Willie Nelson - Sunday Morning Coming Down Lyrics

On a Sunday morning sidewalk I'm wishing Lord that I was stoned
Cause there's something in a Sunday makes a body feel alone
And there's nothing sure to dying half as lonesome as the sound
On a sleepy city sidewalk Sunday morning coming down

Well I woke up Sunday morning with no way to hold my head that didn't hurt
And the beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad so I had one more for desert
Then I fumbled through my closet for my clothes and found my cleanest dirty shirt
And I shaved my face and combed my hair
And stumbled down the stair to meet the day
I'd smoke my brain the night before with cigarettes and songs I'd been a picking
But I lit my first and watched the small kid cussin' at a can that he was kicking
Then I crossed the empty street and caught
The Sunday smell of someone fryin' chicken
And it took me back to something that I'd lost somewhere somehow along the way
On a Sunday morning sidewalk...
In the park I saw a daddy with the laughing little girl that he was swinging
And I stopped beside a Sunday school and listened to the songs they were singing
Then I headedback for home and somewhere far away a lonely bell was ringing
And it echoed through the canyons like the disappearing dreams of yesterday
On a Sunday morning sidewalk...
Coming down coming down coming down coming down

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Willie Nelson Sunday Morning Coming Down Comments
  1. Tony Robb

    Hey!..to all you folk out there that really care...and you know who you are...God Bless..Tones R.

  2. Chris Sahadeo

    Sunday morning beer s d best

  3. Wayne Lalonde

    Greatest Hits of Julio

  4. Julio Cesar Faleiro

    Willie is splendid, I watched a show in 1991 in BH, amazing

  5. Karmen Jazbec

    i wish i was stone

  6. Karmen Jazbec

    yes i wish i was a stone

  7. Karmen Jazbec

    good friends we lost on the way makkes me cey

  8. Karmen Jazbec

    yes my sundays are the same wish i was a stone but stone is only my heart

  9. marilyn fergot

    shaun mullins does a great version

  10. dale curtis

    more willi

  11. Patricia Newton

    Willie makes the world a whole lot better.

  12. Soul Sis

    Born and bread Jamaican🇯🇲. I love this dude. Respect. Good music is good music.

    RAS 123

    Soul Sis you ain’t lying. greetings from California

    Soul Sis

    RAS 123 greetings 👋🏾

  13. Veronica Irving


  14. Janet Farris

    Willie you do this so beautifully. Which you do every song.

  15. Justo Hernandez

    Go see Willie it's fucking rad I loved it was epic.

  16. Michael McCurry

    Willie is every human beings' treasure !!!
    Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania (SteelerNation)

  17. Tracy Jungmann

    Willie will always and forever be a musical national treasure, that's for sure!

  18. GRuffCRawfoRd

    Real apple pie.

  19. Tom G.

    This is the first time I have heard this by Willie. Where did you find this. I love the last three minutes of that signature Willie Nelson sound.

    Rhonda Holland

    It was a cassette tape I had from the 80's and I absolutely LOVED it, but once things went digital, I needed a new version, so I uploaded just so I could listen any time I wanted. Glad you enjoyed it 😎

  20. Karmen Jazbec

    i am washing my long long hair

  21. Karmen Jazbec

    yeah lord iwish i was stone but stone is my heart and i go on loud and proud yesterday was sabat but i believe in sun and love and little creatures of nature there i can find peace and inner truth maybe became wise or not roads are open i and i can slowly walk alone on my path i chose beauty and truth and i am not afraid tomorow is just another day

  22. Phillip Holt

    Been there and done that. Not anymore. Thank goodness!

  23. Foundations Medical Informatics

    That cleanest dirty shirt line got me. I feel you Willie.

  24. Zach Stone

    this is one of those "you had to have been there songs" and has so much soul and feelng to it nothing like it today

  25. Dale Kim


  26. Michael Parker

    Here on a Sunday morning coming down.....12/15/19.....✌🏼

    RAS 123

    Michael Parker amen to that statement from us in California ....

  27. Billy Linebarger

    BEEN THERE ! I Puked On The Shirt !

  28. lil bruh

    Only cerstthan kris

  29. Gina Diaz de Miranda

    This song is, in my opinion, SACRED AND SHOULD stay here for all of us to enjoy! Amen!

  30. Lucille Meisenhelder

    The song is great.and he can do it justice. As well as most his songs..

  31. anything that won't embarass mama

    just wanna thank you for posting this ms or mrs holland!

  32. gdh1984

    And I keep teling them when I die leave be be but Gods gonna raje everything I lose first because I prayed to die. I'm one of the useless

  33. Kimberly Phillips Smith

    God bless Willie...I never go far from his songs.

  34. Peter Steiger

    a German man say tats the best....willie is the greatest singer all over the world…... for ever----

  35. Carol Smith

    I remember growing up with his music yes dad used to play his music on his guitar but some of these songs I've never heard Willie sing before .well I can say you rock Willie Nelson keep on smoking that weed

  36. chris harries

    Brilliant version of the song.

  37. Nathaniel Rossi

    I remember just listening to this on repeat. back when i was in Tennessee just sitting in my van in a motel parking lot, smoking a cigar. Good ole days on the road.

  38. Brandy Dinsmore

    Thanks for posting. I’ve never heard that one and it’s very pretty.

  39. red3knight5

    Willy touch my Heart and Soul for all recovered Veterans and Patriots that We All Bear the Cross of Jesus ; Amen !

  40. Gene Smoot

    I love Willie Nelson likes a lot like my uncle John rest his soul rest in peace and love you

  41. MIRO BOY

    super excelente adorei a música muito top

  42. Mama T's world

    Thank you for sharing, my mama's music I grew to love when I'd rather the car radio be playing kiss,or ozzy, or my southern rock..but this is roots that I love

  43. Jay Chase

    Willie Nelson for president

  44. Dorothy Silva

    Love you always have always will. I saw that you are very ill on the cma show god bless you always.

  45. Sam Garcia

    Listening to said album as I watch this.

  46. Blair Goltra

    Thank you to the person who took the time to put this together and post it.
    Amazing song written by Kris Kristofferson and sung by our national treasure,
    Willie Nelson.

  47. 13littledog1

    I just saw Willie in Las Vegas.

  48. Tom G.

    I don't know how I got here but this is one of my favorite musicians playing one of my favorite songs. Weird.

  49. William Peddle

    This should be part of the National Anthem

  50. Karmen Jazbec

    oh lorc wish i was stone my sundays are the same but now is eaisierbeca i love bpb dylan and he makes me happy with his songs and i am his song so he ant lose me

  51. Jaime T

    Ill be listening to Willie in 2099!!!!!!!!!

  52. Jaime T

    I'll be listening to Willie in 2099!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Rick Carroll

    I love you. Stac.

  54. picisa

    Gosh I love ya mr Willie

  55. mrdmkerr

    What a brilliant version this is of a Willie classic - thanks for posting !

  56. Ann Yarbrough

    Doesn't get any better than this! I'm getting old..That's life ..we have to! But ohhh... this music! Love...

  57. Chris Sawyer

    I tried to drink that river of whiskey up till it was dry... had many of these Sundays on every day that ended in Y. Rolled many a J to this song in my time, not to mention hair of the dog. 3.12.92 was the day of my last drink.

    Rhonda Holland

    27 years! WOW! Great job man!

  58. Michael Dowd

    Great version of agreat song. Thanks for posting!

  59. 456swagger

    Dumbest song ever.

  60. Tom G.

    I'm glad I stumbled on this. I've heard a lot of Willie but never this version of KK's song.

  61. Johnny D

    In the name of the Willy and of the Johnny and of the Kris Kristofferson Amen.

  62. balkandancer

    What happened half way through, video went blank?

  63. sherra taylor

    I love it too!!!!

  64. daniel auditore

    Ti amo willie

  65. Marie Howell

    Best in the world love willie

  66. arrascaeta dora

    Y a Faulkner llegué vía Onetti.

    arrascaeta dora

    Y eso no es que lo crea.
    Fué así.Dato de la realidad.
    Leí un ensayo de Onetti sobre Faulkner.

  67. Dan Anderson

    I love Willie Nelson music. But sorry, (you got to live it to do it justice.). You just have to have been there yourself to hear the soul in the words.

  68. marc cone

    When mentioning the greats like Willie and Cash. Lets not leave Waylon out.

  69. philastine

    Beer for breakfast. That's when you know you're in a hole.


    philastine Lol, last weekend I woke up and had nothing in the house to eat or drink, and saw my day old beer still open. Thirsty, I had a couple sips and thought, “Not bad.”

    (Anchor Steam keeps pretty well.)

  70. Robert Fennell

    You are not alone. God will always be there.

  71. Notonesea j

    Unfortunately I spent six years on the street. This song brings it all back. I'm truly grateful to God.

  72. Jeanine Rose

    This song makes me cry, but it's beautiful.

  73. druid Serpent

    Great song and wonderful rendition. But I can't help but wonder: Dying is "lonesome"? ;)

  74. Chuck Sommer

    Nobody tells a story like willy
    just look in his eyes and see the pain and passion of life
    it takes to a place I long to be.

  75. Julia Barnett

    Thanks for this.

  76. Franco Meola

    One love one heart for all. Respect from Australia

  77. S H

    Love all musicians and song writers that write the songs that express what we feell,hope you know what I am trying to say, ☺🎈🎋

  78. Claire Colvin

    Rhonda, Rhonda Rhhaaahndahhhhh

    Rhonda Holland

    Yes? 😁

  79. Dennis Lane

    My buddy my pal my friend is and always will be my sons and my favorite. And hopefully his sons favorite for many many years to come.Dada loves you very much wade

  80. Hello Hello 2019

    King Country ...Willie Nelson 💖👑

  81. Hello Hello 2019

    So Good Willie Nelson 😘

  82. Happy Bird

    Please don't take this song down.

  83. raymond cromley

    Thank You Rhonda GOD BLESS

  84. Robert Deen

    this song you can find on some Willie Nelson cd"s. It"s one of my willie songs that i adore. It hurts me every time i hear it. I also like the Original version from Kris Kristofferson, also one of the greatest singer songwriters. Where is the good country these days, that make you die from emotion, are there no more feelings any more in this oh so hard hard fucking world?

  85. BobStBubba

    Way to go, Rhonda! I did not know that Nelson had "willied" this one; love the Cash version, of course, but the instrumentation was kind of "pop." This one slays! If this song doesn't grab the deep part of your soul, then you ain't got one.

  86. Richard Schmidt

    one of the few times i like the cover better than the original version-right on Willie

  87. Amy God Bless


  88. linda owens

    Love hearing this song! ❤️

  89. David Bridges

    My dad,,,,,,💜

  90. James 0

    First heard this from double K.and J.C in the 60s and early 70s
    It was just this everything closed but the local churhes ,I've sung that song many times in the wee hours of a Sunday morning.heavy metal almost killed me , but the HIGHWAYMEN SAVED ME.
    Rock On
    J Deuce

  91. James 0

    The last of the kind
    Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, and Bob Dylan
    J Deuce

  92. ICURYY

    Willie you are well loved...

  93. Helen Boula

    When Willie was younger it wasn't just Sunday morning coming down there was everyday coming drwn.they were just on a few times that I have actually seen him straight the nine months I was with him he was pretty much on the high just what his life was about and his music nothing else existed then all his lies to the women. Lights camera action

  94. Dana Caviness

    Thanks for posting. Huge Willie fan because of my bandana wearing shot gun Willie loving daddy. Never heard this one, but it is now added to all my other favs!

  95. Joseph von bulow

    Dope for breakfast then a beer for dessert 👌

  96. John Moriarty

    Last of a dying breed
    Their likes will never be again
    True raw natural talent

    Chris Sawyer

    One can't count the number of hearts he lives in forever... He is just the first in a great many ways.


    @Chris Sawyer Moderator!!! this is visualy under rated, though the music is good. And it counts

    T Stan

    Kris kristofferson wrote it,.... but yes


    A beautiful old man´s face.

    Kylie Barnett

    Alabama SkyWatcher WHAT?! I LOVE listening to Willie but i didn’t know he had a son. Thank you!!