Wilson, Brian - Guess You Had To Be There Lyrics

[Kacey Musgraves:]
Well I guess you had to be there
Such a different place
I was cruisin' along
Never thinkin' that we'd ever change
Yeah I guess you had to be there
It was a hell of a ride
Lines were blurry and hurried
But it felt like the stars had aligned

We were sharin' a new day
Singing a new song
And everyone's problems
Were suddenly gone
Everything I ever wanted
Is right before my face
Tell all the beautiful people
Were always at my place

[Kacey Musgraves:]
Well I guess you had to be there
All we wanted was more
There were winners and losers
And people passed out on my floor
And you know you should've called me
For that real good time
Guess you missed some of the gold
When you're too busy chasin' the shine


We were sharing a new day
Sipping on a new wine
And everyone's problems
Were suddenly mine
And all you ever wanted
Was right in front of your face
Starts as a good thing
Turns into a hate

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Wilson, Brian Guess You Had To Be There Comments
  1. Christopher Bowman

    Come over to my place

  2. socrates1818

    When Brian’s voice comes in / Wow! An explosion of beauty!

  3. Buckaroo Banzai

    Great Brian, its a dream this song, the best, un estilo único, todas las canciones, gracias por esté regalo, dan alegría y ánimo cada día.

  4. Randall Kennedy

    Too good for radio.

  5. Diane Scotter

    ❤️happy place

  6. Jason Lee

    This sounds like a lost 60's classic......

  7. Diane Scotter

    In spirit 👍❤️

  8. george hinojosa

    Anything Brian Wilson Records Is a Masterpiece.

  9. Outstanding Cruise

    What a positive and inspiring song in this current Mass Chaotic screwed up everyday world....

  10. Michael Converse

    This sounds like summer, love it ! Great job by Brian and Kacey

  11. Kevin Reynolds

    I can relate music is my way out of life's grind.... great lyrics!!!!! What a happy song Especially when you have six-time Grammy winner Kacey Musgraves singing along with the master mr. Wilson. #summertime

  12. Randall Kennedy

    Master Craftsman.

  13. mikefad

    Awesome mix on the vocals. Kacey Musgraves just won Grammy Album of the Year last night. Bravo.

  14. Kevin Reynolds

    BRILLIANT 👌..... The beach boys sound, with Spacey Kaceys voice , 💋

  15. Randall Kennedy

    Wilson is still knocking it out of the park



  16. Jason Lee

    can't wait for new Brian album......


    You mean that ROCK AND ROLL album he's been saying for 30 years that he's gonna put out? :)

  17. Jim Mccarthy

    what an uplifting song----

  18. Igor Marco

    Una cánción alegre y saltarina , me gusta


    Sin duda!!!!! Es encantadora!

  19. Logan McCarrell

    Brian is like fine wine he just gets better with age. Keep rocking with the Genius Brian Wilson!

  20. grimble

    Brilliant melody. Up there with anything he ever did.

  21. bonelish

    Brilliant. Thank you Kacey and Brian.

  22. Gloria Buono-Daly

    Brian's voice is still awesome after all these years (Eugene Landy tried to destroy Brian, Landy should have got his ass kicked - and got life in prison)

  23. reno lemond

    All we wanted was more... and more... and more... and...😁

  24. Alan Silva

    Jesus Christ is still Lord!

  25. mikeat2637

    Can you imagine if Brian Wilson had NOT gone through his issues, both physical and emotional over all the Mike Love bullshit. It's actually pretty scary. And given the state of songwriting in general, he's still at the top of the heap at his age. Half the songwriters out there won't be known in 5-7 years and there will be people talking about Brian for 50 years AFTER he dies, which I sincerely hope is not soon. And I put C & W in their own slot because they have most of the good songwriters out there today.

    j m

    You should look into the Tavistock's involvement in the music industry, especially in the 1960's. It really was Brian vs. the world.


    My Music hero forever. Brian is Brilliant. ForeverThe memories still hold us together
    No matter if we're young or old As long as there's music we'll all live forever
    In the spirit of rock and roll

  27. N Cool

    Superb harmonies by Brian. Great to hear this new stuff! Full credit to his genius.

  28. Anthony St James

    Just stumbled upon this track this morning. Bravo!

  29. Benny Benwa

    Total ear candy that won't every go away.

  30. bigdrob54

    Genius. Thank you!

  31. DIESEL0759

    The girl is some American Idol chick, right?


    LOVE YOU BRIAN! (& Friends !)

  33. Mitch Harrelson

    Leave to Brian to put a banjo on this!!!!

  34. Tim North

    I feel that we are so blessed to still have a musical genius with us in Brian Wilson, to revive that 'California beach sound' that so many of us grew up with and is globally recognized.

  35. Christopher BOWMAN

    was.playing this driving the truck from cairns down through Ingham & down south for ages

  36. Robert Sain

    A real pleasure to hear Brian Wilson craft another great song ... and, with Kacey Musgraves to boot. This is a winner.

  37. Jason Lee

    This should have been a hit single. The album is brilliant. 70 odd and he's still writing great songs. Can't wait for his new album...!

  38. Music Maniac

    Who are the 25 crap heads that don't like this. I'm 14, and I love old music. I know this isn't old, but older musicians are just better.

  39. Jason Lee

    she makes me happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Jason Lee

    never realised she was on this album until now!

  41. radar blip

    Back again, can't help myself....Calms me to no end, we were Happier then and didn't know it.....

  42. David Koval

    So Sad Listening to this and Our 🌍 🙏🏻❤️ is in a mess

  43. David Koval

    "This guy plays Sounds from Heaven"

  44. Radar Blip

    Clamp on your Hear Set, this one is so beautiful it makes you Happy just to hear it.

    There is enough Great Music on this CD to keep everyone listening until the next effort arrives,,,,I give it a 95 !!!. the other 5 went up into smoke.....

  45. Nano M

    Fair play, 100/100 for having backing vocalists using Beach Boys octave ranges and styles, love this song.

  46. Nano M

    Its the most repeated track I play from No Pier Pressure.

  47. Soulville Soul Club

    My favorite from the álbum.Irresistible!

  48. bobbbbysacamano

    i'm glad brian is happy, but this adult contemporary bullshit is so awful and an embarrassment to brian.

  49. Do It Yourself DIY At Home

    Kacey's voice sounds like Judee Sill

  50. Tom Hardin

    I would like to thank Abbie, Andrew, and Beau for expressing my thoughts verbatim!!

  51. 1920Janice

    This is what I tell my son when he asked about the 60's. Great song Brian Wilson!

  52. Joe Rennie

    just 'magic music'

  53. jer s

    Brian you are truly the best, I have been a fan since the mid 60's your music always got me through the tough times.Love this album.

  54. Babyweegeetime

    this is awful

  55. Kevin Lynch

    There are sunny songs that make you feel good and then there's this, Brian and Kacey - pure radiance. Just like standing in the rays of a lovely sun.

  56. AJB3

    Nice song. I do give Brian solo a fair bit of criticism 'cause I don't think it generally has a patch on his work with the Beach Boys (at least 60s-early 70s) at all, but this is OK. I like the more organic instrumentation, and think Brian could make a whole album centred around that and more stripped-down rather than the 'huge' productions he still usually tries to do.

  57. Ben Culture

    I love this bounce and swing rhythm, it's not unlike 1960s, but the arrangements and sound quality are rich and complete. It just feels really good from the first second. I first heard just a snippet with somebody talking over it, and even so, I knew it was the song I wanted to hear from this album first. I had the same reaction to Brian's _Imagination_ remake of "Let Him Run Wild" -- just instantly excited -- but this song is every bit as good, and all new. So, YES to the new collaboration between Brian Wilson and Kacey Musgraves!


    @Ben Culture thank you so much ben. glad you like the song!

  58. mick simms

    The great Brian Wilson,everyone who hears this album will think he's cool.

  59. TMGLost

    Well this is fucking magic...

  60. Cage Martinez

    catchy--love it!

  61. Emma Hartvig

    literally my 2 favorite musicians singer/songwriters

  62. machia0705

    This album I've been critical of, but its growing on me. Thanks Brian.

  63. bart Last

    he still has it.catchy songs and good people around him.dennis and carl have to be smiling.

  64. John Harrier Jr.

    Superb !

  65. Pat White

    Laura Lorenz you are very cool!!

  66. ProsecutorGodot

    i came to hear kacey, but brian wilson is cool too

  67. Aoxomoxo

    After several listens to this CD...I think this is my favorite track. It's like a polished apple. Whimsical reflection on the hey days of playing music in his "living room sandbox" with all the winners and losers "passed out on his floor".
    Glad to see Brian can look back now and laugh about it. Kacey Musgraves has that perfect voice that recalls the girl groups of the early sixties.
    Great little fuzz tone guitar break at 02:24 BTW.

  68. Mickey Caville

    ALBUM of the YEAR! Feel Good Music, as always.

  69. GARY Paul Simon SHAW

    Who's the girl? ... She sounds like Karen Carpenter. ...

  70. looniespoons

    We need more Happy songs now like this one.  Thanks Brian

  71. Nature Boy

    Pure Musical Genius. I cannot get enough of this song, this album, or Brian Wilson!!!!
    I like all types of music from one end of the spectrum to the other end, and THIS album from top to bottom is by far the best album I have heard in the last 2 years!

  72. Tom Crowe

    Great song Brian!!!!

  73. Tom Cosgrave

    New ultimate summer song!!!! Definitely the nest solo album he has released!

    Gerry Dooley

    Love it.

  74. Beau Barker

    This is a dream come true. I'm so happy for Brian. Great job man!!! I hope this helps bring back some real music to the pop world. No Pier Pressure!!! :) thank God for Brian Wilson. I used to think I would've rather been a kid in the 60's. I mean seriously...what happened to the world... Now, however I wouldn't rather be any other time or place. We can do it again people. We can still make good music and the spirit of the 60's is alive and well. It just needs rekindled:) There is hope for the future!


    @Beau Barker glad you enjoyed the song! thanks.

  75. marco motta

    Veramente delizioso...

  76. taki384

    Awsome song keep them coming Brian!

  77. Igor Marco

    Brian D Wilson felicidades por el nuevo disco, este Verano el Sol brillará más fuerte gracias a tí.

  78. Gunnar Abrahamsson

    This song is beautiful. Brian and Kacey sing very good. A hit.

  79. orrben

    WOW!!!! The other BEACH BOYS missed out on this CD. I can hear where each one of them would have fit in vocally.

  80. Chris Gleeson

    It's great that Brian is keeping himself busy but this stuff is not what I want to hear. I'm a Beach Boys fan and Mike Love hit the nail on the head when he said Heroes and Villains was Brians last, dynamic song. Apart from Love and Mercy and Rio Grande his solo stuff is feeble. Brian needs the Beach Boys just as much as they need him but alas it's all gone now. Ah well, time to put on the Summer Days and Summer Nights album.

    Doc Waltz

    I respect your opinion Chris, but thee is so much you are missing if your appreciation of Brian and/or The BB ends at Heroes and Villians. In no particular order, I suggest Sail On Sailor, Feel Flows, Marcella, Till I Die, All I Wanna Do, Cool, Cool Water, Imagination, all of That Lucky Old Sun, Soul Searchin, and the last 4 songs on That's Why God Made The Radio. Feel Flows (and Long Promised Road) are from Carl, but great BB tunes IMO. Amazing music all of it....and not my complete list.

    David White


  81. David Schecter

    Very simple song in terms of structure, one (of many) areas where Brian is usually miles ahead of everyone else.  But even given that, it's still an incredibly engaging song from one of the best melodists in pop/rock music history.  I think if Brian wrote an album featuring new songs for 15 different mega-stars -- he could have one of the best-selling and most enjoyable albums in history.  There simply has never been -- and never will be -- another songwriter/producer/arranger like him again.  He's simply unique, and the world is a much better place because he is in it.  Buy the album, buy the songs -- make him want to keep writing and producing.  We can't afford to lose his voice, one so needed in this world.

    Jason Lee


  82. Tony Soul

    love that Brian hand picked the Artist he is genius at harmonies hand down ... \m/ among his peers who steal Always from him \m/

  83. Robert Doc Waltz

    What a GREAT song!  Hope it gets radio play.  Can't tell if I like Sail Away or this one better.  And then there's Right Time...........Can't wait for the album to drop. 

  84. David White



    @David White I'm sorry but no it's not about Manson, that was Dennis's thing not Brian. Brian hardly knew Manson, he just listened to his brother and gave the go ahead to bring in Charlie. Brian is singing about his old 60's friends Danny Hutton, Julius Segal, Lorren Schwartz, Michael Vosse and all the times they became stoned and high from majiuana and other drugs and just hung out.

    David White

    you  got it partially correct but it also is about everybody from that period including terry Melcher van dyke parks ans manson ok!! he recorded his demos at brains studio and a couple with the wrecking crew!! I worked and did research on the California myth book by david leaf!! its about everybody not just the guys you mentioned!!


    Cool! Never knew that!

    David White

    go on youtube and look up jerrycole the wrecking crew video! it is about 8 minutes long he talks about the wrecking crew doing a session with manson at western studios in 1969!! also about the Sharon tate connection with terry Melcher!!

  85. Ponce de Leon

    Any of the released songs could easily be big hits! Brian brings in great tunes with a modern sound. I never thought I would say this, but props to Joe Thomas too.

  86. jcffan

    very good !

  87. Tom Crowe

    Super song!!!!

  88. Brandon Butler

    I truly believe that this album is the best solo album Brian Wilson has ever put out!  Alot of the songs are very good and a few are definitely catchy.  This song itself is very playful and fun!  

    tom Murtha

    @Brandon Butler I'll take Imagination by far

    Jacob Hoffner

    @Brandon Butler Lucky Old Sun is his greatest solo album. Ive listened to it over 50 times. I love it so much. I love Brian Wilson.

    rubber chicken

    @Brandon Butler Without a doubt.


    I have been hearing more and more fans rave about Lucky Old Sun.


    I disagree respectfully. Supposing you are including SMiLE, SMiLE is much more amazing and genious

  89. Paul Griffin

    New Brian Wilson music. Awesome. Can summer be far behind?

  90. bev pinky

    what a great song! they are so great together!
    way to go!!

  91. Edward King

    Awesome great Kacey vocals great song Bravo bravo

  92. Chas Moore

    OMG Love it!

  93. Laura Lorenz Panaro

    THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

    Paul Christian

    Yes it is

  94. 주시완

    Still awesome brian

  95. Max Eagle

    Good job Brian:)

  96. jeff asch

    Wow , how nice....so wonderful to hear such fantastic and melodic songs again. I feel so incredibly sorry for this generation's musical choices. The 60's 70's and 80's had a myriad of just ass kickin' music. Then, starting in the 90's, the melodies seemed to just, poof....disappear. It turned into grundge garbage. The 2000's until present was also just nondescript junk. Can't wait to hear the entire album.

    David White


    Vinylsearch2015 60

    @jeff asch Jeff, there is lots of great newer music with strong melodies. David was correct go to spoitify. Check this one out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiU1U5ek3tE

    Vinylsearch2015 60

    @jeff asch Jeff, here is another one you might like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBnFCq5KvLw&list=RDaBnFCq5KvLw

    Steve Morris

    No one writes a melody like Brian Wilson though

    emma jones

    Vinylsearch2015 60, I also love this and She and Him. I have just listened to the Jessie Baylan song you posted a link too and it is utterly gorgeous!! I know it's a bit cheeky but if you know of any other artists in the same vein, could you post it please? I totally understand if you don't want to!!!

  97. Brian Kedzorski

    This is awesome.

  98. Paul B Devine

    Love it 1,000,000% why the music industry is still awesome....glorious..........thank you

  99. James Oursler

    Makes me SMILE!

  100. teknokrat1

    ok this one is good. i think i'll buy the album now.