Willie Nelson - Yours Love Lyrics

May the Lord's shining grace be yours, love
May the happiest face be yours, love
May the last fingertips
That touch these two lips
As life from me slips be yours, love

May the fruit of my toil be yours, love
May the food from my soil be yours love
And from this moment on
May a love that is strong
And lives on and on be yours, love

May the sons that I raise be yours, love
May the comforts that I praise be yours, love
And if I ever get weak
May the love words I speak
And the arms that I seek be yours, love
May the Lord's shining grace...
May the Lord's shining grace...

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Willie Nelson Yours Love Comments
  1. Jim Malcolm

    I love my wife Millicent. I'll sing this from the highest mountains just for her. Thank you Willie for this song.

  2. scott cunningham

    No other version of this song even close to this I have been waiting for years for someone to post this. Thanks.

    Marianne Menon

    @scott cunningham You're so very welcome!! So glad your waiting is finally over Scott... Glad you can enjoy this wonderful version by Mr Willie Nelson...Thank you for your kind comment!

  3. D-A Hommersom

    Hello Marianne, Great song and video thank you dear friend.:)

  4. pecvillian

    Good one Marianne.

    Marianne Menon

    Thanks so much Ron!!! :)

  5. rimakuja

    Most beautiful song by Willie ... wow ... so much enjoying here :-) Thank you my dear sweetest Marianne for your wonderful video :-) A warm Hug across the miles :-) Stephan

    Marianne Menon

    :) Thank you Stephan so much  for your lovely and kind words!. I'm so glad that you enjoyed this beautiful song....I do so love the arrangement....Could listen to it all the time .....I wish you a very nice weekend and a warm hug  from across the big pond and  a cold cold CNY  ♥ :) :)