Willie Nelson - Sweet Memories Lyrics

My world is like a river as dark as it is deep
Night after night the past slips in and gathers all my sleep
My days are just an endless stream of emptiness to me
Filled only by the fleeting moments of her memories
Sweet memories sweet memories hmm

She slipped into the silence of my dreams last night
Wondering from room to room turning on each light
Her laughter spills like water from the river to the sea
And I'm swept away from sadness clinging to her memories
Sweet memories sweet memories hmm

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Willie Nelson Sweet Memories Comments
  1. Bill Elliott

    I still love you A. D.

  2. Bob Courtier

    Willie Nelson for president.

  3. Theresa Dupuis


  4. Ednei Ribeiro

    Música que realmente toca o coração de boas pessoas.

  5. Leda Arantes

    Amo sua voz Willie Nelson

  6. Maxine Perrin

    Where can I find the sheet music for this song? I have looked all over for it.

    Marianne Menon

    Sheetmusicplus perhaps? https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/search?Ntt=Willie+Nelson+-+Sweet+Memories

  7. Sue Hopkins

    One of his most beautiful songs.

  8. Christopher Hardy

    best presentation of this song?

  9. realist 4life

    So Beutiful...WILLIE IS SSSOOO GREAT...MARIANNE I LOVE IT...the pictures are just PERFECT.

  10. Martha aka/ Marti Whipple

    The lyrics to this are so beautiful and so meaningful. What a song!

  11. Peron Rodrigues


  12. Huguette17

    Super, what a lovely song and voice, thanks

  13. Karen Lindsay

    What a lovely song🎤🎵

  14. Carolyn McDonald

    I love hearing Willie singing this great song! Love Willie!

  15. jesse james

    Merciful GOD! My memories; What a precious thing now slipping away from me! This was my favorite Willy Nelson. Thank You so much for sharing it. Beautiful background art, as well.

  16. Marie Claire conroy

    J,aimerais avoir Touch Me de Wiilie Nelson s v p merci

    Marianne Menon

    +Marie Claire conroy https://youtu.be/cfCGuB_fkCc?list=PL8B4D06504E6650DA

    Marie Claire conroy

    +Marianne Menon j ai besoin de votre adresse courriel pour vous envoyer Touch me j ai aussi No Mos Amor mon courriel conroymarieclaire @gmail.com

    Marianne Menon

    +Marie Claire conroy [email protected]

  17. Marie Claire C,

    merci a mon pere de m.avoir fait connaitre cette musique que j.aime et me ramenne vers toi aussi un gros merci a ceux qui me partage ces chansons

    Marianne Menon

    +Marie Claire Conroy Merci Marie Claire, Vous etes les bienvenus!!

  18. Virginia McJunkin

    wishing you all the best in 2016. meant to say. ! hugs

  19. Virginia McJunkin

    Very nice !! Merry Christmas to you and yours !! :-) wishing you all the in 2016. !!

  20. pecvillian

    Awesome tune and video Marianne.

  21. David Green

    Thankyou Marianne for another beautiful rendition from the timeless master of country. Wishing you a great Christmas and an even greater New Year. Please carry on the good work seeking out and sharing with us these classics. Xmas greetings from Northampton U.K.

  22. Antonia Vassila

    My sweet Marianne, it is so extremely sweet and kind of you to send me Willie Nelson's songs, remembering how much I like him, I am so touched, I love you Americans BECAUSE YOU ARE KIND AND SENSITIVELY CULTIVATED. During my life I have met some of your countrymen, as tourists here in the Greek Islands, I will never forget their innocence and kind approach. Thank you, as this difficult year is fading away, I felt to tell you all this. Merry Christmas to you and to all you love and care.

  23. rimakuja

    Absolutely fascinating and beautiful Mickey Newbury song done so wonderfully by Willie :-) Thank you my dear sweetest Marianne for making this most beautiful video worthy a real master piece of music!!! A most warm tender Hug from across the big pond :-) Your Stephan

    Marianne Menon

    Thank you Stephan for your heartfelt and kind words ♥ ♥ This is such a lovely song and it comes simply so natural to me to dress the song in a beautiful video ♥ I'm so glad you liked it my sweet sweet dear friend! Warm Hugs to you from across the miles....♥


    Marianne Menon :-) You're so very welcome ,,,, so many sweet memories are collected after you published your masterpiece :-) A Big Hug to you sweetheart :-) Love, Stephan