Winans, Mario - Don't Know Lyrics

I know you used to care for me
I could tell by the look in your eyes
I thought you will be there for me
Until the day I die

Suddenly I looked around
And you were nowhere to be found
You never even said goodbye
And now I'm searching for an answer girl

I don't know why it hurts so bad
I can't understand why you left me so sad
I don't know the reason why I can't understand
What I feel inside

Don't know why it hurts so bad
I can't understand why you left me so sad
Don't know the reason why I can't understand
What I feel inside, don't know

Confused and brokenhearted
That's what I feel when I think about you
I thought we'd never be apart
Somebody tell me how can this be true?

Now I'm all emotional
And it's getting hard to control
If this is love, I don't need it
'Cause it cuts too deep, baby

I don't know why it hurts so bad
I can't understand why you left me so sad
I don't know the reason why I can't understand
What I feel inside

Don't know why it hurts so bad
I can't understand why you left me so sad
Don't know the reason why I can't understand
What I feel inside, don't know

Everyday I look over my shoulder wishin' you were there
You promised never to leave me, you said, you'll always care
(Don't know)
And now I find myself all alone with
No where to turn, tell me, what must I do?

Don't know
I didn't deserve this, baby
Can't understand
Don't know why you left me so sad

Don't know
Feel like I'm going crazy
Can't understand
Somebody tell me what I feel inside?

I don't know why it hurts so bad
I can't understand why you left me so sad
I don't know the reason why I can't understand
What I feel inside

I don't know why it hurts so bad
I can't understand why you left me so sad
I don't know

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Winans, Mario Don't Know Comments
  1. shmack119

    Bro that piano killed it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. ly ly

    Introduct waw 😍

  3. Flamebird22

    So many repressed memories finally came back to me after 15 years from seeing this video.

  4. King Of Media

    Damn time is going by fast I was 11 years old when this song came out

  5. Wallace De Freitas Freitas

    Ouvindo 2020 hj é dia 30/01/2020

  6. Itsnxtty

    They don’t make songs like this anymore, so that’s why I’m here ❤️

  7. Erick Souza

    Black músic Brasil 🥰

  8. Rachel Faith

    I had forgot about this song but B Simone brought me back 😂❤️❤️

  9. ɸธp ツƒrคğ๓є

    Probably one of diddies best verses

  10. Melvern Mcaurthur


  11. Mario Walker

    Best didi verse ever... hope he wrote it tho

  12. Don Don

    Still Bangin this in 2021👌🤘👊👍💪

  13. Ting Chang

    3:23 I thought that was Kobe for a second....

  14. Vilma Bezerra

    Eu já ouvi essa música chorando..imaginando um grande amor ..hoje eu tenho meu amor lindo..💑❤️

  15. he ain't nothing

    The worst hurt is finding out you getting cheated on by someone You know😪🤦🏽‍♂️😭💯

    william 0989

    It's feels like you can't breathe...

    he ain't nothing

    @william 0989 tru

  16. Fahti ZEYBEK

    Papa o YouTube Video i

  17. galaksium galaksium

    Really i dont wanna know

  18. Brave Heart

    Diddy's verse soo smooth yoh!!!

  19. Vernon Mitchell

    He don't wanna know. Cause he don't wanna catch a charge.

  20. Shay shay Diamons

    00:36 you’re welcome

  21. Mia Wallace

    Nobody talking about the Piano solo🤦🏾‍♂️

  22. Troy Stewart

    I dont know about you but i wanna know

  23. The Nun

    2020 Anyone?

  24. Jurgen Mustafallari

    Such a simp song, but it bangs.

  25. Bob Green

    How did diddy get his hands on a winans?

  26. Austin Flynn

    Who listening in 2020??

    But fr that Hulu work out commercial reminded me of this song.

  27. Sunshine Love

    Mario I want to know😂..
    I love this song....

  28. Deus guia

    Algum Brasileiro ouvindo essa relíquia em 2020 ?

  29. Святослав Авдеенко

    I dont wanna know that Kobe died((

  30. Nadia soul_o1


  31. Kimberly pellot

    If a woman used tampons before loosing her her virginity than it was her father who was suppose to have applied the first and have read the instructions and taught her how.That you disagree that it should have been a female instead is is what made yall reincarnated all over the world deformed or retarded. ; A/and those who did are the band ting tings, selena gomez's fans and Selena quintanillas.

  32. Chandra Lowtan

    U gone good lumnatie but hopeful to croudxz still not overwhelming mea sad still homeleszxz glad to grow up Sao too I'm not a black man but God just jelousx mea fart dagzx a day dead sa Arnold and mind a see you please help me we not sad still but to go to be happy one day mom g axmbino I wouldn't hurt you eehhmmn

  33. VLZ


  34. Emanuel Ayala Colón

    This is music compared to now

  35. florent hot

    Belle chanson

  36. jbanks646

    I feel so sad for him he is so heartbroken but good song.

  37. That’s So Dezarae

    Love this song years later

  38. Don Rob


  39. Legendary Player remix

  40. Αντρια Νεοφυτου

    I love this song!!! The music is amazing

  41. deniz auto


  42. -Tracey -

    Hope Enya went after these two as hard as she did the Fugees for stealing that sample for their music, can't remember if she did or if they went the easy route and politely asked for it. Fugees felt her Donegal wrath.

  43. Yaki Kadafi

    Fugees called , they want their song back


    You mean Enya, not Fugees

  44. Chacha Chaperan Wala

    Soft bitch ass, nigga don’t act like a bitch

  45. Anshy De orellana

    Como se llama la canción que toca en el piano

  46. Anna Jessup

    Classic. Takes me back.

  47. Luis Sanchez

    games people play sweet g

  48. Deeh *

    This song sound like Street of Rage of Mega Drive

  49. Tugce Oztemiz

    Evet o his anımsattığı onca anı yerini kimse alamaz .16.07.2019.

  50. Bill Frankison


  51. esketit

    Marino Wood wood

  52. kostasqawsedaeee


  53. ChiefSwiper

    Who’s here after going through their girls phone?

  54. Shantia Melton

    Still bumpin this in 2020

  55. Serj Rusak

    Два хита в одном!

  56. Nam Cigarettes

    From Charlie Puth 's Cover

  57. Шахиня Кен

    ❤️🖤❤️🖤hi 2020 year

  58. dark matter

    Need that old diddy back

  59. Mike Chivens Benjamin


  60. DJ Lloyd Beck

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 always listening

  61. David Junior Br

    Um salve para todos. Em especial os Brasileiros.. tmj, 2020🇧🇷

  62. Αλικος


  63. Jaku Sizdikova

    Слушаю музыку, не понимаю о чем? Но я слушаю и грущу❤️❤️

  64. Money Maker

    Still listen 2020 who else? 🤘🏼

  65. FeeFee 86

    Who was a teenager when this song came out. Classes of 04-06 represent😁😁😁😁😁😁


    Brasil 2020

  67. Adrian Bush

    I Remember This Song When I was 11 Back In Spring Of 2004

  68. Tonna Stearns

    This song was exactly what I was going through when it came out, I was so heartbroken, I knew but I didn’t wanna know. 😭 glad it’s over but it still brings it all back when I hear it.

  69. nair yaboh

    Diddy's verse..... O my childhood

  70. Dante Ice

    WOW! 1:14 Just wow

  71. kholofelo mogoboya

    So loved this song.. N i really ddnt wanna know


    2020 e ainda aqui com. Esse clássico ❤️🎶👏🏻💥

    isac duarte

    Eu tbm aqui escutando em 2020

    Day Off

    Música boa nunca morre vivi essa época muito boa ❤️❤️

    Deus guia

    Brasil nunca nem vi kkk essa música é relíquia

  73. Eduardo F. S

    Brazil 2020. UP!

  74. Phillip Carr Manchester Mint Crypto



    Smackn this in 2020...I DONT WANNA KNOW🤦🏾‍♀️

  76. Mehmet Oz

    sonra cik gel diddy birak kaanla takil :) beni lise yillarima goturdun bee ne dinerdik mp3 player da seni 2004 sene :)

  77. Alexandre Martins

    Alguém escutando em 2020 da um 👍

  78. Hollywood Stacks

    2020 rip to good music

  79. TJ Malone

    Lady leshurs Story sent me here ‼️‼️🙏🏽

  80. Marlon Nyasha

    What happened to these artists ...??

  81. simon marshall

    Ready Or Not here I come !

  82. Brezy oceanu

    Ok u hv my undivd for 3 seconds hgm 🐈

  83. Michael Barbosa

    Can't believe this guy came to my school in Stoke Newington in London and performed this song ... Soo random


    Michael Barbosa lucky

  84. GenerousKween -Jae?

    OML I remember this

  85. Julien Bedard


  86. Flavia Kendi 254 mukbang channel

    Back when this niggas had talent #2020 ok

  87. TaylorMadeTV

    Fuck that I wanna Know!

  88. nossas vidas


  89. Abony Nolen

    Shout out to B. Simone mane she made me look this song up. I forgot about this!😍😍 #throwback #bsimonefreestyle #roddyrich🔥🔥

  90. Ne Brasco

    History 💥

  91. Amino Mah

    2020 who is here 😍old but Gold 😍

  92. Bear Gryllst

    One of the greatest songs to never hit number one and stayed at number 2 for 8 weeks. It was kept off by Yeah! And Let it Burn by Usher.

  93. arlequina exotica

    Amo esse som 💔😳

  94. Eversince May

    I was 18 when it came out. Now I am 34 😱

  95. mistervaso

    Ready or not, hear I come, you can’t hide, I’m gonnnna Fiiiiind you and make you want me. 2020!!

  96. PR0JECT808

    Same beat as Fugees - Ready Or Not