Woods, Chevy - Fernando Lyrics

[Hook x2 - Chevy Woods:]
Conversation with Fernando
He said he got it for the 9 doe
They was 12 but they 9 doe
My niggas ain't going for none though

[Verse 1 - Chevy Woods:]
Conversation with Fernando
Quarter bird for the 9 doe
That's too high, look Fernando
These bullets fitted in the mac they for a 9 doe
You ain't getting money, tell me what you lying for
To get high that's what these junkies do these lines for
Look I can cook it by myself and make a 9 blow
Thousand for a ounce, but you can get it for the 9 doe
He talking slick (bow) watch his mind go
On the curve, then you gon' see his momma cry -woah
Once you get to tripping when a nigga go for mines yo
Long conversation with the plug like Fernando - hello

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2 - Chevy Woods:]
Just got off the phone with Fernando
I'm glad he let me get 'em for the 9 doe
That's my partner man, now ain't you fucking mind doe
All my niggas crazy going Fernando
Barber shop couple dollas for Orlando
Man don't make my spot hot, that's a line doe
I hear you talking all that gangsta shit, Fernando
Get knocking, you can't do your fucking time no
They told my homie he should take a plea for 9 though
Thought about it, he won't see his kids for 9 though
She made a date for 8 but she change it for 9 though
I'ma beat the pussy up, Vargas, Fernando

[Hook x2]

[Bridge x2 - Wiz Khalifa:]
I used to get it from my partner
But Fernando got it for the low, low, low
And then we move it on the block
Fernando called at my car right back

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