Within Temptation - Our Farewell Lyrics

In my hands
A legacy of memories
I can hear you say my name
I can almost see your smile
Feel the warmth of your embrace
But there is nothing but silence now
Around the one I loved
Is this our farewell?

Sweet darling you worry too much, my child
See the sadness in your eyes
You are not alone in life
Although you might think that you are

Never thought
This day would come so soon
We had no time to say goodbye
How can the world just carry on?
I feel so lost when you are not at my side
But there's nothing but silence now
Around the one I loved
Is this our farewell?

Sweet darling you worry too much, my child
See the sadness in your eyes
You are not alone in life
Although you might think that you are

So sorry your world is tumbling down
I will watch you through these nights
Rest your head and go to sleep
Because my child, this not our farewell.
This is not our farewell.

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Within Temptation Our Farewell Comments
  1. m ;

    В ръцете ми наследство от спомени
    In my hands a legacy of memories

    Чувам да казваш името ми
    I can hear you say my name

    Почти виждам усмивката ти
    I can almost see your smile

    Усетете топлината на прегръдката си
    Feel the warmth of your embrace

    Но сега няма нищо друго освен тишина
    But there is nothing but silence now

    Около този, когото обичах
    Around the one I loved

    Това ни е сбогом?
    Is this our farewell?
    Сладка скъпа, притесняваш се твърде много
    Sweet darling you worry too much

    Детето ми, виж тъгата в очите ти
    My child, see the sadness in your eyes

    Не си сам в живота
    You are not alone in life

    Въпреки че може да си мислите, че сте
    Although you might think that you are
    Никога не съм мислил, че този ден ще дойде толкова скоро
    Never thought this day would come so soon

    Нямахме време да се сбогуваме
    We had no time to say goodbye

    Как светът може просто да продължи?
    How can the world just carry on?

    Чувствам се толкова изгубена, когато не си до мен
    I feel so lost when you are not by my side

    Но сега няма нищо друго освен тишина
    But there is nothing but silence now

    Около този, когото обичах
    Around the one I loved

    Това ни е сбогом?
    Is this our farewell?
    Толкова съжалявам, че светът ти се разпада
    So sorry your world is tumbling down

    Ще те гледам през тези нощи
    I will watch you through these nights

    Отпуснете главата си и отидете да спите
    Rest your head and go to sleep

    Защото моето дете това не е нашето сбогом
    Because my child this is not our farewell

    Това не е нашето сбогом
    This is not our farewell

  2. Ursulla Chebokly

    "We had no time to say goodbye ..." 😞💔💔

  3. Ale C

    ....this is not our farewell...

  4. Agoraphobic Adam

    My father and best friend Raymond. 7-23-44 to 12-23-20 Daddy I miss you so much.

  5. chibilua1

    mom... I miss you

  6. Little boy

    when i was 15yrs of age i came here and never left now im 21yrs old.

  7. NIP

    Dad: Why are you crying so damn loud?!
    *listens to song*
    Mom: Why are you both crying so damn loud?!

  8. Jonathan Olenzak

    I lost my mom when me and my brother were three years old. The last time I saw her, I was six months old. I never had a chance to talk to her or reunite with her. If I hadn't started my behavioral problems, I would've had a normal life. RIP, mom. We will meet again someday.

    R.I.P. Susan Anita Wilbur Simpson
    August 8th, 1976 - April 13th, 2000

  9. Beth Ann is a nerd

    This song reminds me of my Mom she passed away January 13th.

  10. Edilgleidson Oliveira Silva

    wonderfull song,i love!

  11. Nalani Singh

    Love this

  12. Ronny Hruaia

    Why is this song always one of my favorite song? 😔

  13. Ricardo Martinez

    Simplemente hernoso divino

  14. The Forlorn Bat

    This is my all time favorite song. It's the only song that ever moved me to tears.

  15. heidi dekker

    I miss my dead cat now so much (1 week ago)

    heidi dekker


  16. Mark Blakey

    Just remember we have not said farewell to our loved ones forever...its just goodbye for now till we meet again.

    Agoraphobic Adam

    Thank you Mark for those words. My father and best friend Raymond passed away 12-23-20.
    Those words helped some of the healing and I needed to hear it.

  17. Scott McPhee

    What a nice song. Wow. The lyrics spoke to me a lot about how it feels when we are grieving for someone who has died.

  18. to-ma DORAQUEchannel


  19. Sandra Pisu-Jocic


  20. JGil. Musica

    In 2019, someone still listening within Temptation?.

    Kis Turul Károly

    @Dargon203 Yess ...

    Little boy

    Our farewell and utopia

    Marco Ruiz

    JGil. Musica of course!!!

    Gabriel Carmo

    That's obvi


    2020 and yup

  21. JGil. Musica

    I miss this band, beautiful performer, congratulations to all fans of this band ...

  22. Kindzia Kindzia

    I lost my mother 2 july 2019 and today it is exacly one month ago and ...i put this song on and the tears came like water from my eyes. its like she's talking to me through this song. Its a warm feeling and i have also a feeling of finelly can make a farewell cuse it was not possible before she died. Its a really good song its a piece of art to make a song that makes that kind of feelings. (sorry for my bad english). And Within Temptation is one of my fav bands, because i feel the lyrics and the music in my heart. Greetings.

  23. Hera the Angel Coyote

    I lost the only dog I've had for nearly half my life because a dog that only 2/5 of my family likes is always trying to murder him. 3/5 of my family want the other dog gone. I only have so long to get rid of the hated dog before our beloved dog is gone for good. Please someone help...

  24. Phil Arbon

    wow your visuals sucked

  25. Renan Souza

    Kyoto Animation 😢

  26. Yacinta Jakobs

    This is for all the children who feel lost

  27. Caroline Lim


  28. Roberto Brusco

    su voz suma la luz de todas las estrellas

  29. putra indonesia

    I lost my mom.. I miss my mom

  30. Amanda McCormick

    7 years ago I lost my brother and sister (who was 28 weeks pregnant) to a car accident. They say it gets easier as time goes on but it doesn't. Not for me. It gets worse. This is what everyone tells me when I try to talk to them about it... "It's been 7 years and you should be over it by now"... no, no I'm not over it and I'm never going to be over it. 😭😭

  31. carmgc

    Our Farewell @ my funeral is a must

  32. victor lucas

    Quem esta aqui por causa das mortes da f1, da like heheh

  33. Hogers Silva

    Canta muito além de ser muito gata 😘

  34. Hogers Silva

    Angel 🎶

  35. Sephira Skye

    This song resonates so deeply with me... it’s exactly how I feel about losing my father. It’s been three years and it still hurts so badly. Maybe one day I will be able to listen to this song without crying, but I know it won’t be any time soon. I miss you, Dad. I love you forever. ❤️

  36. Stephen Smith

    Have loved this song for years.

  37. Mrs. V Hedlund

    This is for my dear Russian. He is not dead but these days with him were the best I had in years. He made me realize world was wrong not me. I shared so many laughter with him and sudden moments of sweet love... Between friends. Now he is leaving my country forever to keep his journey of going around the globe. He hasn't left yet but he will soon. He is flawless to me. I love getting lost in his blue eyes or in his arms. When he told me the departure date my heart broke into pieces. But this is not our farewell. I will find you one day. I swear I will find you.

  38. Yacinta Jakobs

    For all the children of the world

  39. Nharayana

    Sweet darling, you eat too much. Farewell fatbag!

  40. I. C.

    Beautiful song <3 To my twin flame which went separate way <3 Much love to her and all good people.

  41. Gaara of the FUNk!

    This song has helped thru some of the toughest times in my life. Is so beautiful. I am so thankful to whoever wrote it, and to Within Temptation for bringing it to life. Thank you too, for uploading it.

    Marco Ruiz

    Gaara of the FUNk! Sharon and Robert wrote it. They write their own songs.

  42. animal queen

    Everytime i promise myself to not cry in this song. But this song gets me everytime.

  43. Sorghendal Vorgulair

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAkx2hxf_C4 Imperialistas hijos de re mil puta

  44. Tatiana Gilmore

    Eleven years ago today Mom! This will always be our song! <3 you

  45. Just Meyuna

    My daughter....i'm gonns miss u

  46. Mana Sputachu

    I stopped listen this song since my granpa passed. I'm listening now, and i'm crying like i did that day (and those after).

  47. Kat herine

    It's been 12 years since I lost my father to suicide. This song breaks me every time I hear it.

  48. charles8010

    It's my future funeral song by my choice

  49. b no one

    yellow rice

  50. Nay Tar

    De mis favoritas!

  51. The Red Lady of Winterfalls

    Dieses Lied ist das Lied zu dem Kapitel "Ein Aufglimmern von Wärme und Licht eines Herzens", als Coraline ein zweites Mal in der Schneewelt ist und den Mann mit den glasigen Augen vor sich entdeckt - Blut gefriert in ihren Adern. Muss ich noch schreiben.

  52. Rebecca Cortez

    My thanks to all who get the message of the song. I lost my father 11 years ago and this song has soothed me a lot. Sharon thank you for helping me comfort myself.

  53. janggut putih

    30/11/2018 19:45pm malaysia hadir...

  54. shyboyangelus

    I love this song so much im going to have it played at my funeral

  55. Aria & Shiner

    i lost my love my angel my God and my Love my Uncle .

  56. Campânula

    What's your editor?

  57. Johnny Domeh

    Wonderful song...love the lyrics..
    missed my mom greatly...

  58. Nando Sosa

    WTF carajo yo vivi engañado de que porta se habia inventado esa base. 💔

  59. Messier90

    Man this hit me right in the feels. Lost a good friend of mine in a car accident my Junior Year of high school. Brings back memories, some good and bad

  60. Gloria Bonia

    Her lyrics are so damn deep🖤

  61. Lucia Martinez

    Que triste, esta canción me recuerda a mi bebe, que descanse en paz!! :-(

  62. wilfred vega

    es el padre piolini que hiciste hijo mio. nada padre me robe un pony. dejale que la sobe esos oligarcas de mierda.

  63. Anna Jóźwiak

    No more words are needed


    For my mom I love you and I miss you see u when my time come

  65. Kamote Rules

    So calming

  66. aonairskies

    Is this our farewell?


    Dedicated to my dear, sweet, awesome, loving, kind, caring son Shiloh Nouvel Cosendey Savage.
    Mommy misses and loves you now and forever.
    Rest In Peace Sweet Shi, I'm coming home soon my Little Pearl.
    Mommy and Daddy

  68. sam skinner

    This makes me cry 😞😖😭😩

  69. Angelo Jhoel Collas Castillo

    Hermosa canción .. hermosa letra ...

  70. Samantha Knoll

    everyone has lost someone in this comments and I'm sorry. this song makes me think of my ex...I still love him but my parents tore us apart and he was gone and I didn't know why but then I found out he was in the hospital...I cried so hard and played this song on repeat

  71. JB Lewis

    Gonna get right into this band 2018

  72. Tatiana Gilmore

    <3 Mom 01/30/08 <3

  73. Edgy Girl

    R.I.P. Michael Jackson

    Guy Fh

    Hello I'm Liliana seriously...he was a fuc Ken phedo.

  74. Danielle Castella

    Très belle chanson que j'ai découvert dans un moment de très grande douleur.....Je n'oublierais jamais.

  75. kristenellie

    Is this song about the mother dying or the daughter dying?!

  76. kristenellie

    Marcel, I dont want you to be gone! :'(

  77. Um ser humaninho

    2017 ❤

  78. Corstessia A.

    That reminds me on the miscarriages of my sisters and I really miss my nephews and nieces...

  79. Ken Diamond

    Sorry to here about your grandparents -

  80. Ken Diamond

    Hang in there I'm ken snow ski instructor- i lost my friend in avalanche
    Let me try to help !

  81. Nike Gvalia

    My greatgrandma died 2 years ago.miss her so much R.I.P

  82. vsyncci

    sweet darling you weigh too much

  83. ButterflyFam

    My grandma died this year back in January.. I miss her a lot.

  84. Sheila Hagerdom

    This song is for my darling dog Kiarita, who left this world hours ago. This is not our farewell​, someday I'll find you my baby girl. I'll love you till the end...

  85. Edgy Girl

    I miss you Michael Jackson

  86. Power Beats

    This is a very good song but its so sad :(

  87. Coma Black

    I was listening WT and espescially this sound when i was 12years old....today i'm 25 and i cry it remember me a lots of friends who suicide overdoses accident in life. From France with all my sweet tenderness and in memory of my friend..(emotions) i dedicaced this song for her and his 🙄

    Tearrific D

    You're as lucky as I am having found this music at a young age, it helps to have music that brings you down to face your sadness every now and again so that you can process these terrible life events like the loss of friends and family. Wish you well!

  88. meisrain

    I lost my father 4 year ago.

  89. Chelsea Donnelly

    [my face and not my heart is still]

  90. Maria Victoria Perez

    Very beautiful song... And Sharon's voice makes it even more emotional...

  91. Chrissie Anne

    I lost my sister in a assassinated car crash.Before her death,she just called me and told me that she'll be homed soon.But she never came.She left without giving me a chance to say goodbye.All of it happened just too fast and I still can't get over it.

  92. Martina Solari

    This song reminds me of my aunt :(

  93. Awesome Aaron

    just my opinion but I think our world would be a little better if people listened to this kind of music more than pop and rap.

    Aeris Akamatsu

    We can listen to both.

    Maxzilla Prime

    Old pop was sic. But rap ugh!. Don't get me started on it.

    Angry Yordle

    there is good rap out there. Eminem for example raps a TON about dealing with extreme emotions like love, anger, sadness, depression and anxiety (Mockingbird, Legacy, Lose yourself, Kim, Stan, Love the way you lie, cleaning out my closet etc etc etc)
    Also there is music that is more about impressing than entertaining and there is rap like that too. An example would be Tech N9ne's "Worldwide Choppers" that has a bunch of incredibly talented rappers perform on an absolutely insane level (like my-lips-cant-move-that-quickly level, accompanied by difficult rhythm), Eminems "Rap god" is another great example.
    I dont listen to rap that often tbh. The most important mistake people like you make is that you think you know like everybody works and you know the reason why everybody that listens to rap does so. You are absolutely ignorant to the fact that not everybody works the same and not every rap/pop fan is an asshole and not every rock/ballade fan is a saint. Guess what: peoples character traits dont get decided by what music they listen to.

    Delamorliere Nicolas


  94. Hannah Browning

    I felt like this about the season finale of supernatural 😭😭😭😭

  95. John Steerman

    alot of their music is meaningful and she sings it in such a manner that it has been years since i have cried for personal reasons but i hear half the songs from this band and almost start crying but crying is for the weak so there is that but that is a opinion of mine

    Tearrific D

    Most of your comment is correct except for crying being weak. It's vital to face your emotions in order to process them and heal yourself, if you don't you will eventually become dull and get stuck in life. Hope you'll realize that and I hope you're alright ;)

  96. Amy Hill

    I still remember the day I lost my three legged kitten. I had to put her down. This brings tears to my eyes.