Willie Nelson - What Can You Do To Me Now Lyrics

What can you do to me now
That you haven't done to me already
You broke my pride and made me cry out loud
What can you do to me now

I'm seeing things that I never thought I'd see
You've opened up the eyes inside of me
How long have you been doing this to me
I'm seeing sides of me that I can't believe
Someway somehow I'll make a man of me
I will build me back the way I used to be
Much stronger now the second time around cause
What can you do to me now
What can you do to me now...

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Willie Nelson What Can You Do To Me Now Comments
  1. Brigid O Riordan

    I can so relate to the lyrics it always brings a tear to my eye 💓

  2. Berit Samuelsson


  3. Brigid O Riordan

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful

  4. Robert Gustafson

    I wish I could dig up and post the "interview" about this song, but in a nutshell, when asked about this song, Willie said, to the best of my memory....And I'm gonna paraphrase:

    "We were on tour, and I wrote a song for my soon to be ex-wife.
    I got back home, and as I was pulling up, I saw my whole house going up in flames. Some kind of accident, no one to blame, but I lost everything that my soon to be ex-wife hadn't already taken...(insert a Willie smile here as he told the tale)...And he continued...."So I looked up to the sky and sang 'What MORE can you do to me now?"

    Bottom line?...This song began as a question to his soon to be ex-wife...But became, to him, a question to Spirit, as Willie smiled and continued on with what Spirit wanted him to do, regardless of obstacles...

    ....Just my 2 cents regarding a little Willie memory that came floating in tonight:-)

    Marianne Menon

    +Robert Gustafson..........Thank you Robert for sharing your "Willie Memory" with us!! :) I so appreciate that you took the time to write it! All I remember are these words: “Hank Cochran and I used to write some together,” he said. “I remember one night in particular we were writing at my house out in Ridgetop [a community located north of Nashville], and we wrote seven songs that night. The last song that we wrote was ‘What Can You Do to Me Now,’ and the next day my house burned.” Thanks again Robert....

  5. rimakuja

    Beautiful song :) I was so very surprised that I had not seen this one of your many beautiful videos before !! :) Thank you my dear sweet Marianne with a warm Hug :) Stephan :)

  6. Marianne Menon

    Thank you Hoss!! Willie's battered old Martin had no pick guard and what a blessing that has been!! Over the years it produced such a distinctive sound with the gaping hole and it became Willie's trademark!! Willie once said "When Trigger goes, I'll quit!!!! Hope that is at least a couple more years from now!!!!

  7. Marianne Menon

    Wow what a great comment Mr Jack!!! Music to my ears!!!! And no band-aid either huh!!! My kinda guy Mr Jack...My kinda guy!!! lol!!! Have a lovely weekend my brave friend from the boonies!!! :)))) Virginia and I are coming over for coffee later on lol!!!!

  8. Marianne Menon

    Hi Stewart!! You too have a lovely weekend my friend and Thank You so much for the nice comment!! Glad you did enjoy the song!!!!

  9. Marianne Menon

    Oh Shucks Virginia!!! There's NO stopping Mr Jack now that he has rediscovered the beautiful Willie tunes!!! Let's invite ourselves to having coffee with him in the boonies lol!! Coffee black Mr Jack!! Have a great weekend my lovely friend!!! I'm already having my chuckle for the day!! :))

  10. Stewart Fox

    Good one Marianne.Truly enjoyed it my friend.Have a lovely weekend......Stewart.

  11. Jack Adams

    Great ...as I mentioned before I was never a Willie fan but changed my thinking lol and it didn't even hurt...lol