Wiz Khalifa - No Permission Lyrics

[Wiz Khalifa:]
When I ride by, I want you to see what I see
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Shit's very clear, uh

Pass me a joint, guarantee Imma hit it
Come to that life, I don't talk it, I live it
I got a old school ass car you can sit in
I got a crib that you probably can't get in
I got a pound, we can grind it and twist it
I been at work on the grind for a minute
Smokin' that loud and still mindin' my business
She fuck with me because I got the vision
Countin' my benjis
Puttin' it all in the bank but I don't really mind if I spend it
Can't take it? Don't cross the line when you finish
When you stay all on your grind you can get it
When we be fuckin' I'm climbin' up in it
She fuck with me because I got the vision
Haters be talkin', don't mind 'em, don't listen
Duckin' 'em shots, that's divine intervention
I be so high, you should probably come visit
You make a choice, hope you like your decision
Come to my crib, we can spark and get lifted
Go up in smoke just like I'm a magician
She ain't have fun and she probably was trippin'
She fuck with me because I got the vision
Get to this money, get high, my intentions
Family first, that's a valuable lesson
She fuck with me because I got the vision
I fuck with her, when I'm talkin', she listen
When we together, we stick to the mission
Sparkin' that weed up without no permission
She fuck with me because I got the vision
I fuck with her, when I'm talkin', she listen
When we together, we stick to the mission
Rollin' that weed up without no permission, uh

Money come and money go, we stay the same though
Money come and money go, we stay the same though

[Chevy Woods:]
Still getting richer, her friend came for richer
They answer my calls and I guess you don’t know 'bout this blessing you missin'
Keys in ignition, ready to start it
Killing that pussy, that’s dearly departed
OK, now give me your thoughts on this carpet
Just got the call, Imma pull up and park it
Smellin' like kush, what could you tell me?
Body all chocolate like Keisha in Belly
Damn girl I like what you do with that jelly
You here for your interview, shout-out O'Reilly
We gettin' money nigga case closed
All hundreds to the bankroll
If you coming nigga, let’s go
I’m talking crab with the egg-roll
Just shot a text “What you doing tonight?”
Oh is you down for the two in the night?
Turn off the lights but that ain’t what I like
I want to see what you do in the light
Told me you grown and don’t need no permission
If it hadn’t been for you Ima need intervention
Hold up a second, I’m talkin', just listen
What’s on your mind?
Don’t make no decisions
I’m gone

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Wiz Khalifa No Permission Comments
  1. Catalyst Beats

    this version of the song needs to be put on spotify asap

  2. thestingray2

    Why am I just hearing this in 2020 for the first time? Woah. Wiz really snapped on this track, along with Real Rapper Rap.

  3. OG Theo

    love you mann

  4. Savage Hippie

    Either this was recorded in NY, NJ or Pittsburgh

  5. Javier Valdez

    2020 wiz pot heads

  6. ethem bőke


  7. Johnny Beatmaker

    One of his most underrated tracks🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Neeka acid

    Damn I remember this was one of his lowkey songs during the timee but noww it's just a TB nice song

  9. Muggz334

    Wiz dropping game. Got the vision. If you can see it and believe it you can have it

  10. clutch bg94

    This shit needed to be 4 min at least but fucket still a classic in 2020

  11. clutch bg94

    This is one is very but what i mean very... LEGENDARY.

  12. Shawn Singh

    2020 we here fam! #TAYLORGANG

  13. Kadarkarai Subramanian

    We always luv wiz

  14. JayCee Santos

    2020 Anyone?

  15. Nico Ml

    WTF why does nobody mention that AR is in the beginning of the video ?! was this planned ?

    Truth Seeker

    Nico Ml ar?

  16. Richi blogs

    Is love 🔥👻

  17. Richi blogs


  18. Ricky Sinatra

    this shit still bangs hard asf

  19. Alex Carb

    Early 2020 still whammin’ out the speakers

  20. NoryBlhemsi

    Who’s listening on 2020?? Bet I am thooo 🔥🔥

    Miguel Rodriguez

    Taylor gang all day

    Jarrett Sugar

    NoryBlhemsi wiz need more tracks like this in 2020

    pk saiko

    Smoking Daily to it ever since. Mexico.

  21. Sidney Mulchand


    With No Permission 🔥

  22. Aj Shakoor

    Anybody here with me??

  23. William Santos

    Still bumping!! sparking without permission

  24. Jonto Junior

    Nice one brotherlly,26/12/2019..
    Show some love if you seriously
    Like the song.

  25. LIL TEMP

    Saudades do show em sampa, que vibe foi aquela, tive o prazer de ver ele na mina frente em pé interagindo com o video que fiz dele, monstro !!

  26. KAOS Luckett

    Who listing 2020 ??

  27. Abhay Jadhav

    December 22

  28. Datapatch

    Wiz is truly a stoner icon with this beat. People please don't miss the message 2020 and beyond!!

  29. Wagner De Olliveira

    Em pleno 2019 e eu aqui, ouvindo esse som que é brabíssimo! Sou teu fã Wizzz ❤

    Carlos Carbajal

    Yo en el 2020

  30. Cindy Mell

    That's right SAME perfect lyrics

  31. Andrea Fantoni

    GTA 6 radio

  32. nicolas alejandro barraza orrego


  33. luis Ragazzo

    That old wiz was the shit man

  34. B. Bluntz

    This song makes me want to go back to smoking like I used to, and try and make it rapping again.

  35. l TrippedOut l

    Was so high I didn't notice that lady at the beginning till now 👀 lol

  36. Ebony Spencer

    I love you babe ❤️❤️❤️

  37. APOPTARTFAN568834

    This version is better than the album version no cappalack

  38. Loren Mcmullan

    I've listened to this song everyday for like 3 years straight bops

  39. Saiful islam Pabel

    Anyone December 2019?? ✋✋

    Kev Goul

    Stop writing that .. if somebody like this sounds he probably still listening this beautifull songs and relax

    ZOMBIE 47

    Jan 2nd 2020


    jan 6 2020 still bumpin

  40. ramsey sayres

    9th wonder, pay homage to the god!

  41. c t a n e 4 2 0

    1:27, where dis place at

  42. Diogo Miguel

    Caralho que som pesado ♥️

  43. T A E N O A L E

    My All Time Fav of W I Z, memorized this whole thing, rapped it , lol it was practice💯💯💯...

  44. Elijah Barrack

    that dude lurk nyc juan shot music and don't even know

  45. Gatorad3

    Who's here in "****" relax you dont need likes to feel nostalgic. Do you and listen to older music when you need to listen. One love brothers. Doesnt matter when you hear it as long as you made it here <3

  46. SebaOfficial

    Why is the album version not the same as this? 🔥🔥🔥

  47. zapi5000

    0:11 AfuckingR ;)

  48. Jose Florez

    Are. Putos

  49. Joe Fernandez

    “Roll me one louder than the engine” 🔥🔥

  50. King Richard

    Shit gang bangs still with no permission 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻😝🖕🏻

  51. Mary Jane

    Money comes and money go but we stay the same tho 💯

  52. JayCee Santos


  53. pablo minaya

    Hey wiz ya no seguiste usando la cadena de la Santa muerte donamela

  54. Samuel David Hernandez Valencia

    his is true music. the best🔥🔥🔥



  56. Patrick M

    Probably my favorite rap song

  57. Baphromel Rayz

    Who is listening in 2020 gather here and hit the like🤔

  58. ᖪᏰᎦᖬ ali

    🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦 My favorite, 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻☣️☣️


    This song reminds me of good Summer Times :(

  60. Luka Piazza


  61. m0k0pat0

    "Putting it all in the bank but i dont mind if i spend it"
    Mood all 2020 Lets go!!!

  62. Cindy Mell

    Good in neutral always what a sweet idol

  63. Ashraful Rahaman

    So much, I loved your songs!😍

  64. Shad 23

    Stoner music will never get old

  65. Marketing Brasil

    🌴☀️👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏄 from Brazil..

  66. Wiz theTheuZzz

    Taylor Gang🤘🏻Or Die😵k


    Is this in Pittsburgh??

  68. BANDUZ

    Brasil 10/10/2019

  69. Drotten

    Remember when this dropped, good times.

  70. Alan Framboisier

    Listening to this while being high af is mind blowing ... His flow makes you bug the hell out lmao

  71. Matt Miller

    Drop more shit like this🔥🔥🔥

  72. T8 See


  73. Lucas Soares

    Traz Canabis pro Brasil Wiz

  74. Steven Within

    We roll up with out no permission

  75. Poopoo Pipi

    Pipi butt

  76. Manuel Gil Lopez

    She fuck with me because I got the vision 👽👽

  77. Bryan Sb

    Quien mas justamente ahora alv?😬👽🔥🛫

  78. John J

    anyone know songs like this one and breathe by AG and chill bill by Rob Stone?

  79. Josep urban

    sin pedir permiso (sin permiso)

  80. Suicide Obito99

    favourite stoner song 3 years ago

  81. james more

    Godbless y'all

  82. Cindy Mell

    Same baby

  83. Rob Gillies

    Notice the team ready to light it out. I LIKE


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    La madre de javier es estupida


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