Wright, Gary - Are You Weepin' Lyrics

My only question is why you are hiding
How you feel about our being together
It's so frustrating to sit here just waiting
I'm asking myself: "Why, why, why, why?"

Are you weepin' or are you sleepin'
Are you keepin' me away from your life
Are you lyin' or are you tryin'
Tryin' to keep me away from your life, oh no

If hesitation slows up your mind
You'd better come out from where you've been hiding
Immagination's you only salvation
We can work out if you try, try, try, try

Are you weepin'
Or are you sleepin'
Are you keepin' me away from your life
Are you lyin' or are you tryin'
Tryin' to keep me away from your life, oh

Are you weepin' or are you sleepin'
Are you keepin' me away from your life
Are you lyin' or are you tryin'
Tryin' to keep me away from your life, oh no

Are you weepin' or are you sleepin'
Are you keepin' me away from your life
Are you lyin' or are you tryin'
Tryin' to keep me away from your life, oh no

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Wright, Gary Are You Weepin' Comments
  1. Ol' Skool' Mark Anthony

    Gary Wright's Dream Weaver album was the first ROCK album I ever bought. I know this song was not on the album but he was performing this song on his first US tour.

  2. Aaron A.

    Great quality video; thanks for uploading! Synth god!

  3. whiteman1506

    Great stuff. And i like the look of the partial modified keys, all paint in white. :-)

  4. Tony Torkelson

    Best 3 day I had ...

  5. lungnep farang

    super great still super after al the years

  6. Trudy van Hoesel

    No guitars amazing. I wonder if the bases synthesizer van plat the bases guitar as well

  7. steve deming

    The man was way ahead of his time.......

  8. Roel Lassche

    Man's song:from Utah?..............................fuck this

  9. Harryandgary Wright

    I agree

  10. mercer brockenbrough

    Thanks for the video great song

  11. Roel Lassche

    What's this Purple R beside me? can't whe talk anymore ?: what site am i'm in?

  12. Pete Reilich

    Def passed the test for FUNK on this performance. . . . . lol

    Pete Reilich

    the band starts burnin after the breakdown & is all out kickin ass by the middle of the end solo

    Steve Porcaro - Moog bass
    Pete Reilich - Clavinet
    Art Wood - drums
    Lorna & Bettye on BGs

  13. Rick Clausen Music

    EPIC!! Zero Autotune. Steve Porcaro absolutely killin' it on synth bass

  14. spinalcrackerbox

    His live sound must have been massive.

  15. Pete Reilich

    PROGRESS DOES NOT REQUIRE TESTS ~ Many of God's children believe that a person is not able to achieve nor should be invited to the New Age unless they past tests. Particularly personality tests among those who were from New England in the past including this man, Gary Wright. Obviously this is because such children from that and other areas were/are subjected to much testing (too much narrowly formulated schooling) during the vulnerable period of their youth. But we've learned this is not true; an important message which is found expressed, for example, by aliens of higher intelligence in the film "Contact"--"...no, no tests Ellie"--and particularly from one of its writers, Ann Druyan, who made sure to include the message in this film's screenplay as it is not found in Sagan's novel.
    --Pete Reilich

    Pete Reilich


    Roel Lassche


    Roel Lassche

    No answer!!!!!!!!!:A demand on this:I like this tune: it does't matter that Gary Wright is in some sort of 'Religion" he isn't around anymore: am i asking to much ??????????????.By the way: i'm n ATHEIST,forever when you don't come whit REAL ANSwers:Where is he?

    Pete Reilich

    Gary Wright is not "Mormon" (Church of Latter Day Saints). His faith is for Paramahansa Yoganda (Self Realization Fellowship, India) same as George Harrison. How you got Mormon from my post is beyond me.

    I'd actually like to delete my post, as I was in a "mood" when I wrote it. But it has been too long since I posted it & I am no longer able to delete it. Undoubtedly the owner of this site (music post) will delete it whenever they happen to return here, and I'm just fine with that.

    If not, my statement needs at least to be refined. I would like to remove any seeming criticism of my former employer Gary Wright. As I was only remembering this troubled period in my life & tending to blame anyone who criticized me back then.

    Roel, you can be atheist or anything else you like & I am fine with that. After all, I am also atheist. I was NOT talking about anyone's religion. It just came out that way (sarcasm) & I apologize for not making myself clear. In the book/film "Contact", the character Ellie is an atheist & I identify with her situation as so many do.

    In the video above, I am the keyboardist in the red jump suit. At the time, I was being singled out as "irresponsible" by several prominent musicians at Hollywood (where I was born/raised) because I dropped out of high school & also because of competitive rivalry in the music industry: my personality is non-competitive & therefore was vulnerable to attack. That is the gist of my post.

    It is stating that I believe too much school testing teaches people to be overly critical and competitive.

    Marissa Gomez-Davis

    Is that you seriously? If you're telling the truth-I always thought You and Gary wer the 2 coolest guy's here. Don't worry about your obsessively rigid southern Italian mom who used to mistreat you. She's just a nightmare. And no need to explain, man. Your cool and that's all that counts.

  16. sequentialable12

    hot days

  17. William Morrison

    Live at old Balboa Stadium in San Diego.  Also on the bill Peter Frampton, Yes and Gentle Giant.  Love that chopped Minimoog!


    +William Morrison Man, sorry I missed out on that concert!


    +William Morrison July 18, 1976

  18. Roel Lassche

    This was something to dance to in the late seventies:great sound,but not only from Gary,never heard of him again,anyway,great song

  19. riversidepete 61

    i think that's the beautiful lorna wright(gary's sister) on background vocals.
    she put out an album herself on elton john's rocket label.

    lino klein meuleman

    she is a beauty,wow

  20. gemini16th

    The studio recorded version(on The Light Of Smiles) is pretty darn hot as well- features a gong in place of the synthesizers(@ 2:53).

  21. Smith

    Gary has fans that absolutely love all his songs. The Dream Weaver of 1975 and 1976. Read what his classmates say on Facebook about the old day's in that town in NJ where he came from

  22. califbozo



    @zero thanks amigo--guess I was not there but I was at the Oakland show which looked about the same----great memories!  He drove the crowd wild there, surprised the keyboard like his did not become more popular


     This was probably Oakland a week after San Diego but definitely mid summer 1976. It was his idea to have no guitars. Did you read his auto biography?


    @zero no I have not, but I admire the originality.  I wish his career of radio hits was longer.  I think about 3 albums were pretty hot


     I read that after Light of Smiles the record company started dictating how to write songs. He being a musician extraordinaire wanted to wright his songs not what they wanted. I bet they wanted muzak which is pop and commercial which is the opposite of Gary Wright's style. I met him some years ago and he was totally cool. 


     thanx 4 your reply.

  23. Kurt North

    .....I love Art Wood's playing......the Gary Wright band at this time was incredible.........



    Tery Sanchez

    Kurt North

    Kurt North

    Art Wood on drums... one of the best.

  24. Kurt North

    Art Wood on drums....later of Cher, Bette Midler, Peter Frampton, Keepin' Em Off The Streets.....one of the finest drummers.....


    Thx......I kept wondering if it was Ansley Dunbar. Kinda looks like him.


     Gary's sister, Lorna, is one of the singers. My friend said that one of the keyboardists in this video is the cousin of Stanley Sheldon who played bass for Frampton in this same summer 1976 tour. Stanley told me that that keyboardist in Gary's band here in this video is Tom Peterson who is Stanley Sheldon's cousin.

  25. gemini16th

    That looks like ABBA(at 1:36) in the background on stage- wonder if they were there?


    @boop poop dee doop you aren't kidding.... 

  26. J Reynolds

    Awesome footage. I like the hair! :-) 


    Its 1976, man.

  27. J Reynolds

    I may be old, but saw all the GREAT bands!!  What a great track! 

  28. bei1016

    How do I find the Nomad Poets DVD?

  29. William Morrison

    I believe this performance was at San Diego's old Balboa Stadium directly under the flight path of Limburgh Field. That's why Gary remarks about the planes. I attended that show in the summer of '76 when I was 16. Also on the bill was Peter Frampton, Gentle Giant and Yes. Wow what memories!

  30. ogrebattle22763

    Wow man... Watching this brings back a lot of memories.... As a teenager growing up this was a time when music was music... A great time to be alive... Thanks for sharing this video... Gary Wright was at the height of his success here... A fine keyboardist singer songwriter....

  31. jblk444

    It is likely this is the tour they did with Yes and Peter Frampton. I was at the RFK Stadium show in D.C. Awesome!

  32. leonakita

    WTF is this?....Gary Wright never filled a fucking football stadium on his own..obviously this is some other larger event

  33. leonakita

    well, well...lucky you!

  34. leonakita

    Light of Smiles is Gary's "Sgt. Pepper", an excellent thematic composition with strong writing & few weak spots. Sadly, it landed with a thud in a musical landscape being torn by Disco & Punk at the time. A casualty, most likely, of timing than anything else & perhaps an association with prog/glam which were strongly under fire. The all synths production & cosmic demeaner peppered with Eastern religious undertones, lyrics and philosophy made it alot to swallow in the then shallow music climate

  35. Roger Wilkinson

    I want to thank you deeply for this upload...Gary Wright and all Keyboard Band "Wonder Wheel" Jim Keltner on Drums and the amazing Steve Porcaro usually Moog Bass,, but here looks like strings and clavinet ... This is Live In San Diego.. Got anymore from this show??? Thanks Again.. you made my day !!

    Kurt North

    Roger Wilkinson It's not Jim Keltner it's Art Wood.

  36. Herman Roovers

    I was there at Bospop too! He also still is a good singer

  37. Herman Roovers

    this is funky stuff, one of the greatest Gary Wright songs!

  38. Cygnus111

    Is this whole show available somewhere? Believe it or not, it's the only professional footage of Yes' "Crab Nebula" stage lights!

  39. René Straaten

    TOP music uit de jaren '70 realy love it..

  40. marissa davis-gomez

    This is July 17th, 1976 . Gary's from our town in New Jersey!!

  41. Urias Nooteboom

    Very nice video!! From the glory days... PS: saw Gary this summer at Bospop in Holland, 35 years later... Still rockin' & his love was still alive !!

  42. vixapphire

    One of the bangin'est tracks of his catalog!!! Right on for posting this!!!!

  43. Herman Roovers

    great!!! it's the first time since the 70"s that i see this specific performance again. thnakx so much!!!!!!!!!

  44. schüchtern

    Can somebody load up the studio version, please ?

  45. Kenny J Williams

    This is also on the Nomad Poets DVD.