Within Temptation - Dirty Dancer Lyrics

She's a dirty, dirty dancer, dirty, dirty dancer

'Nother day, 'nother night
And she acting like she don't sleep
She's a five when she drinks
But she's a ten when she's on top of him

She don't want love she just wanna touch
She's a greedy girl to never get enough
She don't wanna love she just wanna touch
She's got all the moves that make you get it up

She's a dirty, dirty dancer, dirty, dirty dancer
Never ever lonely

She's a dirty, dirty dancer, dirty, dirty dancer
You'll never be her only

She's a dirty, dirty dancer, dirty, dirty dancer
Never ever lonely
She's a dirty, dirty dancer, dirty, dirty dancer
You'll never be her only

It's a game that she plays
She can win with her eyes closed
It's insane how she tames
She can turn you to an animal

She don't want love she just wanna touch
She's a greedy girl to never get enough
She don't wanna love she just wanna touch
She's got all the moves that make you give it up

She's a dirty, dirty dancer, dirty, dirty dancer
Never ever lonely

She's a dirty, dirty dancer, dirty, dirty dancer
You'll never be her only

She's a dirty, dirty dancer, dirty, dirty dancer
Never ever lonely
She's a dirty, dirty dancer, dirty, dirty dancer
You'll never be her only

The girl don't stop
Dirty dancer
The girl don't stop
The girl don't stop
Dirty dancer
The girl don't stop
The girl don't stop
Dirty dancer
The girl don't stop
The girl don't stop

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Within Temptation Dirty Dancer Comments
  1. Mar Vildehus

    Jajaja cómo los humillan, están mucho mejor los covers que las canciones oeiginales

  2. maria oujja

    In my opinion even better slowed down a little to -0.75

  3. Eliora Ben-Gurion

    I wonder how shitty can be song covered by WT before they also don't sound good.

  4. rogerleeslocum

    How do they do it? Turn horrible songs into masterpieces. W T is the greatest band on earth.

  5. BlueBird

    I like this one way more than the original

  6. AngelWych1

    Still loving this track

  7. Valdimar Amatiaga

    I like every songs n the music if it's original or cover, that's what it makes special n uniqe

  8. Mary Villalba

    que rayos!!! que viene despues? despacito cover?

  9. TGKat

    This is surprising.. But I love it!

  10. Shuvodeep De

    Sharon, please purify the world! Bieber next :D


    Dude, give her a challenge.

  11. Laoise Oconnor

    what a great voice so unique in her own way 😁

  12. Joseph Rice

    All the music what the band does awesome & excellent

  13. JONY M

    Sweet cover song! it was very well performed :)

  14. Kai Wolf

    Just like with Radioactive, I prefer this version by far to the original. Brilliant work.

    Rocky Morningstar

    really this is shit bitch

    Eartheart Baratheon

    +Rocky singha Do you have a life? Cause so far I've seen that you comment every other comment this way. You've got a problem kid.

    Marian Pereira

    just great lyrics and music, SUCK MY BALLS MADAFAKA!!!

  15. Jukeyy Naomi

    wow this is so unexpected :o WT covering THIS song!?

  16. Sabina Kuziová

    Great cover :O

  17. Manuel Talamino

    Abran sus mentes cooones

  18. Winter Ice

    What is up with all these cover songs! I don't like the lyrics to this song but the beat is good. *Within Temptation please don't do any more covers!!*


    They've done six to seven albums of their own stuff you know.

  19. Shalona_Sweden

    No one turns covers into Epic masterpieces like WT...Love!!!

  20. Ethan Riggs

    I like many many different genres of music, pop being my favorite, but every single cover Within Temptation has done is better than the original. :)

  21. BlackRoses96

    WT turns pop songs into listenable songs, every cover they do is better than the original!!

    Rocky Morningstar

    Fuck you

    The Witch

    Right! Sometimes I can't believe that those songs could be this awesome

    Marian Pereira



    So fuckin true i dont know any other band that could do this.

  22. Naa 7i

    this version sucks! original version is better, of course!

  23. anita murillo

    buenazo todas

  24. Mery Calanini Rotten Apple

    ¿Que puñetas se les ha pasado por la cabeza para hacer una cover de Enrique Iglesias...?

  25. P3RC3PT10N

    I normally like the originals that WT cover, but this original... Now it's a catchy and enjoyable listen

  26. crow68x

    Only band that can turn any crapy song into a great song...love this song!

    Rocky Morningstar

    really this is garbage she fucked the song

    The Witch

    +randomflashbacks lol nice xD


    So fuckin true i dont know any other band that could do this.

  27. missmiley78

    woot her covers of songs are amazing

  28. dinosaurio barney

    cagar tantos años de música x un simple covers del trolo de iglesias.....

    Juan Noriega

    +dinosaurio barney Haces honor a tu nick, tienes mente de dinosaurio. Evoluciona!!!

    dinosaurio barney

    Mente y miembro de dinosaurio y me evoluciona con tu vieja siempre

    Juan Noriega

    @dinosaurio barney Esa es tu argumentación? Básico y lineal definitivamente.

    Sandra Garcia

    dinosaurio barney
    Concuerdo contigo, ademas habiendo otros cantantes de pop en ingles mejores para hacer cover, porque demonios escongen una cancion tan fea como es Dirty Dance...

  29. Everth Jarquin

    Aqui si se pasaron por que eligieron la cancion basura de Enrique iglesias ni la original ni este cover sirven que desepcion 

    Erick Franco

    La original es basura, pero pienso que WT supieron hacerla mejor, no crees?

    Everth Jarquin

    cierto no lo niego pero habian mejores canciones para hacer cover no las de Enrique Iglesias nada q ver 

    Alvaro Carboni

    Aprecia el hecho de que son capaces de reinventar una cancion trayendola desde un género que es totalmente ajeno. Eso es cultura musical, capacidad creadora y una muestra de habilidad digna de asombro.

    Mas alla de las opiniones de que sea de Enrique Iglesias o no, el hecho de transformarla así es un logro genial. Es mas, tiene un poquito mas de valor por ello.

  30. FayFromGallifrey

    Who Enrique Iglesias is? WT are nice, rly =)


    FayFromGallifrey son of Julio.


    @entertainment I kbow, it's kind of a joke....

  31. Axel Juravle

    Really, That's FUCKIN' POP!!


    hell ya mate 


    You take pop and turn it into an amazing rock song!


    @Savo Marash It's not their fault anyway xD

  32. Michigeo

    Why got the feeling that gave this song an other angle, better yet a feminine tone to it?

  33. Stefanescu Andra

    I guess I was able to like this song because I had no clue its an Iglesias cover? LOL. Never heard it before but it sounds great imo, just forget about that junior Iglsias xd


    He's actually a good singer lol. I don't think WT would have covered this song if the original sucked.

  34. Takács Krisztián

    This is very very cool!

  35. KendylTV

    I wish the vocals were more coherent, or at least louder. I understand she's singing in a softer tone in order to give it a sensual tone, but there needs to be a balance there. I also would've preferred less electronics (four-on-the-floor), if it were tamed and made more metal, it'd just sound so much better. It's unorganized, but it's a lovely cover.

  36. Fabio Peixoto


  37. Sathrax

    No way. Electronic Within Temptation? Fuck. so much awesome.

  38. blackfist

    i love sharon

  39. MrGAMA33

    I love this group, as well as Sharon centerpiece!I love this last album of recovery, as well as the unofficial album of 16 titles!You feel through this album passion which animates his craft, his art, also the qualities of its recovery reflected in a sauce!Even if this changes from their album before, I love and I remain faithful voice, the music is still there, too!

    Vive Within Temptation I Love Forever ♥♥♥☺

  40. MrGAMA33

    J'aime ce groupe,ainsi que Sharon pièce maitresse !J'aime ce dernier album de reprise,ainsi que l'album non officiel de 16 titres !On sent a travers cet album la passion qui anime son métier,son art ,d'ailleurs la qualités de ses reprise a sa sauce en témoigne!Même si cela change de leurs album précédant ,j'adore et je leur reste fidèle la voix ,la musique est toujours là , moi aussi!
    Vive Within Temptation I Love Forever ♥♥♥☺

  41. Camila Rivero

    myyy goood

  42. SlyandCunning4

    I love the songs you uploaded thank you for providing us with these Within Temptation versions :P

  43. findthatwhimsy

    I will agree that my it's my OPINION that Enrique was at HIS best (not THE best) in the early 2000s. However, my original comment also implies that he is now and will be passionLESS in his music, so much so that other great bands such as WT can't even save his music with their own covers, it's just that hopeless for Enrique. I will also point out that no where in my original comment do I call him perfect, only that his own best work was in early 2000. Comprehension, it's a necessary thing.

  44. Syuzanna Sekepyan

    sorry dear but it's just your appinion Enrique was perfec, is perfect and will be perfect,

  45. MellKiryuu

    This is the only way I can listen to a Enrique Iglesias' song

  46. nurburg rosberg

    you 're a gret fan

  47. Mohammad Darwis

    beautiful voice...

  48. Daanava

    She is a brilliant singer, but It's sad for me because I love their music they used to play. She makes even this songs better, but does this song deserve this voice?

  49. Begum Lincoln

    Sharon's voice is the best

  50. #0000CDElethiel#

    Please make more videos!!! I'd like to see you guys on a live Show!!! ^^ Awesome

  51. Alleria Black

    She is a drug to my ears, goddamn for 15 years from my childhood!

  52. findthatwhimsy

    Well, the original wasn't any good either. Enrique Iglesias was at his best during early 2000. Once he started on the dance style music, the passion in his music seemed to evaporate. Too bad, WT can't even save his music.

  53. Liesja92

    In my opinion they're just showing how it's supposed to be done..

  54. GoldenPei

    Within Temptation was the first band I've ever listened to, and now I'm like: this is the best band ever. Now I'm sure of it! :D

  55. ladam L.

    WT coverˇs are the best, yeaaah :)

  56. Alexandros Mouzakidis

    what album is this?

  57. WickedRubz

    This is the worst cover ever... anyway Sharon in he best singer , and i love her!!!

  58. Oda Nobunaga

    Within just a crap can be heard well, only they can and no one else

  59. 9Ladysword

    It's much better than original version :)

  60. De Steve

    Enrique Iglesias ? shame on you my beauty voice and girl :D
    btw she made a good song of it!

  61. NineNeedles

    Within Temptation is like.. The definition of perfection. Proud to be dutch.

  62. Arielmetalrocker

    WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!

  63. kristonren

    Seems like WT can make normal tunes into amazing tunes!

  64. xindria. lizy

    looooooooooove :*

  65. Karen Collante

    Si bien amo el metal /rock gothic de ellos. Hay q admitir que pueden hacer cualquier cosa bien. WT da para todo y lo demuestran cada dia.
    Con ellos no hay que encerrarse en lo que fueron sino en todo lo que pueden ser y hacer.

    Vamos por mas WT!!! Los amo!

  66. kurono1822

    no es para tanto, si bien todas las bandas que eran considerada "goticas" o "dark" hoy en día tienen sonidos más comerciales; y con eso me refiero a que no inovan y mantienen un sonido con la fómula: intro+melodia+coro, son pasables.Estas banas en general no son ni la mitad de lo que eran, pero vaya, para todos hay diferentes gustos, si no te gusta, mejor evitalo...

    Bryan Zarate

    Sirenia iba por el mismo camino, hasta que hace 3 años Morten Veland se dió cuenta que había que rehacer la banda y gracias a Emanuelle Zoldan, están retornando a sus orígenes

  67. GreenBrauZz

    De hecho la gente sólo habla y ni siquiera se informa.

  68. Karolina M

    Geeeenialne!! :D Sharon ma niesamowity głos :3

  69. Karla Vásquez

    I love you! hahaha I love all the covers! and the sound is amazing!!

  70. Marwan M

    THANKS MAN YOU'RE THE BEST :D, I hope you upload all their covers, your videos has the best quality

  71. mrford70

    Sharon for Queen of the world !!!!

  72. GoldenFrog

    How come this one doesn't sound as good as the others sound quality wise?! UGH! :(

  73. SymphFan01

    Agreed. That would be one fantastic cover!

  74. Emanuel Flores

    jajaja ya leiste porque sacaron estos covers?? XD
    ademas esta suena mucho mejor que la original; la mejoraron!!! :D

  75. TheAndyOchoa

    que bajo han caído.

  76. laartje24

    I hope they'll cover Umberella from Rianna but I think it's a smal chance they will do that.

  77. alexilaiho9286


  78. Bahlord the Disgraced

    Perhaps if they covered this song 15 years ago..

  79. 6ixpoint5ive

    i know there are always youtube rips, but for those of us who do appreciate high(er) quality sound recordings, any way you post a link to a download of these??? please? :D

  80. duli5001

    where is gothic metal ??

  81. MrAejk

    Wow, this is awesome

  82. Sofia

    Waiting for Behind Blue Eyes!

  83. nathalie van der vliet

    Sounds good!

  84. WTlover90

    Thanx. You're welcome ;D

  85. Jessica Lyn

    These are the best quality versions i've heard. Thank you :D

  86. Ariane CL

    I'm waiting for "Titanium" in your channel ha ha, thanks for sharing!!!

  87. WTlover90

    you can find grenade on my other channel, lindmarno :)

  88. Ariane CL

    You have Grenade? Please!!!

  89. Alan Ruiz

    Buena rola (Y)

  90. Nikolas

    Πολυ ομορφο!!!