Willie Nelson - I Love You A Thousand Ways Lyrics

I love you I'll prove it in days to come
I swear it's true darling you're the only one
I've been so blue and lonesome since you've gone
I love you I'll prove it a thousand ways
I'll be nice and sweet to you and no more will you be blue
I'll prove I love you every day all kinds of ways
So darling please wait please wait until I'm free
There'll be a change a great change made in me
I love you and there'll never be blue days
I love you and I'll prove it a thousand ways
I'll be nice and sweet to you...

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Willie Nelson I Love You A Thousand Ways Comments
  1. Maria Soares

    Tank you good Bless you willie

  2. mrmartinezification

    Love it, love it

  3. Irene Mccann

    Not a patch on Lefty's version.

  4. connie pachicano

    I love this song by Willie !!!  Just love it!

  5. Ms. Lou

    Thanks Gady. A great song by both Willie and Lefty

  6. Irene Mccann

    Sorry WILLIE, LEAVE IT TO ONE of the best THE GREAT Lefty Frizzell check it out its far superior the backing is a lot better too.

  7. Roosevelt Davis

    I have this song on an old cassette tape. One of my favorites besides night life.

  8. Teddie Stayner

    I love you too

  9. Bob Taylor

    Great to remember

  10. Ron Elias

    Lefty would be happy to hear his song sung by this classic atrist

  11. Lea Walker

    Well, at least we both love Willie.. :)   funny you would be in the Willie Nelson You Tube searches...   Happy Holidays.. 

  12. Nicole English

    I've been listening this song for years and I like a lot.

  13. elpidio bucalon

    Muchos gracias!

  14. rimakuja

    Thank you sharing this most beautiful classic tune sung so wonderfully by great Willie :-) Stephan

  15. Katalin Banoczy

    Very nice...

    Teddie Stayner

    Katalin Banoczy if you only knew

    Teddie Stayner

    Willie, if you only knew . You helped.