Working Title, The - Female Punching Bag Lyrics

What I said that night has to sink in sometime,
I was counting on you to call me back.

Why do I keep hearing your voice on the other side?
You won’t remember what I sound like in two weeks time.

I’m a female punching bag, so break me.

Save the girl and you lose a world of friends,
is it worth all the loss and the pain it takes to break away.

I had a dream that you were mine and it was so much easier
because we weren’t divided by this thin line.

But if I could have broke it down when warning lights were flashing,
I could have hit eject, straight for the stars,
straight to my car to drive and drive
and now that the other half of my heart has strayed away
and I’m feeling the pain today,
I’m not seeing you and the memories
they don’t remain, they’re so far from me.

Maybe you pulled me in and maybe I jumped in hear first with my eyes closed.

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