Willis, Matt - Up All Night Lyrics

There's a picture in my wallet
I dare not speak her name
There's a letter with it on it
Washed out by the rain
And I wonder where I'm going
'Cause every day's the same
And it's summer in the suburbs
And I'm not sleeping

Tuning in on frequencies
That people leave without thinking
On mobile phones and radios
I'll get there in the morning

Keeping me up all night, Baby do you feel alright?
Keeping me up all night, I long for the morning light
Keeping me up all night, Baby do you feel alright?
Keeping me up all night...
It's five in the morning
(I'm out of my head and that's not right)
(I can't get you out of my mind)

I've been walking out of myself
Random out of phase
I've been talking to a stranger
I haven't seen for days
I've been smashing up computers
'Cause I can't play their games
And I suffer from confusion
I can't remember

Names to all the faces
From the places I've been going lately
I've been searching, can't stop searching
It's gonna drive me crazy...

Keeping me up all night, Baby do you feel alright?
Keeping me up all night, I long for the morning light
Keeping me up all night, Baby do you feel alright?
Keeping me up all night...
It's five in the morning
(I'm out of my head and that's not right)
(I can't get you out of my mind)


Keeping me up all night, Baby do you feel alright?
Keeping me up all night, I long for the morning light
Keeping me up all night, Baby do you feel alright?
Keeping me up all night, I long for the morning light
Keeping me up all night, Baby do you feel alright?
Keeping me up all night...
It's five in the morning and nothing seems right
It's five in the morning
I can't get you out of my mind

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Willis, Matt Up All Night Comments
  1. Shyam Doshi

    sounds like a video game kinda song

  2. TalkToTheBody

    A kick ass song and a great little guitar solo, what’s not to like?

  3. kittikoko

    Oh my God, haven't heard this in YEARS! I saw Busted live this evening and suddenly remembered this absolute tune. 👌

  4. Im wearing tights that I borrowed from your mum.

    Yer Da’s been up all night.

  5. theo duncan

    tunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne catchy as

  6. Hot Shot

    Hi I'm Matt willis, I love my greenday eyes. Forevverrrrr

  7. Mike Harris

    It is absolutely brilliant this. Confused it wasnt a mega hit.

  8. wzb bcd

    tops!!! speed up!!

  9. Dan the Chatterbox

    This song gets me so pumped love the guitar solo

  10. dakaraius

    Still a cracking tune!

  11. Jordan Bond

    He was so underrated being solo

  12. robinsahn

    I've been looking for a good version of this song for ages thank you!!!

    Stephen Beard

    There is no good version of this song. It's shit.

  13. Leonidis78

    this came on as i was driving up M6 the other night Manchester to Glasgow in 1h 55mins lol.


    This has to be the best song to listen to at 1 in the morning when doing hardcore essay-writing . . .

    Sam Sanders

    This is happening right now. #OneOclockEssays

  15. James Pomroy

    Better than any busted tune ever made.

  16. Azooz

    The nostalgia...

  17. Erin Jinks

    i just solo stuff, i mean i obviously knew he did it but never got round to listening to it. HOLY SHIT ITS AMAZING, WHY DID THIS NOT COME IN LIFE TO MY SOONER

  18. Rebecca Sigsworth

    matt should definitely release more solo music!

  19. YaroSz.

    Matt Willis g.b., voc., świętuje swoje urodziny, 100 lat i wszystkiego najlepszego okazji urodzin. drogi jubilacie !.

  20. Sam M

    Love this

  21. louiseisag

    That comment that says he's a huge blink fan and got the name off them... They hadn't even written up all night when he released this haha he must of thought of it himself

  22. Jay Tee

    Innuendo about clicking replay.

  23. Tomos Burton

    I agree with thesuper12dogs. Charlie doesn't seem to me a particularly humble man. He thinks he's gonna be a ''rock god'' but he's in a pub in Peckham!

  24. Ray Trusty

    Yeah...this is really good...the public are fickle as fuck.....

  25. Eve Williams

    He sounds so different to in busted!!

  26. Rose61234

    used to be obsessed with this song! Seriously no idea why it didn't get popular? Really good...

  27. tim solway

    and they probably got paid more it too unfortunately

  28. Fiona McKie


  29. Pete Hayward

    This song was releases back in like 2006 :') the Blink 182 song was about 5 years later ..

  30. JitenChablani

    Get your facts straight, that blink182 song came out in 2011 in the Neighborhoods album. This song is older...

  31. Megan Walsh


  32. FemaleBrunetteUK

    Matt is a major Blink-182 fan and got the name for this song from one of their songs Up All Night!

  33. FemaleBrunetteUK

    I love this song and it is a shame Matt doesn't do more songs like this.

  34. gomithas

    The album it's called "Don't let it go to waste" too. That is the cover of the album (:

  35. kathryn quirk

    MATTHEW, YOU ARE BUSTED MR, get back to the band right now.

  36. Leona Currie

    Has anyone actually noticed that the song is called up all night but the video cover is for one of his other songs don't let it go to waste?

  37. Georgia Forsyth

    I used to love this song :D <3

  38. jessie ettles

    the peolel who dislike this song is dumb

  39. James Boyce

    Yeah charlie is a knob with less talent than james and matt :L

  40. Molly x

    mY SONG/?

  41. graingjam

    i'm not a huge boy band/busted fan but this track kind of rocks!?

  42. Jack Donovan

    this song was inspired from Matt listenin to alot of Van Halen, he knows his shit!!!! what a tune!

  43. Leonidis78

    ha ha ha

  44. Karen Moloney

    Exactly what I was thinking xD

  45. Leonidis78

    this is not my kind of artist, but i love this tune ha ha dont tell my mates !

  46. naoufal worldest


  47. pattisgirls

    Matt Willis is sexy as hell and why is the video for this not on youtube?????

  48. Sian Leia

    I'm so sorry replay button..I have violated you.

  49. Sian Leia

    Sorry, what?. Not only do people have their own opinions, but you're just rude. Did you just come here to say that? If you did, I can see what a lovely person you are. It's funny how this song has 296 LIKES. 9 dislikes. Looks like he's not a twat, yeah?.

  50. kiera whiteside

    love matt willis xxx



  52. XCSWX

    I still adore this song Matt was my fave :)

  53. pattisgirls

    I want the official video put back on youtube damnit, I love to see that wicked grin he gets.

  54. ethsgrl

    so that's the new Fieyro.....

  55. pacificbeauty

    Matts a hottie

  56. EveKirky

    I love all busted boys<3 especially matt;)

  57. AlexG

    BUSTED reunion pleeaaseee ?

  58. Dan Houlton

    charlie simpson advert on the side of my screen?!

  59. Gemz orawr

    I like this version more than blink's.

  60. Texas

    Matt is so hot :D

  61. cop39fl

    well since i am not a fan....i was going by that thing you do....video....

  62. cop39fl

    matt & james were good, charlie..was for looks, can't sing.....maybe they need a sex symbol

  63. jackjenks1

    best guitar solo ever!! it's epic

  64. Mrhappysadass

    @KillzSwitch04 I think both Matt and James have released great albums individually. Charlies is out sometime in august and the two songs I have heard so far sound rubbish. Matt and james should reform without Charlie in my opinion.

  65. brian h

    i forgot how catchy this song is

  66. DisneyxLilo

    I love him :)

  67. lorenaxjbd

    me encantaba esta cancion cuando era pequeña xDD

  68. mimi428

    wherre is the video for this? cant find it anywhere. matt was alright. he wasnt given ebough credit

  69. Kevinn Kevin

    Busted PLEASE get bac together :'( ye are all so great but if ye got bac toghether ye wud be SAVAGE :D :O

  70. lois spiley

    He is pengalengaleng ;)

  71. HRC 77

    the 7 ppl tht dislike this song accidently hit the wrong button :)

  72. Jade Vine

    I love Matt so much!

  73. Clea

    i forgot how much i love this song

  74. gproducshizz hmong

    greenday? :p

  75. Pete Hayward

    liking its kinda trance background keyboard in the chorus

  76. Natasha Malone

    @dancoy09 you're a loser.

  77. 8gerrard8

    @cde19 4 top 40 hits in a pop chart whilst doing pop ROCK isn't that bad.

  78. Jen Campbell

    @gemmaa2O1O I lol'd

  79. Msmotionocean

    catchy tune

  80. MMEJx8292

    2 people missed the like button

  81. lolgun007

    amazing song! (:

  82. Catherine F

    @geezer547 that may be the case but the split up wasnt based on charlies choice alone

  83. ManlikeTongo

    mann i miss busted they were sooo good now its all charlies fault because he is in fight star

  84. D. Barry

    Com' folks, this song moves man, this song moves!! Matt's vocal's man! Matt is Buddha incarnate! Although, I hear he has a bit of a temper. But I kid, ladies and germs!!! ....aka- Hennie Youngman

  85. madedo63

    Love this song :D

  86. Tony Halliwell

    BOOM. Awesome solo. Gotta play it with other guitarists... This song is great.

  87. Youngie1337

    This is not your music, reported.

  88. pacificbeauty


  89. CockpumpVideo

    top track

  90. seyvend

    We want the proper video blud!!!

  91. Kalvin Deutschmann

    he's so much better solo,, lovin it already xx

  92. Springflowers28

    Baby do you feel alright??? :D

  93. Robyn Hewitt

    he was in edinburgh about 2 years ago at the usher hall <3

  94. yabbas123

    packardmulik stfu dirty freak,

    good song btw :)

  95. Helen Asquith

    Of course you are

  96. Helen Asquith

    My god! You're so right!
    Hey, how clever are you?!

  97. Helen Asquith

    No way, I love this song :p