Wills, Mark - Loving Every Minute Lyrics

I was never really breathing
My heart was never really beating
Till you held me in your arms
And every love that didn't last
Every second of my past
Simply disappeared into the dark

And with that first kiss I felt my life beginning
And the clock just froze
And the world stopped spinning
Now the magic of that moment is neverending
You made time stand still
And I'm loving every minute

It's the need that never changes
A passion that is ageless
It consumes me like it did when it was new
You have lead me to a place where every day's the same
And I'm always falling more in love with you

[repeat chorus twice]

Oh, and I'm loving every minute
Oh, loving you baby

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Wills, Mark Loving Every Minute Comments
  1. Mike Hammond

    Man I love mark wills. All his songs are great and have a good story

  2. Francis Rain

    This song reminds me of wen my first grandson was born I was at the hospital and the first time I seen my grandson I was in tears just looking at him how tiny he was
    . And now he is my life I love him with all my heart and soul. The one day I was there to see him in the hospital I had my mp3 player going and this song came on and I started to sing to my grandson and then his little hands held by finger and he smiled for a split second but it felt like for ever and I didn't know that a couple of nurses were in tears while I sang to my grandson and now at 2 years old my grandson is he is my life now

  3. Derek Johnson-Coulter

    one of my favorite songs and one of my top ten videos in all genres

  4. werd gregory

    This was shot at Skyline medical center in Nashville !

  5. Teresa McClanahan


  6. Hillary

    My sister’s due date was today for her and her husband to meet their daughter. Nothing has happened yet.

  7. jeffrey jones

    Theres not one song that he has recorded that has been garbage. I especially love his Permenantly album every song on that album is awesome. If you havent heard that album I suggest you go out and get it youll love it.

  8. Hillary

    This video confused me a little. Is the brunette in pink supposed to be the woman’s sister or the cops sister?

  9. Heather Forman

    great song

  10. Heather Benson

    And the people that are Complaining about this guys Uniform for 1 you don't know what State for sure this Video was made in or City it could be aloud so STOP trying to be a Smart Ass and Know Every thing under the Sun !!

  11. Shayne T. Pendrick

    Think this officer is going to have to answer to his sergeant for swiping a patrol car to go to his wife in labor at the hospital? Not necessarily an "emergency" in the Code 3 sense.

  12. David Parkes

    I still find it hilarious that the cop with his sirens on still arrives last to the hospital instead of the sister and her partner leaving the airport.

  13. Elexus Rice

    I like music ok

  14. Ivy Stabenow


  15. Easy The Great

    This song never gets old.

    x c.f. could


  16. Joey J

    This song was hot right before 9/11 happened. Time stood still

  17. Elexus Rice

    I like this music

  18. Kris Romero

    This song is great,since the first time I listen to it,it touches my heart...😊😊😊I keep on listening to it since then...😊We love country music here in Philippines...

  19. Susan Johnston

    I love listening to Mark Will's music (like "The Perfect Conversation" and "Back at One," which Brian McKnight redid well). He is quite pleasant to look at as well! This video was amazing and surprising. It's impossible to concentrate on the song, him & the story all at once, so I had to watch it a few times.

  20. toja baumba

    good song

  21. Jeanne Clark

    This is a great song...i wish I had that add song for someone i loved

  22. darthvader43609

    Going through this with my current girlfriend. She's amazing, sweet, sexy, and a great mother. Think I found our song.

  23. Linda Lackey

    I always loved this video

    x c.f. could

    Hhz jji

  24. Hayley Christopher

    Mark willls do you know jack Christopher I'm his son

  25. Kim Wilsons

    Love love love this song and video

  26. Raven isme

    always loved this song and Mark Wills I miss his music

    x c.f. could

    Jjz ooyc

  27. Brad McCune

    I don't know what it is but I cry every time I watch this video. Very good song!

  28. Karaokegirl81

    For those complaining about the commercials, would you rather have commercials and keep YouTube free or get rid of ads and have to pay for YouTube? That is how they make money to keep it free for us. Just saying....

  29. PhantomsAngel07

    The girl in the pink and blue top.... who is she to the couple having the baby? i've always wondered.

    Chaz Hatley

    probably the sister of the woman giving birth


    Thanks Chaz. :) I've always loved this song. <3

    Chaz Hatley

    You're welcome! And same here! Haven't heard it in a long time so had to come find it!

  30. Rachel ochs

    Song remindes me of My husband He the greastest man in My life beside My dad

  31. Melissa McAvinew

    Met him backstage at the Grand Ole Opry.Asked the manager looking lady next to him if I could meet him and he smiled soo sweet,put his hand out to shake mine,looked in my eyes and said,"Now why would ya wanna meet Me?!" He's as sweet as he is hott!

  32. matt6292

    Hey cole 2 things I find funny about your comment. 1. It's a music video which is like tv these videos have actors also. 2. And it is possible that he's a police officer with paramedic training and being a police officer with medical training you can have a Maltese cross put on your uniform with your superiors permission

  33. Rebbecca Mullooly

    this has to be one of the most handsome men I have ever seen :)

  34. YahGodIs

    So he came near where I stood, and when he came I was afraid and fell on my face; but he said to me, “Understand, son of man, that the vision refers to the time of the end. Daniel 8:17

  35. Amber Punkosdy

    i love his voice

  36. Brandi West


  37. Missie McAvinew

    So hard to believe I actually got to look into Mark Wills' amazing brown eyes and talk to him!!

  38. Alyssa Margolis

    they cant use the actual uniform legally

    jeffrey jones

    actually they can with the permission of the police agency and the chief but theres limitations on what can be shown.

  39. Barry Batchelor

    Wrong! Got an escort with my first child!

  40. Cole Taylor

    Anyone else notice how he's in a firefighter/ems uniform and driving a police car? Insignia on his shoulders is a maltese cross with the star of life in the middle...

    jeffrey jones

    I just watched the video for this song. Thats not a EMT/Firefighter uniform its a police uniform and if you noticed he has a gun on his right hip. Most police officers who have been ALS trained will also wear the Star of Life patch with the Rod of Asclepius in the center.

  41. Litandharryginny

    this vidio is amazing it always takes my breath away

  42. Khris Stoughton

    Dear Sandi, this is for you. I hope you can find comfort. Chris is in a better place, no longer feels pain. I love you, I am your best friend and I'll always be there for you. Khris

  43. Steven Adams

    This is a awesome song and video the only reason people feel the need to point out how the cop is driving is because they are either to shallow minded or they have no feelings or emotions when it comes to your loved ones and the miracle of a birth of your child and being there for the woman that helped you create that child!!!!!!

  44. dustin720

    @dakotaskymathews Shut up moron, it's a music video.

  45. Brian Dittman

    @ispeak4detrees Me too...

  46. mattquatch

    I'm only watching this because my iTunes claimed it has 14812 beats per minute... I am sorely disappointed.

  47. ron cash

    I hate the ads also , but love the music . :)

  48. Nidia Ochoa

    Always manages to make me cry, no matter what...

  49. MegaVeronicaLodge


  50. MegaVeronicaLodge

    What a happy voice ~


  51. tlali

    1st time listening to this. I thought she had died =O

  52. jtmcasper

    This is mine and my husbands "song".......Love It!!.....Every time i hear this,it takes me back to when we were dating.I felt this way then & 10 years and 2 kids later....even more so now!....Love you Jim!

  53. Mirasol Monterde

    my hubby...:)

  54. mistygrant

    @SteveO199150 But you want to watch them for free at your own will right?

  55. Jenifer Bonnette

    this reminds me of when my sister was having her first baby...my dad and brother-in-law picked me up from the college and we did 140 and ran 3 stoplights and countless stop signs, what normally took us two hours we did in 30 minutes....the best part was that my brother-in- law moved to the back and we forgot we had to open the door for him he was in there for 20 minutes before he broke the glass....Seriah is a beautiful little girl and is 3 months old now, i love you all!!!

  56. Stu Graham

    this reminds me of... me haha i remember when it was her time and... i was working in construction... my personal vehicle is all done up with strobe lights i threw them all on and did about 140 all the way to the hospital... man that was a day... if a cop chased me i wasnt friggin stoppin!!

  57. MegaStevie55


  58. ilovemymilitary

    Great song! And Mark has amazing lips.....

  59. Sabryna Shubert

    This reminds me of me and my man. He is a soldier in the United States Army and we cherish every moment that we can together whether its a weekend of 2 weeks of leave. He is goin to Iraq in May and its goin to be the hardest thing ive ever done..... But this music video makes me think of what a great man i have and i love my soldier!

  60. Germaine Williams

    I love this so much because it was my girlfriends and i favorite song and then when we were at the hospital having my first daughter this song played while she was in labor and we both started crying! The best moment in my life

  61. Fire380Fighter

    lol it reminds me so much of when my daughter was born, i was doin 70 down a city street with my dash red and blues flashin and my siren screamin, i got there just in time to see her born. i love you kasi

  62. Tee

    what guy?

  63. Shyma Kalbi

    @MrHorsesandstuff :congratulations.. i pray to God ur brother's safety and that he returns to your family so he can meet his kid.

  64. SoullessCynner

    I love this song. This is the first time I've ever seen the video for it, though. It's a very sweet song. ^^

  65. ShaunYZ


    Mark Wills is still alive,I don't know where you heard he died?

  66. amber w

    i stinken love this song and mark wills stinken rocks

  67. Danielle Gensburg

    this is one of the most amazin songs i have ever heard its totally like my fiance n i the first time we kissed it was as if everythin jus dissappeared from around us... he makes me happier than i have ever been... this is the song that i want 2 play @ our weddin its so perfect