Wiz Khalifa - Call Waiting Lyrics

One time

Yeah, day after day I just stay here
Waiting for you to get home
Lately I been going crazy
Can’t wait to get in my zone
Sometimes I can’t find your number
And there’s no one else to call
You leave me waiting by the phone
You keep me high, that’s for sure

But I know, you’ll be there when I need you
I can’t place no one above you
I tried but I can’t get enough of your love
And you’re right there for me
Said I was just hoping you called
I was just hoping you called
To say that you don’t have nothing at all
I was just hoping you called

They try and try but can’t top you
They think they come close but they fall
They see me out, give me offers
I don’t feel nothing at all

But I know, you’ll be there when I need you
I can’t place no one above you
I tried but I can’t get enough of your love
And you’re right there for me
Said I was just hoping you called
I was just hoping you called
To say that you don’t have nothing at all
I was just hoping you called


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Wiz Khalifa Call Waiting Comments
  1. Isaac Stewart


  2. Annette Tucker

    Damn how did I miss this in 2016

  3. Jake Flores

    This song actually has a lot of meaning to it for me because my friend I met on ps4 showed me this one day while playing bo3 zombies on Der eisendrache around midnight while doing the Easter egg and I really liked but last year he lost a battle to cancer and I just think back to that one night alot and everything was just so much easier back then

  4. Kendall McClennon

    No rapper/singer/celebrity entertainer fucking with the Wizzle Man

  5. X Show

    1/7/2020 ✌🏾

  6. Joshua S

    Call me baby

  7. Visaba Sangtam

    Hoping wiz call 8730035114

  8. Aaron Duncan

    smoking cookies 🍁while listening to this 2019 💨😑


    Frosty og but yuhh

  9. alex 313

    Been listening to this since khalifa came out . I still love the ending guitar the most, it just makes single people feel like their taken lol the love vibe is real 💕 love you cam

  10. Cristian Garces

    Some one 2019?

  11. Denis Pápai

    1,25 speed...enjoy :)

  12. max burns

    Favorite song

  13. Correndo pelo certo


  14. Cindy Mell

    Amazing thanks

  15. Ju Ju


  16. Nikita Lebidiv

    Its similar to a song that goes like. "I.know. you.call." something like this anybody knows what song im talking about?

  17. Lil Gucci/Bye

    Wiz Khalifa - Call Waiting (Official Audio)

  18. Cindy Mell

    I was just hoping u knock late night 😂

  19. Cindy Mell

    Fabulous lovely lady song thanks Mann

  20. Jai Kelly TV

    Doesn’t seem like it was 3 years ago ..damn.... shit timeless

  21. Lucien Fafard

    Got my chucks on my papers ready

  22. Lucien Fafard

    What album is this

  23. Nickisthename Kicksarethegame

    One time yeah !



  25. La Chica Latina


  26. Rafae Olivare

    oño ta bien wix tas claro que tienes que venir a pobrezuela pa que cantes alli traes mari por que aqui estamos cortos solo puro kripy y coño uno tiene que agarrar el humo de las arepas y el olor de la gasolina y aXETOTONA :^/

  27. Jacob Hallock

    Wiz Marley or Bob khalifa

  28. unknown cliq

    Underrated ... This is beautiful dawg

  29. Pat O'Sully

    Stumbled upon something beautiful tonight God Bless 🤘

  30. Richard Vazquez

    Doms, fahim, vito, nd sunshinee 🌴

  31. King Xavier Sandoval

    KiNG WiZ KHAliFA 💯 💎 👑🤑 ☝️🤑🎙️🎶 🎵🎶💥💟

  32. Cris Alatorre

    I love it ❤I love this song I have to like it

  33. mateen x

    nigga 2018? ⛽️

    Gxlf OF

    mateen im right with u

    mateen x


  34. SlothKing

    Still a very good song 👌🏽🔥

  35. Zephaniah 1v3

    This that feel good music.

  36. Light Islands

    I was just hoping you'd call 🤙

  37. Isis Crouts

    just cant

  38. WLM -Officiel

    The new bob Marley 🔥🔥🔥🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁💨💨💨💨💨💨

  39. MLGBongRip 99

    "This That Chill Wiz" 🔥💨💨

  40. Powe x Hippie


  41. andre’ anthony

    It would be nice to see wiz play Jimi hendrix


    M waiting for that call Steph ....

  43. Dubs Leffler

    This that one for real Wiz fans

  44. Pamela Gonzalez

    Chingona canción, karnal wiz 🤤🎤

  45. wil3 side


  46. Jarad Winklepleck

    this will never get old! 2018 and I still love this song

  47. Ximena Guedes

    Alguien de MÉXICO 😴

  48. chuck10 CLR

    nice ...dawg ✌✌✌TGOD

  49. Darren Keith

    Most amazing time of my life !!! 🙂

  50. Purple Reign

    I love this song it’s the best

  51. Shiloh the Nomad

    That nigga love the mother of his child.

  52. Changhun Yang

    Who did produce this song? Such a great work.


    One of my faves mann N i been a Wiz fan since Rostrum Records.

  54. Kevin Daniel Moreno

    Maestro khalifa

  55. Myriam Gutierrez


  56. Adrian Ocampo

    Sometimes Ican find ya numba!

  57. ximena delgado


  58. 29XXX Tyler R Joseph 99

    I really like this song
    I hope he makes a song like this again

  59. Ramraj R Nair

    love you #khalifa 😍😍

  60. AlBeasto 36

    Latin vibes got me like

  61. Carlos Solis Rivera

    My Crush recommended me this...so, i don't love it but i have to 😂

  62. Ali Himawan

    make a video clip for this!!!!

  63. PrankedYou!

    Waking up in Sandiego or LA with this song on the 30th floor with big windows that you can see the city view.

  64. hector sandoval

    Mad good vibes coming from this joint TGOD

  65. Factz Person

    This shit is pure fire 🔥!

  66. Rhieanna Twocrow


  67. steakdiaper

    i work in a department store where i hear this song on the PA all the time. Then I've heard of this Wiz Khalifa guy who's supposed to be this awesome artist. so i look up who sings that shitty ass song from work, and it turns out to be this supposedly talented dude? THIS SHIT IS FUCKIN WACK PEOPLE

  68. Ambrose Lente

    this song is so fucking dope!it is good for just chilling and partying......

  69. Kemar Dixon


  70. richard dandridge

    Young Bob Marley🔥💨💨💯

  71. Adam Sauce

    this song is about weed I swear

  72. october johnson

    like this dude is singing OMGGG <3...... okay im done lmaoo

  73. october johnson

    Wiz khalifa has a decent singing voice oh my gosh it makes me excited!!!! lol never heard this one before and never heard his voice like this. NICEEEEE ! (:

  74. Phil

    Just got my heart broken so now im here. smh

  75. Mij Jim

    This is one of my favorite songs to blaze to on a nice day, cruisin with yo girl,or homies or jus goin solo smokin and jus relaxin

  76. K00l Ken

    listening to this song is like smoking weed l0l

  77. ehwilliamz

    yo this is just classic Wiz

  78. Tyler Gregoire

    Taylor gang OG

  79. kidprep

    Damn son...im high as fuck. And i gotta call my bitch too sheeit.

  80. lil Lennon

    I'm waiting for wiz album just like this ,please do it wiz. And the video of this wonderful song as well. Do it

  81. L___D W__z

    oncle Snoop remix that song pleaz

  82. Jeremy Ayala

    stopped smoking last year.. to this day. high now.. wow..

  83. Jeremy Ayala


  84. Andrew Vitale

    trying to bite off Drake a little too much in this 1.. 2 much auto tune on this album, not his best. He needs to go back to cabin fever vibes..

    Yungin Kali

    Drw jr fool shut the fuck up

    Andrew Vitale

    Yungin Kali just my opinion man.

    Art Of Max

    ajvj92 wha??? 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  85. Camilo Osorio

    Please nigga, this song I've been listened thousand times, and still sounds like the first time...

  86. fact you

    chill 🔥🔥

  87. Juansoloo 13

    honestly wiz this is one of the greatest songs u done

  88. Leander Murphy

    2025 still blazin 😂

  89. Jimmy SacdalanOgag

    I got so high for this song.

  90. Omar comin

    this track is def bout weed dawg