Willie Nelson - Once In A While Lyrics

Once in a while will you try to give one little thought to me
Though someone else maybe nearer your heart

Once in a while will you dream of the moments I shared with you,
Moments before we two drifted apart.

In love's smoldering ember, one spark may remain,
If love still can remember the spark may burn again.

I know that I'll be contented with yesterday's memory,
Knowing you think of me once in a while.

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Willie Nelson Once In A While Comments
  1. Universe Truth

    My 4 year old granddaughter always asks me to play this Divine song. I put it on YouTube on the big screen TV.
    And there she stands swaying to it. Lol

  2. Marie Lerma

    Mr Nelson one of the best country singers in the world , God bless you ... 🤗

  3. Jon Banks

    Respect Sir! This in one soul brother who loves the heck out of your voice. You can croon to me any day, all day!!

  4. Russell Nittler

    A+, Mr. Nelson.

  5. Ginny

    Once in a While. ♥

  6. Dennis Hartnett

    This is a bittersweet, achingly beautiful song. Willie understands it. and sings it perfectly. Ella Fitzgerald version is magnificent also.

    Pierre Le Blanc

    This is Brigitte, not Pierre, but I need to tell you you are so right, BITTER-SWEET and beautiful, I love it. Thanks Dennis Hartnett <3

  7. Dorothy Brice

    hope that you can Jerry,I really miss youn. I screwed up

  8. Dorothy Brice

    I hope you do think of me once in a while, Jerry I really miss you and I know I really screwed things up ,wish I could go back

  9. Dorothy Brice

    miss you jerry

  10. Dorothy Brice

    miss 6Je

  11. Dorothy Brice

    great song so true

  12. Ivan Sanofi boca


  13. tuxguys

    Once in a while (no pun intended) a performance lets me understand what a tune is really all about...
    Lady Day singing "You've Changed," Brother Ray singing "Ruby," Jolson singing "Brother Can You Spare a Dime," Sylvia Syms singing, "My Ship," are such performances.
    So is this.
    Willie may have the most unique phrasing of any singer I have ever heard...
    ...it's extremely musically sophisticated, and yet, at the same time, conversational.

    Good Juju

    Wow...the lyrics really hit home for me tonight...funny how music can touch your soul...

    Universe Truth

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  14. Michael Friedman

    Fantastic musical performance !!

  15. Regina Stella

    adoro willie Nelson,e adorei seu video!!!bosos

  16. Morelke's Studio

    Very nice song and video relaxed.