Willie Nelson - Not That I Care Lyrics

So you saw her last night with her new love
Yes they tell me they make quite a pair
And that they both look happy together
I just wonder not that I care

Tell me did she look lovely as ever
Like an angel with golden hair
Does she still close her eyes when she dances
I just wonder not that I care

Once I thought I couldn't live without her
Funny how wrong I could be
Now I hardly ever think about her
What she does doesn't mean a thing to me

Well it's late so I guess I'll be going
Too much smoke what I need is some air
By the way did she ask you about me
I just wonder not that I care
I just wonder not that I care

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Willie Nelson Not That I Care Comments
  1. rimakuja

    Beautiful, emotional song that Willie takes on in his awesome, wonderful style :-) Thank you my dear sweetest Marianne for your lovely video :-) A warm hug from afar :-) ~ Stephan ~

  2. hbrookes

    sorry willy not your style..leave it to the crooners!

    Marianne Menon

    Sorry, I have to disagree with you :) but of course every person is entitled to his or her personal preferences :) Thank you for commenting!

  3. Doris Johansson

    Willie  is always so good - Thank You

  4. Bob Tan

    Really sad song of unrequited love. Nothing can be worst than that.

  5. a khan

    oh-wow-as only willie can do it- take a tear and turn it (and your heart) inside out.  wonderful share thank you dearest marianne--hope you are doing well and coming thru the chaos. love arthur

  6. Marianne Menon

    Why Thank You Mr Jack for your generous comment!! Glad you enjoyed it!! Have a wonderful weekend my friend...It is snowing here too!! :)

  7. Marianne Menon

    Thank you Virginia!! Glad you like it!! Wish you a nice weekend as well my dear friend...Snowing here!! :)

  8. Jack Adams

    Beautiful song by Willie and great video clips Marianne.. enjoyed.

  9. Marianne Menon

    Thanks so much Eden!...So good to hear from you my dear friend !...Hope all is well? Glad you liked it Eden and thank you so much for your lovely words...Have a wonderful day sweetie....

  10. ♥Eden 宇山♥

    What a lovely song Marianne!
    Loved it! Have a wonderful peaceful evening! :)