Willie Nelson - Golden Earrings Lyrics

There's a story the gypsies know is true
That when your love wears golden earrings
She belongs to you
An old love story that's known to very few
But if you wear those golden earrings
Love will come to you
By the burning fire, they will glow with every coal
You will hear desire whisper low inside your soul
So be my gypsy
Make love your guiding light
And let that pair of golden earrings
Cast their spell tonight

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Willie Nelson Golden Earrings Comments
  1. rmo52

    Such a great old tune. 1947. Willie digs up the goodn's.

  2. Michael Petersen

    What an awesome song - would love to see it live...

  3. Paula Webster

    Our Willie Nelson, you are awesome

  4. Angela Stevenson

    I love this mans voice

  5. Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior

    Say Heah Willie, Now, I know, why peep's bow to you.,,.p

  6. M. Kato

    I love this song very much.
    Japanese singer, Hideki Saijo covered this song in 1989.
    Willie sings lyrical , Hideki sings so sweet.
    I love both.
    I'm very sorry Hideki died this May, he was only 63.

  7. Manolo Vicencio

    Willie you are the best..!

  8. Emily S . Mcguffin

    Willie Nelson...I love his songs...the one called “just breath” is what we are going to play when my grandpa dies...it is such a good song,.if you haven’t seen it or heard it,go watch the music video.,...it literally made me cry

  9. Mary Shafer

    Night life ain’t no good life

  10. peperudi

    Love, love, love this song!

  11. Wooden Nickel

    Eu de shared computer, Joaquin.

  12. Maria Dempsey

    So so beautiful thanks for this masterpiece.🎸💕🎸💕

  13. Javier Brume

    The last man standing on country music, you're big Willie, we love you. You are the gold and diamond earring of country music

  14. Elisa K.

    LOVE YOU!! 💗💗💗

  15. Don Gentile salvatore

    Mr. Nelson , Excellent , Fantastic melody and vídeo . Thank You.
    From Brazil.

  16. Maurizio Redegoso Kharitian

    Music from the heart...thank you Sir...

  17. Mauricio Viana

    Lenda VIVA

  18. Caio Souza

    I wish you could come to brazil

  19. Ellie Davies

    How is one man so perfect

  20. Primrose Haran

    yeah really love this song and you

  21. Professora Marcia Valeria

    Linda. Parabéns!

  22. خالد Ms13

    احسنت ايها العجوز

  23. Angie Veri

    "Make love your guiding light" what a great line in this song. I don't know where you come up with the lyrics for your songs, but you put thought in them. This song is different than most, like a song to sing at a cabaret. Perhaps because the band is different or the absence of the piano, compared to a keyboard playing sounds different somehow. I definitely liked it as well as any of Willie's other songs, despite the differences. The lyrics stood out more than some of Willie's songs I've heard before. Perhaps, because he's gotten better with age. ♥

    Brian Hinder

    FYI "Golden Earrings" is an old song not penned or composed by Mr. Nelson but expertly sung by him.

    Angie Veri

    it is indeed sung well by Willie, it was written by Victor Young, Ray Evans and Jay Livingston. Thank you for the information, I looked up to find out who wrote it, as I like to know that knowledge.

    Brian Hinder

    Many thanks for the civilised reply. Glad you looked it up, as intended for I don't spoon-feed folks. All the best Angie.

    Barry Buret

    A civilised reply was more than you deserve! What gives you the right to address someone wit FY!! Manners maketh the man-but you probably wouldn't get that.

    Brian Hinder

    I am immensely aggrieved that my post caused you such offence Mr. Buret. 'FYI' is a widely used and accepted contraction in similar vein to BTW. I'm sure you will concur that the tone of my postings, otherwise, was polite and respectful. Incidentally I suggest you check for spelling errors before hitting the 'Reply' button since someone might conclude, wrongly, that you are incoherent.

  24. Anita Fagulha

    maravilhoso como sempre

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