Willie Nelson - One In A Row Lyrics

If you can truthfully say that
You've been true just one day
Well that makes one in a row
One in a row, one in a row
And if you can look into my eyes
One time without telling lies
Well that makes one in a row
One in a row, one in a row
Why do I keep loving you after all

The things you do
And just one time come into my arms
And be glad that you're in my arms
That will make one in a row
One in a row, one in a row
Why do I keep lovin' you...
One in a row, one in a row

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Willie Nelson One In A Row Comments
  1. ML Hart

    This song gives me chills..

  2. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #19 on the country charts in 1966!!!

  3. Joe Vinyl

    My dad used to drive a ‘78 Thunderbird with an 8-track player. He had one tape, Willie Nelson. We used to listen to Willie on road trips across the country. Good times!

  4. Karpy147

    Dean Martin

  5. Bella Stratton

    I owned this 33-1/3 album and this was may FAVORITE cut. Circumstance dealt that I no longer own it. Trying to find video/MP3 of all the great cuts! Great album! THANKS!!!!!!

  6. Michael Morris

    I am absolutely infatuated with this song. This song is a fine example of why Willie was a songwriting genius. Couple that with the killer arrangement, restrained playing by the musicians, and Willie's plaintive vocal delivery, and it's simply perfect.

  7. Lionel Jones

    good song

  8. Max Brand

    Never heard of this one that Willie pen and his recordings he did with RCA from 65-71 set the stage of whats ahead of his great success from 75 to 85.

  9. I Changed My Name

    Please Willie, teach these youngsters how to write and perform real country music!

    Kenny Dobbins

    There are still a few traditional style artists.

  10. Shele Grimm

    Fantastic song!

  11. webbjr37

    Remember and love this one from before Willie was a superstar,In my humble opinion Wellie sang better in his early years, just could never understand why he sounded sOOOO good yet couldn't get a hit.Then came (Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain) a song that had been recorded by many good singers, Then Willie was on his way to Stardom

    Kevin Howell

    Beautiful song

  12. The Govi

    Thank you Wayne for posting an excellent recording of a great song. Can you tell me what the source was, like what CD or did it come off the Lp pictured above?