Winter, Johnny - Hustled Down In Texas Lyrics

You know I hustled down in Texas, went to Chicago too
Well! hustled down in Texas, went to Chicago too
You know wouldn't nobody let me do what I want to do

You know I travel 'round in Georgia, I made the southern scene
I traveled 'round in Georgia, I made the southern scene
Just trying to find somebody, a friend who's deal was clean

Use me for your fool, sign on the dotted line
Don't ask questions, stupid, 'cause your southern can is mine
Hustled down in Texas, went to Chicago too, wouldn't nobody let me do what I want to do

Ah baby, don't try jiving me no more
Ah baby baby, don't try jiving no more
'Cause I'm hip to your jiving, down the road I go

Listen to me people, try to understand, can't get good from evil, so do the best you can
I want to tell you people, please try to understand,
you know you can't get good from evil so do the best you can

You know I hustled down in Texas, went to Chicago too
Yeah, hustled down in Texas, went to Chicago too,
Wouldn't nobody let me do what I want to do

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Winter, Johnny Hustled Down In Texas Comments
  1. paul calderone

    Johnny was truly the greatest guitar player of all time, in my opinion.

    Steve Culjat

    It's because he is. Saw him twice couldn't get enough. Jumpin Jack flash best ever version. The albino was a bad ass motherfucker

  2. Randall koch

    This music will never grow old.

  3. Brady Hess

    You can get good from evil. I turned countless millions from the dark side with the help of the good Lord, but I was not involved in criminal activities with them. Settle down Johnny.

  4. ontariobuds

    I love the tone of Johnnys guitar on this track.

  5. Levi Must

    As the saying goes, when they made JW they threw away the mold.

  6. Spigax Sabbath



    Johnny is phenomenal, makes me think of Zztop meets Rory gallagher

    Robert Hancock

    Totally agree!!

  8. randall scott burress

    i was fifteen daddy didn't like this too much

  9. Austin Cunningham

    I freaking LOVE some Johnny Winter! And man--I LOVE this Hustled Down In Texas!!!! Thanks for posting. He was BADASSSSSSSS!

  10. randall scott burress

    Stick it in your ear*

  11. 320 Parks

    no filler on this unique 3 sided " double album " the Winter bros. so unique, other worldly in their angelic alien looks, showmanship & unequaled singing / playing.

  12. kim blues

    졸라 후려대는구먼! 👍

  13. RonPicavet

    too much listening to this genius and other distractions made me lose my focus in university. No degree.. matters not, made a living, now retiring, and saw Johnny live 4 times. and saw Edgar perform live on the casino circuit. My son plays guitar, was in a band. cheers Johnny, gone but not forgotten.

    Tom Graham

    Nice to know that you got your priorities right.

  14. JB Siamese

    Anyone ever heard such fast licks?


    +JB Siamese Not sure, but theese at brilliant perfect ones :)


    It's more his touch than the blazing tempo, but yeah, he's fast!


    dude I saw Johnny W. back in the day and it was like a steady stream of blistering blues-just like this song. the guy was flat out amazing. He was the fastest while still making sense. criminally UNDERRATED.

  15. Sheltyjo Hill

    Anybody  catch the cough at 1:22?


    @Sheltyjo Hill  I remember that cough,  Or maybe I'm thinkin' of a Jimi Hendrix cough or a John Lennon one.  I have owned this album on vinyl a few times and on C.D, a few times, too.  It's the only one you really must have, of his but I also like the one with "Hey You" on it, his white album.

  16. Guy Bartlett

    listen to this b4 you surf , it really helps ha ha ha

  17. Kissmyass Phillips

    Rest in peace you will be missed

  18. cricketbat08

    A true blues legend.

    Valerie Worboyes

    So right

  19. Charles Chandler

    I can't imagine why any'one' would ever want to move to Texas!!!...sheesh!!...:)O(:...

    Sue Blevins

    Buddy Holly, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gary Clark Jr, Johnny Winter, Joe Ely, Flaco Jiminez, Doug Sahm, Jimmy Vaughan to name a few reasons

  20. Mark Wylie

    Listening to Johnny &Edger since 69 found out what "getin down"was all about but still alive an well keep on rockin !im not dancing on the stage in front of your speaker collums no mo!I believe we had the first mosh pit...

  21. scrawnyjon Runyan

    pure rock'n roll.

  22. gtrgod785

    I got hustled down in Texas. 1982. J.J. O'Conner Dallas.

  23. cthulhugamete


  24. Len B

    Another Beaumont, TX boy made good. He and Edgar. WOW! Johnny and George Jones out of the same swamp....................Fantastic

  25. Mathías Hernández

    Te quiero Pá!