Wills, Mark - I Hate Chicago Lyrics

Tuesday morning sports page, I've got coffee in my cup
A smile creeps across my face, the Braves beat the Cubs
I hate Chicago
I'm changing planes in Dallas, I ain't going through O'Hare
It's a thousand dollars more I know, but I don't really care
I hate Chicago

Sarah told me that she only
Needed space to think things out
Then she met some guy named Tony
Guess where they live now

I hear the food is great, I hear the summer sure is nice
It's beautiful at Christmas, there's three more reasons why
I hate Chicago
From their WGN station to their seven feet of snow
The rock band in the '80's to the Oprah Winfrey show
I hate Chicago

[Repeat Chorus]

Sarah used to talk about
How one day we would settle down
Find ourselves and old farmhouse
On the outskirts of a small town

[Repeat Chorus]

That's right I hate Chicago
I hate Chicago
Man, I hate Chicago

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