Wills, Mark - Back At One Lyrics

Its undeniable...that we should be together...
Its unbelievable how I used to say that I'd fall never
The basis you need to know, if you don't know just how I feel,
Then let me show you now that I'm for real...
If all things in time, time will reveal...

One...you're like a dream come true......
Two... just wanna be with you...
Three... Gurl its plain to see...that you're the only one for me...and
Four...repeat steps one through three...
Five... make you fall in love with me...
If ever I believe my work is done....then I start Back at One.(yeah)

So Incredible...the way things work themselves out...
And all emotional, once you know what its all about babe...
And undesirable...for us to be apart...
Never would of made it very far...
Cause you know you got the keys to my heart

One...you're like a dream come true
Two... just wanna be with you
Three... Gurl its plain to see..that you're the only one for me
Four...repeat steps one through three
Five... make you fall in love with me
If ever I believe my work is done....then I start Back at One......

Say farewell to the dark night...I see the coming of the sun...
I feel like a little child..whose life has just begun...
You came and breathed new life,
Into this lonely heart of mine...
You threw out the life line...just in the Nick of Time

One...you're like a dream come true
Two... just wanna be with you
Three... Gurl its plain to see..that you're the only one for me..and...
Four...repeat steps one through three
Five... make you fall in love with me
If ever I believe my work is done....then I start Back at One.

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Wills, Mark Back At One Comments
  1. Alice Henderson

    Yes this a beautiful song by Mark, he did a benefit singing for our daughter's best friend's little sister who was diagnosed with Brain cancer & that was in Woodstock Ga, she did not survive the cancer later it got worse, but he raised money for her treatments which were very expensive, thank you, Mark.

  2. Mike Davenport

    Luv this song.hes great .

  3. Stephanie Valerio

    I love this song because when I first heard it I almost started too cry

  4. Youtubestopmakingmechangemyname

    Anyone else came here from Brian McKnight's version or will go to Briand version after this? I always have to listen to both. Each one has something special the other is missing and I have to have em both. Almost doesnt count I have to listen to BMK, Mark Wills, and Brandy's versions back to back

  5. Cassie Shoemaker

    I love this song

  6. Mike Davenport

    I love this song!thank you Mark!

    Mike Davenport

    I'm using a different name

  7. Mike Davenport

    I hate rock music.

  8. Stephen Carter

    A vocal God so love his vocals

  9. Monica Ramirez

    This version sucks.

  10. KowboyM

    He’s such a good singer.. underated

  11. Dave Wollenberg

    'Born Daryl Mark Williams.

  12. Tyler Davis

    The superior version of the song

  13. KowboyM

    It’s so incredible his version lol Brian mcknights is too... 1 of these songs that stand the test of time

  14. Stephen Carter

    This guy can sing a vocal god.

  15. Grail Mariano

    Nov.10 2019👂☝

  16. stoner1269

    I miss songs and country music like this I use to listen to this song and other country music like this when I was a kid I miss it

  17. Jennifer Dijames

    Mark, You sound better than Brian McKnight. Keep up the good work Young Man.

  18. James Allemond

    I wish country music would and could go back to the way it was in the 90's best country 🎶 ever js.

  19. Stephen Carter

    This guy can sing.

  20. Amy McCray

    Turned on the radio and this song was half over so had to look it up. Such a great song

  21. Kelsey Hoffman

    I had this song in my head last night and i was singing this song

  22. Liz Manley

    I love both versions of this song ❤️.

  23. Joyce Hewitt



    Ilove this song gotta love classics

  25. Mary Ann Hood

    I love this song. Its amazing. Does anyone else love or like this song?

  26. Richard Glazebrook

    💜Beautiful❤ love💚 it 💕2019💕

  27. lucky43113

    This is for the girl of my dreams Katie.

  28. Primarch Mortarion

    It's plain to see this is a cover, he doesn't have the emotion Brian did when performing, he just isn't feeling it. Doesn't change the fact that it's a good cover, the original will always be better.

  29. ariel Davis

    I love this this is mine n my mans song

  30. Brandon Cummings

    Love me some Mark Wells!!! There’s not one song I don’t like he’s awesome and deserves much credit!! This is back when music was great and really meant something you could feel that shit....

  31. Shannon Hackstadt

    They both are great singer’s but this one is better.

  32. jscountrygirl85

    One of the biggest songs during the Millennium/Y2K era! This was always playing on the radio and also at the AMC theatres back then. :)  It's still a favorite of mine today, and it always takes me back to that particular time in my life.

  33. Thomas Cushman

    Everyone on about how great Mark Willis is... Brian McKnight wrote it and performed it better lol

  34. Samantha Lessman

    This was one of my mom's favorite songs. I love you mom. R.I.P been gone since 2016. Cancer isn't good. She was a fighter

    Good day Bay area

    RIP mom

  35. Samantha Lindvig

    You are an awesome singer

  36. agnelanna heavens

    just like my david cooperfield

  37. agnelanna heavens

    when did you get back from turkey baby you okay wheres those babies

  38. agnelanna heavens

    june 1972

  39. Caden Monier

    Undeniable me and this real country should be together
    Caden Monier

  40. Suzanne Bray

    I love this song

  41. Stephen Carter

    Nice looking young man in his heyday great voice also.

  42. Kathy Vanderschans

    I love this song

  43. Lisa Hammerly

    Mark wrote this song! So amazing!

    Jerry Moad J.R.

    no brian mckight did

  44. Tiffany Wolford

    Great cover awesome job mark. I would love to hear brain McKnight and mark wills sing this together.

  45. Irene Dontoh

    Such a nice voice Mark Wills has😍😙

  46. Teresa McClanahan

    I Love, Love, Love to hear Mark Wills singing & Love this song!! ♥️🥰😍🎶

  47. Nathan Clemons

    FYI...this an R&B song originally created by Brian McKnight (A Black Man)...although I love the country scene, this song did not originate there 😂

    Andrew Schutze

    Actually the writer of the song wrote it for the country singer. McKnight heard it and loved it. Both were released at the same time. That came from the person that wrote the song and from both singers

  48. Sedat UYAR

    A Great song. .❤❤❤

  49. Charles Franklin

    Love gentrified R&B music #BrianDidItFirst #BrianDidItBetter

  50. Delores Richardson

    Brain McKnight and Mark Wills they both did good on this song💖.

    Dion Oddo

    Pretty much the same comment i was gonna say but u really can't tell the difference of either


    @Dion Oddo Only an idiot would claim that. This is a draggy mess, and Brian McKnight's song so if course he'd do it well.


    @BeyondEnchantment it's called an opinion. Learn how to respect others opinions on the cover and stop being a dick

  51. Jennifer Krzeminski

    This song reminds me of my boyfriend

  52. Lasse 1964

    was great pop country song....he was so attractive man

  53. Stephen Carter

    Great job man.

  54. Kevin Watson

    Why didn’t he hit the high note?? 😲😲😲😳😳😳

  55. Kevin Watson

    Mark loves remaking r&b songs doesn’t he?

  56. Only T Music Place

    Mark is way too underrated country singer.

  57. Dave Allgood

    This is what my girlfriend sings at karakee night

  58. Stephen Carter

    Good singer very underrated.

  59. Sensei Juan

    Great song

  60. Melinda Pemberton

    Yes we will start back at one e everytime cause this song says the words I can't get you understand and k ow that they are what I am trying g to get you to know how much Iove you my dear remember that so please hurry home to me love you love me

  61. Anthony Lindelli

    Hey I'm 42...dedicated this song to my high school love! Wow...still love it and sing it out load😄

  62. Sammy Schwager

    Well I met this guy when I started my new job on Friday, well I found out working with him that he likes me to. Well we admitted to each other today that we liked each other. today my bf came in and was stalking me at work and was rude to this guy and he told me he is scared to lose me and I finally committed to this guy at work I like him and he told me he likes me to and he asked me to go out with him tomorrow and I've never been so excited he is the sweetest ever. This guy said he came in today bc he knew I worked today. I came home to listen to this song bc I'm in a good mood! No one may believe love at first sight but I do and so does he and I'm really happy to spend time with him.

  63. Andrea Patane

    I’m planning to add this song to a scene of a 🎥 that I plan to have Hollywood make about Hope Feelgood-Potter where Harry James Potter has conversations with my made up good half-blood witch character as long as they’re 4 good children don’t eavesdrop on their friendly, intelligent and magical parents.

  64. Sarah Spangler

    That is a good song and he is good singer like this song

  65. Regina Ferrell

    I like this music

  66. Heather Meade

    I got to meet Mark Wills in person

  67. Sue Klein

    I love this song.

  68. Angela Schultz

    this singer is awsome

  69. Marcy Harris

    So sexy his wife sure is a luck one love him and his voice he can sing to me anytime

  70. Stephen Card

    I miss all the good songs

  71. Adrian lewis


  72. beverley davis

    Repeat 1 thru 3.. A great song..

  73. Monty Penney

    I’m going to repeat these steps over again

    Caroline McCall132

    Monty Penney love okay love love you too babe love you love okay okay love miss you too love 💍❤️❤️👋🏻💋💞👍🖤😃🇱🇷👨‍👩‍👧‍👦😍😍💑💑💕🤵🏼👰💛😘👨‍👩‍👦‍👦💜🇺🇸👌💗💖🧡💍💍. Kitstyn

  74. Isabella Cottles

    Mark wills is so cutie and sexy I love him.

  75. Cody Williams

    Hur dur 2019 hur dur

  76. Ron Quin

    Sometimes simple things are beautiful as in country music

  77. Ron Quin

    Country is cool and its because I am a Texan hahahaha oh yeah

  78. marta hayes

    Written by Brian McKnight.

  79. Jennifer Rauhuff

    I love this song

  80. Gary Haywood

    I love this song

  81. Blair wingo

    Nice cover of the original, it's funny to see people arguing about whose song is the the original... a little googling will let you know Brian McKnight wrote and released this song a few months prior to this one

  82. Kaley Grill

    It on our wedding song play list!

  83. Trisha Hug

    This song was originally written looking at directions for a vacuum machine.

  84. Taran Deiniol

    To my little Olya ( malen'ka kokhannya)

  85. Tiffany Morgan

    It would be cool if Mark and Brian did a duet version of this song

  86. Teresa Niskern

    When country was country


    Yet it's an r&b song made into a talentless draggy ass mess.

  87. Ashley Folden

    Key change at 2:59

  88. Laura Richter

    Oh man. All these years later, and I STILL remember the bands version of number 5 when I was in jr high (I was in choir). Haha. You’d think I’d have forgotten that by now but nope. “5, making freaky love to Meeeee”. That aside I love this song.

  89. shannon S s

    Cool 😊 but i think it needs a little more but amazing 😍😍

  90. Brian Hill

    I have found the one for me her name is Rene

  91. Jammie Buck

    I proposed and she said yes this is now our song

  92. Regina Ferrell

    He got some good music

  93. Calley Ice

    jammin out to in fall of 2018! still amazing!

  94. Aaron Gregg

    this song is better as R&B. nothing against Mark Willis

  95. Dan Conner

    Problem with today's Country Music is some of the new artist didn't pay attention to the masters of Country Music. The likes of George Jones and George Strait. Ray Price and Charlie Pride, are the true teachers.

  96. Ashley Folden

    Key change at 3:00

  97. Trisha Hug

    He wrote this after difficulty putting a vacuum machine together. The directions weren't making sense.

  98. jesse Land

    I love you Denise martin