Williams, Robbie - The Impossible Lyrics

You can't do it
You're not good enough
Don't be stupid
You're not one of us
Of us

You look and nothings there
But no one knows and no one cares
And there all right and you were wrong
And you don't know the words to their song

There'll be wave after wave of emotion but none of them love
The impossible must be
When run down the road less travelled and stare at the sun
The impossible must be
God give me grace under pressure cause I don't think I'm good enough
The impossible must be done

Your excluded you can't play with us
With us
We all hate you cringe when you walk by
So walk on by

So what's someone to do when they've got nothing else to choose
Suppose there's nothing left to lose
No one will know when your gone

There'll be wave after wave of emotion but none of it's love
The impossible must be
When run down the road less travelled and stare at the sun
The impossible must be
God give me grace under pressure cause I don't think I'm good enough
The impossible must be done
The impossible must be done
The impossible must be done

Here lies the body of someone who didn't try
Who gave up long ago
Before they died

Your face will never fit
And there's nowhere left to sit
Everything you've done is shit
And you're wasting your time mate move on

There'll be wave after wave of emotion but none of it's love
The impossible must be done
When run down the road less travelled and stare at the sun
The impossible must be done
God give me grace under pressure cause I don't think I'm good enough
The impossible must be done
The impossible must be done
The impossible must be done

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Williams, Robbie The Impossible Comments

    This isn't The Christmas Present ... this is another 2019 Album "Under the Radar Volume 3" that will be forgoten if Robbie don't decide to publish it in 2020 but How? this one it's from the begining of this year ;)

  2. neogenesis84

    Me gusta, porfa alguien que lo traduzca.

  3. Bon Jovi Talk

    One of the best Robbie songs in a while this! Love it

  4. Will Rowlands

    Great song, means a lot, I can relate. But not the video I imagined would match the song

  5. Sergej Volochin

    Good cartoon - carton😍

  6. victor hugo pizano esquivel



  7. Bernarda Del Carmen Moyano Diaz

    Esta canción es un gran recuerdo,me encanta❤😘🤗🙏🙇‍♀️

  8. magic4660

    You can do it....the other's can go and suck

  9. Natalis Satria Juventus


  10. Fabio Dell'Onte

    Love It 🤩🎶

  11. MrsRW

    Love this..! x

  12. silvia carrerou

    the track is my favority. The impossible is beautiful. Excellent video. Thank Robbie.!!!

  13. Ружка Тигалонова

    България! Роби Уилиямс, е винаги оригинален, докосва ти сърцето и те вдъхновява! Ружка Тигалонова-Пелева

  14. Peter Mould

    The South West M5 Gloucestershire UK Of England With WILLYOUNG Ft Will Williams

  15. Isa Pinaher

    Love love love 😍😍😍😍

  16. 任教授


  17. محمد سلامة

    Just for love
    Nothing ells
    Oh I wish if people understand this mean.
    The problem of all
    The middle wave
    That trying to but you down
    Love is above of all that
    Need bilive
    I love that city but every one there
    Shows evil to me
    That make me sad

  18. TheKatyc

    I e been sawing elderberry trees down l with my £5 sAw from Lidl. Now I have a lot a wood to burn. I got suspended for calling that rob a retarded cun5v🤣👍. I’m back 21/04 . I’m done with it,. How dare he. There’s only one reason I slap you 😘

  19. TheKatyc

    Ohhhh maria

  20. dark side

    We miss old robbie 😊🙂 not dance songs

  21. TheKatyc

    They didn’t ask you because you are brilliant and they don’t grow without you, n you make the party. Or I do 😉. Don’t take it personally, I only liked your songs as young Take That. Whereas I love everything you do, apart from that one crap song x

  22. seasidemusic

    This song and video is such an underrated masterpiece. Had been playing it all day and just gets more emotional with every listen and watch. It's just a shame that it was released as a kind of b-side single because to me this could have been a massive hit if it was part of a properly promoted record.. just sayin' x

  23. Jay Loew

    Robbie: beautiful video, very well done...and you are still the Best Male Artist in Europe, no doubt...I loved your concert in Berlin Waldbühne on july 25th 2017 we miss you so much here.

  24. Rie

    Just casting this on my TV as you do at 2am 😂 party for 1? Love this track ❤

  25. Rick Garner

    Vegas June 19 baby! So excited!!!

  26. Leonardo Ruiz Diaz


  27. minty hunerartgarden

    Robbie if u say how come v r russians this proverb can make u clear "Алты́нного во́ра ве́шают, а полти́нного че́ствуют." Little robbers r likely to b hanged but big ones, they escape man

  28. minty hunerartgarden

    Belated happy birthday valentino u made cool animation , did u do it urself but as usual u r into teaching in lyrics mode fine lets move over to next after exclusion do u have something to rise from impossible mind, we r all russians now lets b like them, take it i must say

  29. diana R.

    I miss u past song (u.u)♡

  30. Giovanni Pepe

    Grande Robbie!!! Con questa canzone mi hai fatto spuntare un bel ricordo di quel grande album del 2005 "Intensive Care".

  31. Bo Smed Larsen

    God love his music he say what God think and how God says farwell to humanety and robbie knows his going home soon and most of the world dosent sad but true

  32. lika khavtasi

    <3 <3 robbie ..

  33. Lavinia Donati

    Love it!!!!!

  34. Paola Dark

    I love this song and video😃💙🎵👍😘

  35. ioanamariette

    These lyrics sound like the dialogue in my head. A great self motivational song! Thank you Robbie for creating medicine for broken souls.❤️

  36. Aline Amorim

    👏👏👏👏👏 criatividade 1000! Lindo clip e música 😘😘😘 Parabéns pelo Trabalho Rob 😉

  37. Herzig Harte

    You have an amazing ability to pull every emotion out of women. I love you Robbie Williams

  38. Kearon Andrew O'Brien


  39. Kearon Andrew O'Brien


  40. n2ziastka

    what a great track! I am going to break a repeat button!

  41. Ocabani 18

    Siempre Robbie Williams se reinventa y nunca pierde su ensecia como artista, ya 19 años que soy su fan y me sigue encantando como la primera vez 😎😎😎 arriba Mr. Williams 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪

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    Your new album is amazing!

  43. Denyse Hale

    This is another hit I love it 🥰

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  45. Federico muss

    The best! The king of the entertainment, greetings from an Italian fan! 😊

  46. Chikinkira Suarez

    Very good.nothing is impossible for Robbie.I love you.you are number one.

  47. Tyto Alba

    Thanks a lot for the lyrics! So cool positive song. Thank you!

  48. Ricardo Hernández

    Beautiful.Sometimes,I feel like that paper ship.

  49. 1zero8dragon 14

    to george harrison.

  50. Melisa

    Argentina loves you Rob, "The impossible must be done." 😭❤🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  51. Chris Trinder


  52. Martin Bezuch

    Few years ago the most popular singer on the world, and now his new song after week has less views than average youtube vloger from my country (5.5 mil. population)

  53. Anaid Lozano

    Please come to México City, 🙏 I love you ❤️😍

  54. 鹿卡鹿卡


  55. chris Valdez

    Robbie I Love you from Paraguay you are the best!!!!

  56. Paula Cuneo

    Argentina Presente. Te amamos robbie🇦🇷

  57. Inessa Maria

    Hugs from Brazil

  58. Yvonnes Videos

    A fabulous heartfelt and sad song and you were always good enough ! Excellent !! Xx

  59. Roman Ivanov

    Необычный стиль клипа. Песня хорошая. Спокойная. Весь клип переживал за кораблик.

  60. debbie ogrady

    Don't know about this song

  61. Areis Skywalker

    Polska :D

  62. panayiotis yiotis

    Under The Radar Volume 2 & 3 are way better than his latest album (H.E.S)

    Patrick Noth

    Under the radar one was the best album since intensive care 2005. Hes 2016 was better than take the crown 2012. Under the radar 1 was better than utr2, and two better than utr3 . ;)

  63. Dave Roberts

    Awesome 😎

  64. annle 3992

    It's impossible to describe how much I love this man... Robbie Williams you are my love! ❤

  65. Winnie Da Show

    Muy bueno,Lo mejor Robbie Williams,desde Argentina 💪

  66. Yvonnes Videos

    This is an amazing track .. it stuck me when I heard it the first time as part of the track wars on Rob's laptop ! Yes many of these songs should have been put on studio albums .. great to have them now but it would be great for mainstream radio to get them too ! Maybe you should allow the radio to play these tracks Rob ? What do you think ? xx

  67. Daniel 12dios

    Peru 🇵🇪 present

  68. That's right!!!

    Sorry I missed this when u first released it, Ponyboy. Had to switch accounts on account of future accountability. Yr in my sub box now, brother! 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟👌😊

    That's right!!!

    (used to be a hardcore troll)


    >Huge talent !! Thank you for this beautiful song and listening to your gorgeous voice !!

  70. Lucie Vaňková

    My most favorite song from UTR Vol. 3 ♥, love it! ...Wonderful song, actually the whole album is amazing :)

  71. TheSolidhazard

    Absolutely can be considered as an A-side album material. To me, it reminds me of Intensive Care album . Keep on being the greatest among the greatest! Love from 🇲🇾

  72. Crying Ed

    Hermosa canción ,
    The best

  73. andrea hidalgo

    The impossible la mejor de under the radar 3 👌 💖👏😍🎶

  74. Tubenesser

    The impossible must be done in Las Vegas.

    charming jim

    Nothing new was performed in Vegas. I was at the first show. Heavy on swing and covers, low on hits, and no new material.


    @charming jim He should have played this song to boost the excitement:

  75. Fer Xtrada

    A cuánta gente latina le gusta esto!!? Wow!!

  76. Karla Tapia

    The impossible is my favorite song from UTR3 ❤️👏

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    love you

  78. Abu Amaan Pal

    The animated sequel to let love be your energy.

  79. Bert Cappelle

    Love your way ❤

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    Beautiful song. Right in the feels! Love the album, some great sounding rock and roll songs on there too!

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    Why are you so good Robbie ? 🙌🏽

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    Thank you Robbie the new album is amazing!

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    Me encanta l love robbie

  87. N upfront

    Mr Williams, you are brilliant

    Can you tell us more about utr3 songs,please!!?

    When wwas each song written and what are they about?

    UTR3 is the superlative of 1 and 2...

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    I love it..... Really

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    I’m a Youtuber and I always talk about you on my videos ❤️❤️❤️

  90. melissajaynexo

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    2019 ❤️💕

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    My beautiful Wife & I love Your music mr. Robbie.

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    I really like your music
    I hear it every day 😍😍i love you 😚