global revolution, rather than a war of nations.

  58. Nick Patouxeas

    rock version?

  59. Gray Ayakashi

    I love how they put a meme in the song. This song is a hell of a drug.

    Jacob Thurmond

    Matthew Crain what meme?

    Gray Ayakashi

    Jacob Thurmond the cocaine is a hell of a drug meme.

  60. Rina S

    Great vibe from this one. I cant get enough of you guys!

  61. meow meow

    I love this band all the music and they are talented.

  62. Jakekub


  63. Little Tilia

    Awesome! I can't stop listening to it ❤

  64. カヴァリエリの定理

    maybe their songs were written by genius wolves!!

  65. V.Reiichi

    Aaah great song!!!

  66. Grandi

    Poland love this song!

  67. sumedha solanki

    Awesome as always! Love you guys!! 😘😍

  68. CozyGrag

    the lyric is so nice :o

  69. Golden Gara Prime

    That was a nice surprise to get back too after work! Pretty catchy too! :D

  70. Sierra Carstens

    You guys never disappoint!


    Sierra Carstens so trueee

  71. Júlia Zsganyár

    00:01 omg i love this song!!


    Júlia Zsganyár sameee

  72. Alessio M

    1272nd view

  73. yoo minji

    another awesome song guys! keep it up with the amazing work! I love you! <3 <3

  74. Faaiz

    This will be on repeat for a while...

  75. Victor Arreola

    I can listen to this song over and over....

  76. Fred uwu

    wow this song is amazing!! 💕💕


    Nina Torres yes it is

  77. dan_minighiti

    Anyone else thinks we need a full album??

  78. Presleyy7

    You guys are so good and really under rated

  79. brewski425 castle clash

    This is some radio material right here boys

  80. 笑面貓

    Yeah pretty cool!

  81. Nico Leicht

    I really love this band

  82. D0G SH!T

    Is awesome

  83. Nate Hawk

    Hell yeah!
    Happy Halloween wolves!

  84. Trever Cosby

    Lol my 5th time listen to it

  85. Trever Cosby

    I can't believe that someone disliked it whoever disliked u must be obsolete and deleted


    "Nomad deleted" :P

    Tickleclawof Doom

    Their just apathetic about the song

    Happy Face Nation

    Likely because the song curses

  86. Trever Cosby

    Lol when they done this song and air it on YouTube I swear I been thinking of doing a song again lol

  87. Trever Cosby

    I'm playing wwe2k18 and was listening to this and won the nxt title

  88. RageXWarrior

    1 dislike who did it? You need to rethink your life

    Vyacheslav Avsjanik

    Haters gonna hate

    Liquid Beats

    RageXWarrior the church and state

  89. Monnie Johnson

    Yaaass this is cool! Reminds me a bit of P!ATD 😝

  90. ImKrrazy

    another great song

  91. KitTheKat

    "of of drug"? *that's* spooky

  92. Trever Cosby

    Love it

  93. Frize

    Waiting too long for new piece of art, discover you in september lel

    Trever Cosby

    Frize dude I found them like early this year


    They deserve so much more visibility

    Trever Cosby

    Oh yeah a young band that seems to love what they r doing and love the music they're writting yea



  95. Adam Lawther

    Another great song guys, keep up the good work! :-)

  96. Dale Wikfors

    Great word usage. K-9 On!

  97. O S

    I have a really good feeling about this band blowing up.

    February Lewis

    Well instead of the band I might also blow up

    Randall Renfert

    Brains Yard OMG YES PLEASE!

    Allan Devil

    Got a feelin' of farewells, that song.

    Legacy X

    I know right!

  98. Sabrina Caffaratti

    Totally awsome!

  99. Alex CR

    Yes, more music from one of my top bands

    You Guys Rock!

    When is the world wide tour?