Wolf Alice - Blush Lyrics

Curse the things that made me sad for so long
Yeah it hurts to think that they can still go on
I'm happy now
Are you happy now?

Spoke out the things that you've worked out to be wrong
You got two hands to take all you can, but don't take too long
To be happy somehow
Are you happy now?

Figured out I'm good
Turn me down like I knew I should
Punch drunk, dumb struck, pot luck happy happy

Don't chicken out, it's all good
You're allowed to be what you could

Punch drunk, dumb struck, pot luck happy happy
Punch drunk, dumb struck, pot luck happy happy
Punch drunk, dumb struck, pot luck happy happy

Figured out I'm good
Turn me down like I knew I should
Happy now
Punch drunk, dumb struck, pot luck happy happy

Don't chicken out, it's all good
You're allowed to be what you could
I feel good
I feel good
I feel good
I feel good

Curse the things that made me sad for so long
Yeah it hurts to think that they can still go on
I'm happy now
Are you happy now?

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Wolf Alice Blush Comments
  1. Ranopano

    진짜 씹게이같이 생겼다..

  2. Jean Paiva

    I love you, guys! keep doing what you do the best: songs like this one <3 i'm happy now

  3. Pete Owen

    Get a system with a Sub and you FEEL the bass on this one. Awesome,

  4. Franco Harefield

    I don’t want to sound tragic or sad but I’m mid 50s divorcing & moving to Spain after a pretty miserable life,, I just wanted to say this song ( especially the performance at Best kept secret festival) and your band and other great performances like wicked games .... ect we’ll probably saved me. Your such an excellent band I’m definitely going to try to see you live.
    deep inside I absolutely bloody luv you. That’s it emotional outburst over, Tx for your excellent music.

  5. D. T

    For me, this is a song about a love lost, realising someone just wasn't right for you but still holding on to that exhilarating and addictive feeling of being in love, no matter how sad it also makes you, and also coming to terms with the loss of something that never fully developed

  6. Marc Barham

    Am I Too Old To Love This Song? I am 55. It's so beautiful.

    Pete Owen

    I’m a lot older than you😆

  7. Una Luna Elvish Witch Fae


  8. Nervesia

    beautiful song !

  9. Tony Tia

    I've just discovered these guys and been listening to a few of their songs. Their music really captures the the feel of the stuff I was listening to in 90s, I feel like a teenager all over again. I love it :)

  10. Nick Hardy

    Love these guys

  11. Kate Burgess

    Adore this band and I’m 48 🤣❤️

  12. Lara Ferzoli

    cry baby

    Gaffa Boy

    Lara Ferzoli cry baby

  13. james drury

    Why cant I smile? Help me smile. I want for nothing but to smile....

  14. Sahil Dhawan

    Discovered this 4 days before- have already played this song 40 times since then!

  15. ray salgado

    Como una cancion tan buena tiene tan pocas vistas no lo entiendo. Y tienen q ver el video de "she" la actuacion es muy buena

  16. Lindi Phillips

    Beautiful/sad song, LOVED all the guitar work... Awesome...

  17. Barry Rijsdijk

    Nice to see how much this band has grown in the last six years or so. :)

    goodgirl inhell

    love having been a part of the journey 💕

  18. ProjectP

    even Wolf Alice videos are getting poisoned by this gender twisting sickness.oh well, great music anyway.


    you do realise this is a 6 year old video?

  19. JpmestraoPSN

    This video is the continuation of the SHE video, for those who didnt realize it. Beautiful

  20. Birte Oldhaber

    Love this and I'm happy now

  21. Angela Riley.

    I love this but it always makes me cry. Too much truth.

  22. Jovkovski Blagojce

    Pot luck,happy,happy!

  23. Annie Lee

    I love their music but they have an identity problem. What are you? Maybe being every genre is your thing. They could be an all time great if they decide what they are.

  24. Annie Lee

    Fucking love this tune

  25. Redvexer

    Spencer Rice?

  26. Nervesia

    oh god, i wish i was happy

  27. mdctoy

    Love this band!



  29. Dwight Buck

    amazing song

  30. Nugget IRL

    I love this set of videos so much. This song brings tears to my eyes it's so beautiful

  31. Jordan Sullivan

    I've listened to this song every day for the last week.

  32. Mark Davidovic

    Anyone by any chance know how to play this? I've been studying how she plays those beginning three notes but they don't sound the same when I try to play them. Is it some different tuning or something?

  33. Tinted Hourglass

    Such a beautiful song. Sounds like it could be played as the last song of the night -- the obligatory slow dance song before the place closes -- and lead to something memorable.

  34. potatop potatop

    Curse the things that made me sad for so long
    Yeah it hurts to think that they can still go on
    I'm happy now
    Are you happy now?
    Now that's a suicide note

  35. lori R

    I just found this song, and wolf alice, this is now one of my favorite songs to ever exist. Wolf alice is one of the best!!!!💓

  36. damian cole

    First time I saw Wolf Alice was on Conan, fan ever since

  37. Eis Lakkon


  38. April Fleming

    I am loving this song, but I don't get the feeling of happiness. It more of a closure song.

  39. Ivor Clipz

    The world forces us into lies and meaningless routines ... you end up losing yourself... and music like this reminds you that that little spark that is you exists somewhere underneath and yearns to come out

  40. Kenny G

    Whos listening 2019??

    lincoln hirschi

    This guy

  41. Eis Lakkon

    We are ...free(?) to suffer...

  42. deang1974

    My favourite song of all time - perfection

  43. The Band Soul

    This is so cool that this has 3 million views now. This was such a great EP

  44. Mick Corbett

    I can honestly say, I’m so HAPPY listening to this amazing, young band. The BEST for such a long time of mediocrity & vacuous girl & boy wannabe groups.

  45. Thomas Ballard

    Loving this. Thank you!

  46. danvers

    mds fui descobrir esssa banda só agr ??? OLHA ESSA MUSICA ;'(

  47. Tom Court

    Cinematic Orchestra?

  48. _Dance With The Dead_

    cryin like a witch

  49. paul leys

    I love this song, it takes me places I like to be :)))

  50. Juantarde

    I love this band and the song, but this pretend live video is just terrible. Best of luck to the confused adolescents, but do yourselves a favor and watch a fucking live version of this. Jebus!

    I will cry with you because of the lyrics/performance and I’m not being dismissive at all. My point is that this particular example of the song is like comparing an advertisement for a hot tub to the ocean.

  51. slikwipman

    It is just a song made by people just like me and you

  52. Ghostly 00

    Found this song through a random article a while back. Glad I discovered this band.

  53. BubbaZanetti6666

    Saw them live, they were better than you can ever imagine.... they don’t make any bad music, ever 👌🏻 this was the first song I heard by them, won’t ever forget it.

  54. Meli DVL

    Can anyone tell me what's the meaning of "punch drunk dumb struck pot luck happy happy"? It's because English is not my first language and I don't quite understand the meaning of that phrase

    Gary Walters

    Suffice it to say that someone is out of their mind with joy should be the interpretation, happy happy joy joy, and rhyming is always a plus in music.

    Meli DVL

    @Gary Walters ok thanks

    Gary Walters

    Punch drunk is a term for a fighter knocked senseless. Dumb struck means shocked speechless. Pot luck is pedestrian a term for a food gathering where everyone brings an entree. And happy happy is not having me as your English teacher.

  55. Nugget IRL

    A beautiful video. The singer in the video reminds me of myself singing along with female singers before I transitioned.

  56. леша жопин


  57. Daz Woodward

    Had my eye(and ears) on this band a few years now....glad they're breaking big.They sound like snow.Beautiful

  58. Chris Hmmm

    That album cover tho

  59. Ruz Nazri


  60. Butterfly Collector

    Superb all-round, real music 😍

  61. Q G

    The ending bit sounds like another song I know but I just can't put my finger on it!!! Anyone know?

  62. lombombaj

    best melody of all time


    btw happy new year 20019

  63. Gabriel Soares

    i love your clip <3

  64. Hanz Azazel

    Good song and all. But it was streaming at work and then there were boobs on the screen from the album cover... That was fun .

  65. frank kelly

    Is Alice a guy?

    Pete Owen

    frank kelly no that’s the name of the band. The singer is Ellie Rowsell. This guy is an actor.

  66. sona kerimova

    amazing song! thank you

  67. jw73

    Reminds me of the band Spiritualized in the laser guided melody days...

  68. Charlie25188

    Holby City sure brought me here. Absolutely amazing song! So powerful as well.

  69. Teapot Oracles

    Please come to Greece for a concert...

  70. Dave Beatty

    I so need this on vinyl. Anyone with a spare?

  71. Lillyan Rodriguez

    ¡Love from Perú, for you gyus!

  72. Fran Morales Fuentes


  73. Jaime Paz

    I am finishing my 2018 with this song... happy happy ... bye bye 2018...

  74. Miles West

    PHENOMENAL on stage! I'm 50 & was enthralled! great stage presence by the band ( they were really engaging in Charleston) and she is a gifted singer / not bad to look @ either. Hope they come back

  75. Luiza Tancheva

    I adore this song! It is so innocent and deep! ❤

  76. silkythefairy

    Yes this is the song rowse honey have used in their advert

  77. Why does this make me teary

  78. Daniel Wilson

    😓 this makes me miss someone that was very special in my life and yes , I still think of you every minute of every day .

    You smashed my heart but you’ll never take my music
    Thank you wolf Alice , you guys have that magic recipe

    EveyE V

    Daniel Wilson me too 😢😁

  79. Rai/santi Bontempo pro

    Amazing song. Really is a gem. Thumbs down??? these people i feel sorry for.

  80. burants

    Another good British band who use talent not X factor......

  81. Norma Rivas

    Sometimes you're in a situation that makes you feel like life will never get better but for my sake i want to say that it does..just believe that you are worth it💕💕

  82. Aaron Jackson


  83. A J

    Amazing tune !

  84. Karina T

    Apaixonada por essa música

  85. neil miles

    can't say anymore than what been said. I really like this band, this point in my life at 56 it hit what I am feeling. thanks

  86. runningmumof3boys


  87. Chris C

    I want to hug this song...

  88. Ricky Bobby

    Pretty emotion

  89. Liza Grace Tormento

    Evan Rachel Wood twitted the lyrics of this song wayback 2015 I guess. Thats how I found them ❤️

  90. John Smith

    London, December 20th 2018. Who's gonna be there????

  91. Anarch Comm

    Despite watching this multiple times over the past couple of months I have only today been 100% sure this wasn't the lead singer..after watching some Wolf Alice interviews and seeing here that it's someone called Henry Salter...who is Henry Salta?? (And deffo not Shia LB)
    Edit: Salta stared in Wolf Alice single 'She' but I still don't know who he is.

  92. Thomas Sault

    I wish I could exist inside this song for the rest of my life :)
    Sweet dreams tonight ;)

  93. Tessa Gunton

    You're allowed to be what you could.. 💔

  94. Dylan Bardin

    whats the story with the lead singer? Is it a voice double? or are they trans? or do they just have a very feminine voice?

    Pete Owen

    Dylan Bardin It’s only Ellie singing. That’s an actor.