Williams Jr., Hank - Ring Of Fire Lyrics

Love is a burning thing and it makes a fiery ring
Bound by wild desire Lord I fell into a ring of fire
I fell into a burning ring of fire
I went down down down and the flames went higher
And it burns burns burns the ring of fire the ring of fire

I fell into a burning ring of fire...

Now the taste of love is sweet when hearts like ours meet
I fell for you like a child oh but the fire went wild
I fell into a burning ring of fire...

I fell into a burning ring of fire...
And it burns burns burns the ring of fire the ring of fire

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Williams Jr., Hank Ring Of Fire Comments
  1. Lola R

    Love you Bosephus and Johnny

  2. Tommy Petersen

    I love how this is a tribute to John and almost all of them mention June as if they were one and the same....damn that's just dust in my eye. Those who've read my posts know how I feel about John, Waylon, and Kris. I hope Kris lives forever because I can't take another one of these giants leaving us

  3. joe mcmillan

    Sounds like Hank Jr to me.
    Nice comments and memorial though.

  4. joe nock

    What a wonderful man! I wish they would bring him back to Are you ready for Monday night football.

  5. notsosilentmajority1

    Hank Jr. can do everything well.

  6. uniman 123

    I want to know who dis liked this video

  7. Mr Breeze

    What can't this man do? You are the BOSS Bocephus!!!

  8. David Firth

    Love yea jr RIP cash long live his music

  9. evan grossman

    RIP man in Black

  10. Reginaldo Andrade

    Sorry Mr. Cash, but this is The best version of Ring of Fire of all times!

  11. green rushrelief

    I saw Jr at the Circle Star, in San Jose, unbelievable.

  12. Kayte 0207

    I sure miss the likes of Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings! The two of them were best friends since their early days in Nashville, when they shared an apartment together. A very young Hank, Jr. actually started out touring with Waylon Jennings.
    Hank did a great impression of Johnny on this song, which was written by June Carter before she and Johnny were married.

  13. LovelyObscurities

    Hey... It's Hank Jr. What else needs to be said?

  14. Jennifer Dijames

    GO Bocephus.

  15. Wes Loroff

    Dad was always a fan of Johnny and Hank Sr. Junior and Johnny were friends for very long, not many can say that. Hearing this brings a tear to my eye

  16. SHAWN MICHAEL Duncan

    15 years since he died.

    Ant Battags

    i was born a month and 5 days before Johnny Cash died

  17. Ronda Hulse

    One of the greatest singing another one of the greatest

  18. Randolph Alderette


  19. Ray Jackson

    I've known Boscephus was best friends with Johnny Cash. I also knew his passing greatly affected him. This was a great tribute to a great man who will be missed by his many fans, but not as much as his no. 1 fan, Bocephus.

  20. HooperWest

    Wonderful Tribute and great job Hank!

  21. TheRonnie63

    Hank Jr one word Talent

  22. Evan Adams

    Rip Mr. Cash

  23. Connie Charley

    This is awesome. Jr really got some talent.

  24. John Brubaker

    I have never been a huge fan of HW Jr. - until now. Love his Dad. But this tribute. the humility. the sincerity. and the music. Just beautiful. I know Johnny loved it. God bless you, Hank Williams, Jr. Your Daddy is Proud of You!!!

  25. Laura Bessette

    Awesome hank jr

  26. Evan Adams

    Rip Johnny Cash my cowboy

  27. Mystic Fire

    Thank you Hank Jr! Love you & Johnny ❤️

  28. Wes Loroff

    My father was a HUGE Johnny fan...and Junior does an AWESOME rendition


    I had the rare privilege to get to party with Hank Jr. one night at a bar in Newport, Ky., named "THE FUZZ CLUB". It was 1991 on a Sunday night, and I was sitting there at the bar listening to the band, and in walked Hank Jr., there by himself to visit with the musicians in the club. We sat side by side at the bar, and he bought my drinks and we danced all night long. He was a perfect gentleman, and very down to earth. He didn't act like he thought he was anything special. He was delightful, and I will never forget the night I got to party with Hank Jr! Not too many people get to say that!


    That man can sing ANNNNYYYYTHING! He can even sing George Jones! lol

  31. Edward Novotny

    Hank jr forever

  32. Daniel Barry

    Did an awesome job on it. Thank Hank Jr.

  33. Darren McDaniel

    Sweet.! Thank you Hank.

  34. EraseMeWhole

    The man can't figure out what do with is hands without a guitar in them! Awesome tribute to Johnny and June though.

  35. rakesfunnyfarm

    June Carter was his Godmother.

  36. Mary Spaabeck

    Would of made johnny proud!!! Mr Hank there are only a few country stars left that even come close to your caliber you were born an annointed to sing!!!

  37. Craig Snyder


  38. dick dewater

    Hank can sing it all

  39. Jeni Ramírez

    Now thats one Hell of an impression. that kind-of thing is only born from love and respect.

  40. Nuclear-Skull87

    HOLY COW! He does an awesome Johhny Cash imitation that is just simply unreal.

    Matthew Mcdaniel

    Nuclear-Skull87 He's a chameleon, he was taught to be from the age of 8

    Wes Loroff

    yeah gotta admit he did a really good version. Love it almost as much as Johnny's version

    William Loudermilk


    Does a mean George Jones, too.

    Roy Elsworth

    almost as good as Merle Haggard impersonation of Johnny Cash

    Joe Barbaro

    If we're completely honest it sounds nothing like Johnny Cash. People seem to think that you sound exactly like Johnny Cash if you can belt a note below E2. That would be like saying that someone sounds just like the Bee Gees because they can sing tenor.

  41. lieu Gebo


  42. Lisa Lakeway

    Part Two (cont)across HANK JRs version Loved it but ADAM was the best ever and just brought it alive again RIP CASH

  43. Lisa Lakeway

    I have always liked ADAM LAMBERTS version of it. I liked Jonny's but of the remakes ADAM was my favorite until I just came across HANK JRs I love it. I know their were mixed emotions when LAMBERT did it but it really just brought the song alive again!!!

    Brian Talbert

    Lisa Lakeway

  44. Wayne King

    I am absolutely amazed at his ability to modulate his voice to bring to life the man he is honoring!!!

  45. Scott Lewis


  46. joni greenwood

    wow! I mean WOW! That was awesome!

  47. Rodney Evans

    what a great performance. If my eyes would have been closed, I would have swore that was John singing.

  48. lovingtheoldtunes

    Best of the whole tribute, along with Roseanne's Tennessee Flat Top Box

  49. Walter Dale

    I for got I'm a good ol boy from Whitley county ky

  50. Walter Dale

    yes johnny c. was like a dad to hank jr . but it was more to it the two was good friend

  51. Kyle Peters

    Love this song by hank Jr.

  52. Jesse Servies

    I've been singing to ring of fire since I was three years old

  53. Katalin Isola

    This is my favorite for ever.

    Wendy Wasteste

    Moe bandy

  54. Mike Murphy

    Wow...goosebumps...absolutely loved this.

  55. The Darci 13

    Hank sure did this up right.....and he loved Johnny Cash and June so very much.....

    Deb Hurley

    Had to unlike ... Can't f w 13

  56. DJ Butler

    Adam Warren, he has both eyes. His right eye had popped out of the socket.


    +Dara Butler One glass eye.

    Jacob Mayo

    +LT1HILLINGHOE he has both eyes. That's why he said he had many operations


    @Jacob Mayo
    One glass eye.

    Michael Sizemore

    He has both eyes. He wears the glasses to cover scars. There not ordinary sun glasses. There prescription. Theres a inverview about it some where on YouTube and he talks about it.


    One glass eye.

  57. W Johnson

    My Daughter was born the day Johnny Cash Passed

  58. Adam Warren

    hank jr only has one eye ?

    Alexis Judd

    after his fall, yes, but he has had many operations since then like skin graphs, correctional surgeries, etc. So all of that is fixed now he has both eyes.

    Alexis Judd

    thats why he wears dark sunglasses and a hat all the time because the hat covers up the skin graph and plate on the forehead where his brain was once exposed, and the dark sunglasses cover up his eyes and correctonal surgeries on the upper part of his nose

  59. ahnbra

    There seem to be a lot of people  and groups that do not like what Hank Jr. says or dose. That's fine that is there right and choice right or wrong. There should be no doubt about that when this man cares about some one or some thing he really lets it show. Hank Williams, Jr. in my book is a good and respectful man. I do not always agree with this mans views or opinions. 

  60. loungecruz


  61. cfomahm

    Thanks for sharing.  He sure did in Cash style.  Excellent

  62. Opinionated Times

    WOW Hank, Johnny Approves!! It'd Almost fool him.

  63. Terry Weekes


  64. james mcnabb

    johnny cash was good this is better

  65. Jo DeMarc

    Doesn't he, though?

  66. Jo DeMarc

    Shoot cannons off...
    Sounds like The Cash & Williams Shelf Cleaning service..lol!
    Rest In Peace, Man In Black.

  67. ddop32

    @ddop32 sorry ment to say Reznor credited Cash after hearing it a second time. At first, Reznor felt disturbed bc it was a very raw personally emotional song that he wrote

  68. ddop32

    @TheKendo54 After hearing Johnny Cash's rendition of Hurt, Trent Reznor promptly stated that Hurt no longer belonged to him or NIN and that Johnny now owned it. Let's hope the classic artist keep returning to younger generations. Maybe country music can be rescued from the Nashville clowns. I would hate to hear music 20yrs from now that is all computer, good looking artist that cant sing or play, and auto-tune....wait that sounds like today doesnt it

  69. gtofan2005

    Sadly not long after or before we lost Waylon too.

  70. Brian Rivers

    Thank you Hank. Class. Pure and simple.

  71. mural

    he sings it really good

  72. steve kendo

    johnny was my dads favorite singer i grewup with john now my 20 year old daughters fav is johns cover of hurt 9 inch nails lifes funny how it goes around.

  73. speedbow20

    Liked 1000x!!

  74. Cheryl Larnche

    What a wonderful tribute to John and June.. gives me goose bumps.

  75. virnowi

    JR,the name remind me of that brother of CASH in the movie

    Dumb Donald

    virnowi Johnny cash was JR ...

  76. TheChief1313

    Hank jr is the best on Cash songs.

  77. Kathern B

    seems like he was tryin to be just like johnny :/